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Exceptional Womanhood

Yesterday someone was was asking me about myself. She asked what my passions were and what I did with my time. I told her about this blog, and all of you. I told her about school and how I was getting my degree in counseling. She asked what my goal was with all of that. I don’t know if I had verbalized it yet, but as I shared with her my love and passion for homemaking I realized how God has been pulling all of these things together for me.

I suppose its about time to come up with a mission statement for Homemaker Chic. My passion is for teaching women and girls the value and worth in being a homemaker. I want young women to learn that being a mother, wife, and all around Proverbs 31 woman is a wonderful and worthy calling.

Today in church my pastor spoke about being exceptional. He said that the only way to be exceptional in this world, is to be abnormal. To be different from the culture, and to seek greater things. While other women are reading 50 shades of grey and watching Magic Mike, I want to be reading the Bible, learning how to be more like Jesus and learning how to romance my husband. While other women are letting it all hang out, I want to be modest and pure.

Today women often find worth in being a sexual object, in being better or more powerful than men, in having a successful career. It seems to be highly abnormal for a young girl to say “I want to be a mommy when I grow up!”

I get the strangest looks when people ask what I do and I say, “I’m a homemaker.” The next question is inevitably… “So what exactly do you DO?” I don’t mind being abnormal, because I have a passion for families. Homemaking is a cornerstone to fostering godly well-mannered children, a peaceful haven for husbands, and a place of rest for the entire family. Even women who work can put their families first, my mother is a perfect example of this. She found a way to help my dad support the family, while also homeschooling her children and maintaining a lovely home.

I want this blog to be a call to cultural abnormality and exceptional womanhood. I want this blog to encourage women to build up their families and husbands- not tear them down. Let’s commit to being a different kind of woman. Let’s forget what society tells us we should be, and realize that God is calling us to something exceptional!

I know there are women out there who in the eyes of the world are very abnormal, but in the eyes of God are truly amazing and exceptional.

I’d like to dedicate this post to some truly exceptional and abnormal women in my life ūüôā

I hope you ladies don’t mind me pointing you out!

Tammy, who is an amazing wife and mother. A sweet and loyal friend. Whose children are the most charming and well behaved boys I’ve ever met. Whose husband is a godly man and father. Who is an inspiration to me.

Ara, who beams with joy every time I see her. Who is a precious mommy, who loves her children and has committed to raising them in the way of the Lord. Who is a godly wife and a charming woman of God.

Cessie, who is a shrewd and thrifty homemaker. Who faithfully teaches and shapes her children. Who supports and loves her husband. Who has always been generous, sweet, kind, and modest. Who I have never seen without a smile on her face.

Danielle- my sister, who, though she is a single working mom, strives to teach her boys to be respectful men of God. Who puts raising her children before all else. Whose boys are brilliant and adore her. Who is one of the most thoughtful and creative women I know.

Phyl – my mother, who faithfully raised her children in the way of the Lord. Who still teaches me things daily. Who is a faithful student of God’s word, and a fervent prayer. Who has committed her life to strengthening marriages and families. Who is an incredible grandmother, still teaching and mentoring the next generation in our family.

This link below is to a talk given by Dannah Gresh who is a speaker on purity and raising girls and children to be godly. In this talk she shares the importance of family, and teaching our children to want a family of their own. If you have 20 minutes or so I highly recommend you listen to it. It really opened my eyes to the importance of family and what it means for our society.

Why Your Family is So Important – By: Dannah Gresh



Amazing Money Saving Tip for Shopping at Target

Face it, you know this happens to you every time you shop at Target. You get sucked in by the mood lighting, bright colors and hypnotic spiral. The fact that I live within walking distance to this glorious place does not help me at all. Here is one money saving tip that is sure to help you out. No, it is not “get a Target card”… while I am saving 5% on every shopping trip I seem to spend more when I’ve got that little red card in my wallet. It is also not the little coupon link in the tiniest print alllll at the way at the bottom of the Target website that you wouldn’t know how to find if you didn’t know it was there. Those things will help you save money, yes, but this tip is way better than both of those.

