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Etsy Inspiration – Tangerine

Like so many of you blogger/pinterest/crafty types I am in love with etsy. I used to sell on etsy until I ran out of room and time. Hopefully I can start it back up again soon. In the mean time I am satiated by creating color, pattern, and style treasuries that totally inspire me. Since summer is rapidly coming to a close I figured I’d give tangerine its proper place of prominence as a transition into the darker colors of fall. Tangerine is the perfect bridge from summer cocktails to autumn pumpkins. Here are some products I’m just loving. Click on the images for links to the etsy shops. Support home crafts and small businesses by shopping on etsy. 🙂

Bread and Badger makes this adorable Tangerine Mustache Mug. Isn’t it just the cutest thing? It comes in some other really cute colors too. I definitely need a whole set.

As you can guess, I have a soft spot for Chevron. This fabric is the perfect combination of two of my favourites! Chevron and Tangerine. Sew Gracious makes this awesome throw pillow and lots of others with the most darling patterns.

Don’t you just love these hand made epoxy earrings? They are so charming. The would look so lovely with a white summer dress. Silver Lotus Designs makes gorgeous bridal and customized jewelry.

Wouldn’t you be inspired to save money with this precious little piggy bank from Desert Arts Pottery? I know I would. I sooo need this!

I might just have to make this bad boy. Then again I could save myself some time and order it from Ruby and Lucy Frames. The one they’ve made is gorgeous! I have a picture over my bed that is just too small for the wall. I need a great big frame to beef it up and this one is just fanstastic! I love the color combination and the rustic look.



After my post about note writing, you know all about my obsession with quality note cards. These beauties definitely need to be a part of my collection! They are so whimsical and I know I would be totally cheered up if someone sent me one these delightful cards by Green Grass Press.




I’m not just a fan of the color, but I love the smell and flavour of Tangerine. This tangerine shea butter handmade soap by Eco Chic Soaps looks divine. I love the look of handmade soap as opposed to liquid soap. I have just the right silver dish for this soap.




5 Pinterest Craft Ideas to Try This Summer

I have an entire board on Pinterest of craft ideas I’ve been dying to try. Here are five that I absolutely must make time for this summer.

1) LollyJane made these adorable Anthropologie inspired Zinc Letters from cardboard letters and silver paint. Super easy, and way cheaper!

2) This little gem is from VixenMade. DIY Fluted Cake Stand. If you remember my DIY cupcake stand then you’ll love this idea! Dollar store candle stick and a spray painted tart pan. Love it!

3) House of Earnest is a sweet little decor blog. Erin made these cute little customize wooden utensils. What an adorable little idea!

4) I cannot WAIT to make these adorable citrus themed coasters! I love citrus colors and this is a great wait to brighten up your coffee table. The Purl Bee has lots of really cute craft ideas.

5) Dollar Store mug + Sharpie Pen. Bake for 30 minutes. Custom Quote Mugs! You could do this on any dish. What a great gift idea!