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How to Fix Stretched Out Slingback Shoes

Today I decided to clean out my closet and I came across these adorable bright happy yellow wedges that I picked up second-hand at Plato’s Closet about a year ago. I couldn’t remember why I never wore them anymore… until I put them on. I noticed that they were slipping off my feet when I walked in them. When I looked closely I saw that the elastic in the sling-back had stretched out completely and made the shoes too big. Immediately I thought, “I can totally fix this!” So I did. Hopefully this will help you to save perfectly good shoes from being tossed!

I started by using a seam ripper and scissors to cut off the stretched out pieces. Just don’t cut the actual leather on the shoe.

The next part was tricky as I tried to finagle the straps into the sewing machine. Definitely remove the arm of the machine if you can, and just work and wiggle the shoe until you can position both pieces of the strap under the foot. This will take some time and working with your specific machine. I also recommend lifting and lowering the foot to help keep the straps in place.

You’ll want to measure the straps on your foot to make sure it is both tight enough to stay on, and loose enough that you can slide into the shoes without unbuckling (as you will now no longer be able to buckle them with this permanent solution.) Stitch the two pieces together by using the manual knob. Don’t use the automatic pedal because it will move too quickly and you need to work slowly to keep the pieces in place as you stitch.

When you stitch one row, flip the shoe around and stitch back the other direction to lock. Basically make a skinny rectangle.

When you are finished, snip off any excess thread and enjoy your new pair of shoes!