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Baked Sharpie Mug – How to make it work

Last year I did a post about the Pinterest Fail Baked Sharpie Mug. After many comments from you lovely readers I decided to give it another go and see if I could figure out why exactly it failed.

A lot of you mentioned that you had the same problem as I did. The sharpie looked great, but washed off with any sort of scrubbing. I did try a few of your tips such as:

  • Start by putting the mug in a cold oven and allow the heat to slowly raise to 325.
  • Turn the oven off and allow the mug to cool completely in the oven.
  • Using a different mug to see if I got different results.baked sharpie mug fail homemakerchic.com

Unfortunately none of these really helped. I know other people have said these tips worked. Maybe, I’m a doofus. I really really wanted to believe it, but for whatever reason they didn’t work for me. The one thing that sort of helped was spraying the mug with an acrylic sealing spray. It actually worked great, but sadly it caused the sharpie ink to drip and bleed and ruined my adorable design. Now my “Good Morning Lord” mug has taken up residence as a dandy little make-up brush holder in my bathroom. 🙂

However, there was one tip that was the gem that turned this Pinterest fail into a WIN! (sorta)


Honestly, I could have told you that from the start. There isn’t really anything particularly impressive about using a product that is designed to draw on porcelain to draw on porcelain. Am I wrong? I mean its a great idea to make personalized pottery, but the whole reason this craft seemed so appealing was because I could do it with plain old sharpies that I had laying around the house. I was holding out hope that there was no secret and that it really could be done with standard sharpies, but alas it just won’t work (not permanently anyway). Anywho, I wouldn’t have tried making my own designs on ceramics if it weren’t for this Pin, and for that I’m thankful.

The good news is that these oil based markers are only about $3 at Michael’s and even cheaper with a 40% off coupon. So I picked up a few and tried it out.

I decided to use a school project as the guinea pig. I had an assignment to do a self-portrait, so I decided that I would draw myself in sharpie on a serving platter, and use it to bring in cupcakes for the whole class to enjoy. I even drew silly little self portraits on picks to stick in each cupcake. Cupcakes never hurt when you’re striving for an A. 🙂 So here’s the finished product. I sprayed it with acrylic sealant also, just for extra protection and it turned out perfectly! 20130310-222906.jpgIt’s washable and everything (hand wash, don’t put it in the dishwasher). My mom even used it to serve Roast Beef on Christmas day. (UPDATE: We now realize that that was a bad idea since this spray is NOT food safe. I’m on the lookout for a food safe spray. I have found this non-toxic brush on sealer on Amazon, but I have not tried it so I’m not sure about the quality. Let me know if you try it!)

photo 1

Here’s to making things work!

self portrait cupcakes homemakerchic.com

How to fix broken makeup – Pinterest WIN!

Another Pinterest Win! I saw this one a long time ago and tucked it away in my little pin bank for the right time. I finally had the opportunity to test it out when I unfortunately dropped my Mac Powder Compact. Gah! Do you know how many times I’ve broken a compact or eye shadow and just had to throw it away because I had no idea that it could be fixed? In comes Pinterest to save the day! This is a real win, and will definitely save me tons of money! No more replacing perfectly good make-up that’s all cracked up.

All you do is pour a few teaspoons of plain ol’ rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. (Isopropyl Alcohol can be found at at your local Pharmacist or Chemist. It might go by a different name if you’re not in America. Or you can just buy it here.) Stir and break up the chunks until all the makeup is dissolved. Set out on a flat surface overnight. The alcohol dries up and you’re left with perfect and fresh makeup! Oh Pinterest, where were you with this little gem 15 years ago?!

howtofixcrackedmakeup homemakerchic.com

Online Jewelry Making Classes

DIY Monthly Baby Onesie Gift Set

These days it seems like everyone I know is pregnant! I am especially excited this time though, because my brother Nathan and his wife are expecting a little boy in less than a month! I wanted to create something special and handmade for the baby and when I saw this set of 12 monthly baby onesies on Pinterest I knew it was going to be the perfect gift!

I love this idea for taking monthly photographs to track the development of your sweet little baby. My brother is an amazing photographer so I know he’s going to be snapping pictures all the time!

