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Weight Loss Wednesday – Part 3

Well after last wednesday I was more than frustrated with the whole exercise thing, but I tried to stay steady on the diet. I also decided that tan fat is better than pale fat so I signed up for a one month membership for tanning. I don’t normally go tanning, but I’m awfully pale and I figured it might make me feel better. It worked 🙂

I’ve been enjoying Campbell’s soup which is only 80-100 calories a can, and awesome dishes like this one: 3 cups of collard greens and one strip of bacon. Tons of fiber, vitamin A, C,  K, folic acid and phytonutrients. The best part is that a big ol’ mess of greens is only about 70 calories! The down side is that it gives you terrible gas, don’t ask how I figured that one out.

Good news came Thursday when I weighed myself at publix and realized that the scale at my gym is way off! I had actually lost 4 lbs!

So my silent-treatment with the gym was finally over. I actually made it to the gym on Thursday and managed to do 10 calories a minute on the eliptical! I was really proud of that! I rewarded myself by buying lots of really cute work out shorts to match my new Nike’s.

Adam’s parent’s were in town over the weekend and I splurged a little on meals like this from Bon Appetit in Dunedin. Crusted Red Snapper over lobster hash swimming in a bath of beurre blanc. Oooooooh…. ahhhhh. Dishes like this one could be the end of me. It was amazingly tasty. I went over my calories by almost 600 eep! But it was so worth it.

Saturday we spent the day at Islands of Adventure (its a theme park) and walked off about 500 calories! It was about a million degrees outside and I was sweating like crazy. I googled whether or not walking in the heat burned more calories than inside on a treadmill and apparently it doesn’t. The sweat that comes out when you’re hot is just water, its not actual weight loss. Too bad, cause I would be super skinny living in FL.

I’ve upped my eliptical time to 20 minutes a day now, and I’m burning 200 calories instead of 150! Can you believe it? I can’t!

Today when I weighed myself I’m down another 2 lbs! That’s a total loss of 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I’m just pleased as punch and I have new motivation to see this thing through.

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