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Wine and Cheese Make Everything Better

Its been raining in Florida for days. Tropical storm Debby has made it rather dark and crummy around here. I don’t know if its the weather or if I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed but I’ve not felt myself today. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day there is only one thing that can help. No not xanax… a good indoor picnic with great wine and cheeses. Paired with a little Midnight and Paris and I was right as rain. Try it, I promise you’ll feel better :).

I had some fresh goat cheese, parmesan and sliced pear.


You definitely need some good french bread for crostinis…


And some gourmet jams and jellys. I’m totally into fig jam right now.

Cheeses, Mary, and Joseph!

I once told you that I would share the bizarre and glorious love affair I have with cheese. The suspense ends here. I have a serious attachment to that which was formerly milk. It just makes me feel good. Sometimes, I confess, if I’m feeling blue I eat a cube of cheese and my woes just melt away. I won’t even get started on the intoxicating ecstasy that occurs when you add wine to the mix, we wouldn’t want things to get R-rated now would we?

So recently when was looking for a good cheese counter in the Tampa Bay area, I couldn’t settle for anything less than excellent. Whole Foods is pretty good, as is Fresh Market, and Publix Greenwise.

But, when I stumbled upon Nature’s Food Patch on Cleveland and was very pleasantly surprised. They had a great selection and a wonderful Fromager who was a total Cheese-head and was even more obsessed yours truly!

She turned me on to a couple really yummy treats, a cheese magazine called Culture (ha!) and this amazing Fig Jam. It was divine paired with the Guinness Cheddar I picked up.

Now I’ll get to the true purpose of this post. Whenever I have a wine and cheese party, or sometimes a good tuesdaynight cheese plate, I like to make these adorable little markers.

 Here is what you’ll need:

 Hot Glue Gun

Some little wooden squares from your local craft store.

Wooden Skewers from the craft store, dollar store or supermarket.


Add a little glue to the skewer…

Then glue the wooden piece on and hold for about 5 seconds.

The results are simple and whimsical.