Here is the tip:

When you’ve got just a few things to pick up, get a handheld basket, not a cart. Start by picking up the heaviest items on your shopping list first, like milk and bananas. Then get the bulky items, like toilet paper. By the time you end up in the clothing and housewares sections the basket will be so heavy and overflowing that you won’t be able to fit anything else, and you won’t want to spend much time carrying that heavy basket around so you leave. This inevitably will save you money. Plus you get a work out. You’re welcome.

DIY Vintage Apothecary Spice Bottles

I have to say I am more excited about this post than probably any other post I’ve done. For quite awhile I’ve been frustrated with my spice situation. I have a LOT of spices, and my collection was growing. You know how when you move there’s always that one thing that never gets organized? Well my spices were the poor victims of lack of storage space, time, and creativity. Which by the way is completely unlike me.

Well when I got an amazing shipment of spices from Pollen Ranch (oh the spoils of food blogging:p) I decided it was time to sort this mess out. I had a vision for a rustic, apothecary style spice rack. I wanted it to look like a collection of old potions. Now that I think of it, maybe subconsciously I wanted the spice collection that Luc has in the movie French Kiss. I love that scene! You know, where he asks Kate to smell all the bottles then taste the wine. I didn’t realize it until just now as I was typing. Funny how those little things get in there… I digress.

I spent many nights searching the web for the perfect spice jar. I knew the whole project hinged on the perfect jar. I found my match at SKS Bottle. I got a great price on a bulk order and soon 48 perfect little 2oz bottles with cork tops appeared on my door step.

The labels were more tricky. It took me some time, visits to stores all over town, searches on the internet, and about 3 days of brainstorming before I came across the perfect solution… from Martha Stewart! ūüôā Oh how I love Martha products. She has these amazing brown kraft labels available at Staples.

The next step was designing the perfect label. I found a really cool old french apothecary design and with a little photoshopping I was able to adjust it perfectly for my purposes. You are welcomed to use it! Lucky for me Avery has an online program with the template for the Martha Stewart labels already prepared and all you have to do is upload your images. Just a bit of tweaking and I had 36 labels ready to go.

The printing was a bit tricky and I found that you have to use a top loading printer for the 4×6 size of the label sheet. I tried taping the sheet to a piece of paper, and also tried using the 4×6 photo slot and nothing worked. I figured out the problem was from my bottom feeding printer. Kinko’s told me to not even bother trying to have them print them because the machines are too big for that small of a label sheet.

Luckily it worked perfectly with a regular top (or back?) loading printer- not the kind that feeds from a stack of papers through a roller thingy. Does that make sense? Lucky for me my mom had exactly this kind of printer so I finally sorted it out.

To fill the bottles I made a simple little cone out of paper. If I had thought of it I would have picked up a plastic funnel as I think it would have been a bit easier to handle. It also would have been nice to rinse it out between stronger spices so as to not contaminate the different flavours. I also recommend using a breathing mask when you fill the bottles, especially for the peppers! I learned this the hard way and I was hacking and coughing after inhaling some lovely Cayenne. I ended up covering my nose and mouth with a light scarf that worked fine.

Once I filled and labeled my amazing bottles I just needed to find the perfect home.

Apparently no one sells regular spice racks anymore. The only thing I could find was the ugly carousel kind. This simply would not do. I couldn’t find a decent one online for less than $50. I needed to fit at least 30 spices, and most only fit 12-24, so I would need two. I didn’t like the idea of taking up that much counter space. At any rate, the ones I did find were too clean and modern looking anyway. I wanted something old and antique.

My dad is somewhat of a craftsman and he has built some amazing things for my mom. I figured a simple spice rack wouldn’t cost too much to make. After a trip to Home Depot we decided that the cost to build, stain, and distress a rack wouldn’t be cheap enough to make it worth it. I looked around at some thrift stores but I just couldn’t find the right rack.

