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Super Easy Kitchen Drawer Makeover

Well if you’re planning to buy a house ever let me just give you one little piece of advice. Whatever amount of work you think you have to do to get it looking the way you want, multiply that by 100 and you will be closer to reality. We are very quickly realizing how many projects there are to do here! Its just crazy. Its not even that the house is in bad shape, its just that the people who lived here before us did not share our taste or desire for precision and excellence in decor.

But I’ve been chiseling away at projects one at a time and one super cheap and easy upgrade took place in the kitchen. I’m not in love with our cabinets but we can’t afford to remodel the kitchen right now so I had to find a way to spruce things up. For under $20 I was able to give my cabinets and drawers a much need update and it didn’t take long at all.


I found this dazzling Turquoise Chevron contact paper on Amazon for a great price and got free shipping with prime. Ohhh how I love prime! It took about three rolls to do all the cabinets and drawers in my medium sized kitchen. Don’t you just love the color and pattern? And its such an improvement on what was there before. It just adds such a cheery feel to the kitchen! I can’t resist Chevron.

Please do yourself a favor and take the extra time to put contact paper in neatly. Measure the pieces properly, account for little cutouts and spaces and make sure your pieces fit. Don’t just slap them in and hope for the best. A few extra minutes of time here will really make the project look finished and professional, and your corners will not peel up as easily with extended use.


Here’s a couple tricks for getting your paper down without bubbles.

1) Peel back about an inch of the backing and press down just a small strip of the paper all the way to the farthest edge in your drawer or cabinet.

2) The paper will be curved from being rolled up. Lay it down in the direction of the curve in the paper. This will make it easier to go down.

3) Use a straight edge like a ruler or a paint stirrer (or just your fingers will work) to firmly press the paper down on one side as you gently pull the backing away from the paper on the other side. Work slowly and smoothly. If you accidentally get any bubbles just peel back to the bubble and smooth it out.

With a little effort you can have lovely liners that totally add color and fun to your kitchen! (or bathroom, or book shelves….)

How to Organize Your Bathroom Counter Space

If you’ve read my posts you’ve seen that I pretty much have it all, a wonderful husband, an adorable apartment, an amazing supportive family, the gift of homemaking and a joy for cooking, cleaning, baking, crafting, sewing and so much more!

The only thing I’m missing is children. Without getting into too many personal details, I’ve had a lot of problems that have prevented me from being able to carry a pregnancy to term. In order to help me get and stay pregnant I’m on a daily cocktail of various of teas, medicines, vitamins, and supplements. (If you want more info about what the heck is wrong with me, and what I’m taking do email me. If I can help someone else I’d be happy to share my story!)

I don’t have much of a medicine cabinet and I needed all these pills to be accessible since I take them everyday. The myriad of ugly plastic pill bottles, needless to say, was cluttering my bathroom counter top and had become a major eyesore. Since I had just completed this major spice project which transformed my messy spice collection, I thought I’d show the bathroom some love, and some other kitchen items as well.

I picked up some lovely little glass jars at Wal-mart, Michael’s and the Dollar Store. They all cost around $1-$3. The wooden bins were $3.50 for 3 at Michael’s and I had a 40% off coupon. I will probably paint or stain them in the future, but for this project I kinda like the unfinished look.

I had a few extra spice bottles so I printed some cute labels and used them here. Check out the DIY spice bottle post to learn how to make these.

There were 3 different wood box sizes which were perfect for organizing my lotions, perfumes, soap and mouthwash dispenser. And speaking of lotion and mouthwash, I picked up really pretty dispensers for dirt cheap at Target. This got the ugly lotion and Listerine bottles off the counter too.

While I was at it, I thought I’d add some nice labels to my kitchen jars. I got these years ago from Wal-mart, for about $35 for the whole set. When I was buying labels for the spice project I saw these lovely Martha Stewart turquoise border labels which were perfect for the look. I have a vintage inspired kitchen and these matched beautifully. I decided to handwrite the labels as opposed to printing them because I wanted a more rustic look.

Here is the completed project with the spice jars too. Doesn’t it look cute?