I got the idea from a little blog called The Flies Blend by Alan and Steph. Head on over for the template. I used the boy version but they also have a girl version with soft and sweet colors. Note: I had some issues with the size of their PDF file, it was longer than 8.5×11 and it didn’t fit on the sheets I bought. I recommend testing it out on plain paper first so you don’t waste the iron on sheets. It was a simple fix to resize it on Adobe reader, but please let me know if you have issues and I will work on getting a better download available to you.

Here are a few pointers on how I did this project, and how you can too!

The first and most important step in this process is getting the onesies. Now you’re going to need different sizes for the different months, and guessing the size of the baby can be tricky. A tip on guessing the baby’s birth weight is to average the birthweight of both parents.

One would think that the sizes of baby onesies like 0-3 months, or 3-6 months would be an easy way to do this, but alas it is not. The main reason I had problems was because I purchased different brands of onesies. I do not recommend this. I found that not all brand sizes are created equal when it comes to baby clothes, so to save yourself a huge headache BE SURE TO BUY ALL YOUR ONESIES IN THE SAME BRAND.



Next you’ll want to print out the templates onto iron on paper. You can find a set of 10 sheets for $10 at Michael’s and with your 40% off coupon its only $6. If you don’t already have the Michael’s app I highly suggest you get it. You can always get the most recent coupons and they scan it right from your phone. No more fumbling around in your purse for a coupon just to find that its expired.

Cut the numbers out into squares and then round off the edges. This gives it a softer look when you iron it onto the onesie. This template frames the numbers a bit close together, so be careful not to slice into the design.

Stack your onesies in order and have your stack of numbers in the same order, this way you’ll get the correct number on the correct sized onesie. Iron the onesies first, before you iron on the transfer. This will just give them a nice neat appearance when they’re finished.





Place the iron on transfer where you would like it to appear on the onesie. Make sure you place it printed side down, with the paper backing facing up. Do be sure to check the transfer for lint or debris before placing it on the shirt, otherwise lint will end up stuck on your design like on this 7 months one I messed up.




Now iron on the transfer using an iron on cotton setting with no steam. Hold the iron in place over the transfer in 10 second intervals. Do this 3 times for a total of 30 seconds per onesie. Do not move the iron around just press it down firmly and then lift it up. You will notice that the paper backing will turn slightly yellow when the transfer is done. If you want a matte surface, wait about 30-45 seconds until the paper backing is cool enough to touch but still warm, and peel it off. If you want a shiny surface, wait until the paper backing is completely cool then peel it off.


To present this gift, fold the onesies into neat little squares with each number centered. Ironing them for just a few seconds helps to get them nice and flat.




You can pick up large gift boxes at Michael’s with a flip top lid. Line the box with tissue paper, then roll up a few extra sheets of tissue paper and place the roll against the back of the box. This will lift up the onesies for presentation when the box is opened.

Lay your folded onesies in three rows of four in numerical order, starting at the back on the rolled tissue paper. Be careful not to flip the box over when you are wrapping it. This is such a lovely and personalized gift, and it is such a pretty display when the box is opened. Make these for your pregnant friends or make them for yourself! Its so easy, yet so impressive. Have fun!

Pinterest Flop – Pancake Cupcakes

So this one was a flop, though it wasn’t really the fault of the original poster. I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest for these little Mini Pancake Cups that have little craters that are meant to be filled with fruit. It almost looks like Yorkshire Pudding, and I was really excited to try it.

I wanted to find a way to make this a little more simple so I bought an instant pancake mix instead of making the recipe in the post. I guess that was probably my first mistake.


The pin implies if you just pour pancake batter half way up in muffin tins that it will automatically cave in and make these awesome hollow cups. But if you go to the actual blog link, the recipe involved folding melted butter into the batter. I’m guessing that had something to do with the center caving in, because mine did not cave in at all.

So I just ended up with these pancake muffins.


I played around with greasing some of the tins, and leaving some just clean. I have a non-stick muffin tin so they both worked fine, but I will say that the un-greased tins yielded a much nicer looking muffin. As you can see in this photo, the one on the left was the un-greased version.


Now, if I meant to make pancake muffins I’d be pretty happy with them because they were light, fluffy and delicious! This is what happens when you don’t follow the recipe. I will try them again soon following the recipe correctly and I’ll let you know how it goes. For now I’ll show you what you can do with Pancake Muffins.