Finally I stumbled upon an amazing little etsy shop with a glorious old antique wooden rack that this lady discovered in a wood workers shop, on an old local farmstead, handmade from scraps. It seriously looks like it might have once lived on an old ship. It was perfect!

It finally arrived today and my little spice babies were all dolled up and ready for their new home. I couldn’t WAIT to set it all up and show you! Here is the final product! YAY!!!

What is a Homemaker Really Worth?

In Today’s society homemakers are unfortunately often looked at as lazy women who sit around the house doing nothing. With ignorant statements like the one which said Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life,” it is clear that women are only considered hard-working if they bring home a paycheck and leave their kids at daycare. Not that I am an advocate for the Romney’s or that I’m against women working; What I have a problem with is people thinking that raising children, keeping a home, and being a wife are all just useless hobbies with no value. Well here’s an interesting little breakdown of exactly how much it would cost to do all the things that Homemakers really do! Interesting thought. Is it close? What do you think?

Homemaker: A Woman Worthy of Praise

Well first things first, did you all totally love Jennie’s guest post? I cannot WAIT to make that amazing recipe! She’s such a doll. Be sure you follow her on twitter and subscribe to her blog. She is always cooking up yummy treats.

One big thing I want to advocate with my blog is family. I was talking to Adam last night about Martha Stewart (who I LOVE, so don’t hate). I learned so much of what I know about homemaking from her. She is the world’s most famous homemaker but she is unfortunately also known for being harsh, snobby, and rude. She has no husband, and a single daughter who she does not appear to be particularly close with. Though she often had family members like her mom, siblings and nephews, on the show there was always a certain warmth missing.

For me, the reason homemaking is so important is because it brings families together. The homemaking woman is always thinking about how she can better serve those around her, and she is loved because of it. She should be charming and kind and thoughtful. She should never be so worried about all the duties of running a home that she forget to love and nurture those around her.

I never want this blog to just be about the content. When I’m not writing I’m lovingly creating meals for my husband, planning parties for my family, cleaning and decorating my home, studying and learning so I can one day educate my children, dreaming of the day when I will have a bunch of babies to teach and care for. I want this blog to encourage women everywhere to not just cook, sew, craft, bake, clean, decorate, and plan. I want you ladies to be sweet and lovely, and worthy of praise.

People often use the words “housewife” and “homemaker” interchangeably. I don’t care for the term housewife because it gives the connotation that she is sitting around the house doing nothing.

A homemaker is very busy!!

Consider this passage from the bible. It talks about a woman who sounds a whole lot like a homemaker to me. She sews, cooks, runs a business (AND makes profit!), she is fashionable, wise and takes care of everyone in her household. If this were written today I’m pretty certain there would be an added verse that said,¬†“She diligently searches Pinterest and reads blog for new ideas for the home.”

I hope this describes me, that is what I strive for. Does it describe you?

Proverbs 31:10-31 (New Living Translation)

10 Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?
She is more precious than rubies.
11 Her husband can trust her,
and she will greatly enrich his life.
12 She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life.

13 She finds wool and flax
and busily spins it.
14 She is like a merchant’s ship,
bringing her food from afar.
15 She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household
and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.

16 She goes to inspect a field and buys it;
with her earnings she plants a vineyard.
17 She is energetic and strong,
a hard worker.
18 She makes sure her dealings are profitable;
her lamp burns late into the night.

19 Her hands are busy spinning thread,
her fingers twisting fiber.
20 She extends a helping hand to the poor
and opens her arms to the needy.
21 She has no fear of winter for her household,
for everyone has warm clothes.

22 She makes her own bedspreads.
She dresses in fine linen and purple gowns. (<- She is homemaker CHIC!)
23 Her husband is well known at the city gates,
where he sits with the other civic leaders.
24 She makes belted linen garments
and sashes to sell to the merchants.

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.
26 When she speaks, her words are wise,
and she gives instructions with kindness.
27 She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.

28 Her children stand and bless her.
Her husband praises her:
29 “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world,
but you surpass them all!‚ÄĚ

30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.
31 Reward her for all she has done.
Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.