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Sunset at Pier 60

Its not everyday I get down to the beach, but when I do I’m always amazed at how beautiful God’s creation truly is, and how blessed I am to live just a short 20 minute drive away.

When its a balmy 78˚ and the sun is begging to give me just a tiny kiss, I simply can not resist. I hopped in my truck and headed across the bridge to Clearwater Beach. Palm Pavillion was calling my name, and so was the second best Bloody Mary in this city. (Some day I’ll write about number 1). Kindle came along too and the two of us enjoy a few chapters and some tasty chicken nachos.

These nachos ruled the school because instead of a pile where the bottom chips are plain and soggy, and the top chips get all the goodies- these chips were all toasted individually and each had a the perfect portion of cheese, chicken, and jalapénos. They also put the salsa and pico on the side which made me very happy.

After lunch I took a walk down the beach toward the pier. The sun was looking mighty fine and I took the opportunity to take a few pictures and catch up on my people watching. There were kids playing, a girl doing yoga and a couple gratuitously making out and rolling around in the sand. The sun didn’t pay any mind… he just kept doing his thing.

Every time I see this sight I think the same thing… I LIVE HERE!

There is something so very spiritual about the sunset.When I feel the warmth, and gaze into the beaming light, I feel so close to God, and I consider how very much like Him I would like to be. He is the ultimate artist. He didn’t have to make the water move like it does, and make the light sparkle and dance like it does, but He did. He is what creativity is all about. I imagine how fun it must have been to start this whole thing called the Earth from scratch. Like an empty canvas wondering what it is about to become. We are His masterpiece. Wow!

I remember swimming in this very water as a girl, and never daring to go under the pier lest I get swallowed up by the giant octopus that lived there.

I’m still uncovering lies my brother told me. Oh the tales spoken by his lips that I always believed and still do.

When the weather is nice, the City of Clearwater puts on a little fair at sunset on Pier 60.

There are lots of merchants selling their wares, and musicians playing for pennies. They’ve been doing this since I was a kid. I remember how much I loved seeing all the little do-dads people would make, and imagining that some day I would make things and sell them. Maybe I’m not so far off from what I thought I’d become.

I love this old Pier.

I love its 1960’s charm, and weathered feel. This Pier has seen many storms and hurricanes yet it still stands. When everyone flees and take shelter, Pier 60 remains.

Something tells me this wooden railing is so much more beautiful today than the day it was built.

It has earned its patina from the conditioning that happens only from the oils of a million hands. It is smoothed by the squalls washing over it thousands of times. Hardened by the sun baking day after day. Warmed and seasoned.

I got lucky and caught this seagull taking off.

Finally Adam came to join me for an ice cream cone…

and a kiss…

the perfect ending to the perfect day.