I decided instead of filling them (since there was nothing to fill) I just sliced them in half and made little strawberry shortcakes! I used strawberry pie filling, and topped them with whipped cream. They were delicious! I had the leftovers for breakfast this morning, plain with a little butter. I highly recommend this if you don’t have muffin mix. It is a really nice alternative to what can sometimes be a more dense muffin. So here’s to another Pinterest trick gone wrong, but oh so right.



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5 Pinterest Craft Ideas to Try This Summer

I have an entire board on Pinterest of craft ideas I’ve been dying to try. Here are five that I absolutely must make time for this summer.

1) LollyJane made these adorable Anthropologie inspired Zinc Letters from cardboard letters and silver paint. Super easy, and way cheaper!

2) This little gem is from VixenMade. DIY Fluted Cake Stand. If you remember my DIY cupcake stand then you’ll love this idea! Dollar store candle stick and a spray painted tart pan. Love it!

3) House of Earnest is a sweet little decor blog. Erin made these cute little customize wooden utensils. What an adorable little idea!

4) I cannot WAIT to make these adorable citrus themed coasters! I love citrus colors and this is a great wait to brighten up your coffee table. The Purl Bee has lots of really cute craft ideas.

5) Dollar Store mug + Sharpie Pen. Bake for 30 minutes. Custom Quote Mugs! You could do this on any dish. What a great gift idea!

Whipped Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse (or Pudding)

This is the story of how I mucked up yet another marvel Pinterest recipe. I am now in recovery.

Adam has a wee problem with ice cream. He eats ice cream or frozen yogurt at least five times a week. Pinterest strikes again! I’ve been trying to get him on a healthier alternative with less dairy and sugar, so when I found this Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse recipe I thought it would be a great solution, plus I’ve been way into coconut milk lately.

I suppose it derives from the famous Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery who offers “frosting shots” made from this magical coconut mousse. The blog made it look super easy.

The main gist is that you open the can of coconut milk, let it chill in the fridge overnight so the milk part solidifies, then you whip it with a bit of sweetener and cocoa powder. Easy enough right?

Well the first attempt bombed big time. I wanted to make it for dinner guests, but I only let the cans chill for about 2 hours so it didn’t solidify enough. Also the original blog implied that you could include the coconut water that settles on the bottom, but I found this is not the case. When I tried to whip it up I ended up with a chocolate coconut soup. It ended up down the drain and our guests had frozen yogurt for dinner.

So I decided to give it another attempt. I read a few other recipes which all said do NOT use the water that separates on the bottom.

This time I did a clever little thing. I opened the can upside down so I could pour the coconut water off off, which worked perfectly.





I then let the cans cool overnight and I ended up with nice thick white coconut solids.

I poured them into a bowl, add a little powdered sugar and began to whip.


I wanted to make just plain coconut first before I added the cocoa. I whipped. I whipped and I whipped. For a good 20 minutes I whipped. It did thicken a bit, but looked more like a vanilla milkshake than anything.

So I started adding cocoa. It did thicken more, and finally after more whipping I got it to the thickness of a thin pudding. This was supposed to be a frosting alternative so I’m thinking it should have been MUCH thicker. Plus in the photos it was this glorious piped mouse.

This was nothing that I could pipe, no peaks at all. I figured this was another one of those Pinterest hoaxes that doesn’t really work. It did look like a great pudding and it tasted amazing, so I served it to Adam with chocolate chips and he devoured it! If I was trying to make a healthy coconut milk chocolate pudding this would have been a major success. So let’s just pretend that’s what I was doing. Tada! I give you healthy chocolate pudding!


I still wanted to figure out this mousse business though. I kept thinking, I must be doing something wrong!

Okay so I admit, I may or may not have an aversion to actually reading directions. I normally just look at a picture, glance at the ingredients and decide I can make it better.

Well when I looked at the ingredients I realized that she used more than 1/4 cup of cocoa per can, and I used two cans! So where I used about 3-4 tablespoons, I was supposed to use more than a half a cup. Doh!

So I added a lot more cocoa and what do you know, that stuff thickened right the heck up! Now, I will say it did not taste as good as its puddingly cousin. It was very rich and much too chocolatey for me (I’m not a huge chocolate fan anyway. Don’t hate.) Definitely add more sugar if you go this route because it gets more bitter with more cocoa.



I preferred the taste of the first batch, but esthetically this version was much more pleasing, and the texture was nice and moussey. I can see why they serve it as little shots, a little goes a long way.

