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How Twitter Changed My Life (sortof)

Every year after the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (I can say that now since its two years running!) I feel rejuvenated, replenished, and inspired. It must be the leisurely pace at which only Georgians can move. The city of Atlanta is rustic and charming and reminds me of who I want to be.

Last year my appetite for greatness was satiated when I joined the cast of season two on Food, Drinks, and Rock n’ Roll starring my brother Chef Nathan Lippy. I loved each week getting to taste and try new flavour combinations and communicate with the foodie fans who loyally watched the show.

After the season ended I ended up in a food lull until early this year when I finally did what I’d been telling myself I’d do for years… I started a blog! It was a big step for me because it meant I believed I had something important to say, something perhaps someone else would want to hear [read]. I’ve so loved these last few months of sharing my ideas, inspiration, and obsessions with you. So I decided it was time to take this little blog thing to the next level.

As with most things utterly profound, the next part of this story begins on a Tuesday- last tuesday. 7 days ago. It is my belief that all great things begin on Tuesdays.

One week ago today I decided to open a Twitter account.

I began following foodies, and chefs whom I admired. I followed wine people, cake people, beer people and bourbon people. I read silly ancedotes, and excellent recipe ideas. I joined #foodiechats and met tons of other bloggers, foodies, and chefs! I clicked on link after link until suddenly this huge world was opening before my eyes! There are people, just like me, who love food, and write about it. Where have you been all my life? Then this miraculous thing happened. People began to follow MOI! One hundred and sixty three people who did not know me last week, now know me and have access to each and every glorious word I write! At the same time my world opened up, I realized that the world is actually quite small after all.

I know it must sound like I’ve been in a hole for the past 5 years, but I had no idea Twitter could be so cool!

So to all my new friends, I’m so excited to do this blogging thing with you. I have this feeling that something big is going to happen here, at these keys. Something big indeed.