So the moral of the story is read the directions.

(unless you wanted pudding in the first place.)

The end.

DIY Dollar Store Cupcake Stand

Hello. My name is Noelle. I am a Pinterest Addict.

::Hiiiiii Noellllllllle::

Its true. And if you know what Pinterest is… you are an addict too. Now is the time for honesty. We’re all friends here.

Well I found this idea for a dollar store cake stand on Pinterest and I just HAD to make it. It was pinned from a blog called Destination:Unknown.

Since we’re being honest- the truth is I HATE dollar stores. They’re just so… (how do I put this lightly?) DISGUSTING! Most of them are just really gross, dirty, and full of really lame stuff that I wouldn’t even pay a dollar for.

But, thanks to Siri, I have found the Dollar Store Mecca.

Not 3 miles from my house, Siri led me to the most glorious dollar store I have ever seen. It was big and clean, with rows and rows of amazingly useful items. My mind was on crafty overload with all the things I could do with such a selection of wares. I spent an entire $25 and came home with all sorts of goodies.

I found some really good faux lemons which are usually uncharacteristically expensive, but indeed I got them for- you guessed it… ONE DOLLAR! I got a cute battery operated paper lantern, which has found a dandy little home swinging above my stove. I found 2 little salt and pepper shakers which I plan to label “Flour” and “Powdered Sugar” and use for dusting my cake and fondant surfaces. I got a set of 3 bumpits which I had been boycotting, but at the price of just one hundred cents I couldn’t resist and my hair has been excellently poufed ever since.

Among other things I found 3 glass plates and three glass candle sticks. These are going to be the base for the adorable cupcake stand I am about to show you. I stopped by Lowe’s (which is dangerously close to where I live and along with Michael’s and Target, is slowly stealing all my money.) I picked up a can of spray on primer, Valspar Gloss Spray Paint in “Exotic Sea,” and a can of Clear Gloss Sealer/Top Coat.

I started by peeling off the stickers and scrubbing each piece very well, and making sure everything was very dry. If you ever have trouble getting stickers off, I use this amazing product that has pretty much saved my life (and by my life, I mean my frustration when I’m trying to deal with a sticky mess when I’d rather be painting already!) Its called Un-Du and its currently only available online. It REALLY works and it is alcohol based so when it dries your sticker is sticky again and you can reuse it. I’ve actually used it on stamps, and scrapbooking stickers and it didn’t damage them at all. Get it, you’ll love it!

I started by priming everything. Then I let it dry for about an hour. If you’re wondering, it was during this time that I practiced making the perfect pouf with my bumpit.

(Nevermind the shadows in this picture, I was under the shade of some rather large oaks overlooking my porch, and it was lovely, so hush.)

After everything was dry to the touch I added my color. I like Valspar brand because the colors are very true to the cap and Lowe’s carries a nice selection of colors. This Exotic Sea color is a nice turquoise, which was exactly what I wanted. They also sell this color in regular latex, but for glass I wanted an oil based spray paint.

I let the color coat dry for about 30 minutes, then I applied a second coat which I let dry for another half hour.

Time for a lunch break! I sauteed some Zucchini, Yellow Squash, and Mushrooms, with garlic, salt and pepper, and a touch of hot chili oil. I served it with a quick toast topped with butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese and popped in the toaster oven until crisp. And of course coffee with whipped cream. Mmmm! Now back to work!

After lunch, I applied 2 coats of clear gloss sealer and let it dry over night. I propped the plates up on the lids of the spray cans so they didn’t stick to the plastic on which they were drying. By the next morning they were ready to go.

The last step was assembly. I happen to have this awesome UV glass glue on hand that I use for wine bottle projects I’ve done in the past. It comes in a little bottle with a nail polish like applicator. Just brush on a small amount and stick the candle sticks to the plates. (Make sure they are centered!) It is amazingly strong and will completely seal glass together.

I have a UV lamp that will speed up drying time but if you don’t have one, you can set your project out in direct sunlight and it will dry in less than an hour. You can buy this glue, and a nifty wine bottle cutter from GreenPowerScience. They have some cool videos on how to cut glass.

And here is the final product…

You can stack all three up for an adorable cupcake stand, or use them individually for different sized cakes. I like the top one for a single cupcake. They would also be really cute with hors d’oeuvres. You could set bowls on top and fill with candy. The possibilities are endless!