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Weight Loss Wednesday – Part 3

Well after last wednesday I was more than frustrated with the whole exercise thing, but I tried to stay steady on the diet. I also decided that tan fat is better than pale fat so I signed up for a one month membership for tanning. I don’t normally go tanning, but I’m awfully pale and I figured it might make me feel better. It worked 🙂

I’ve been enjoying Campbell’s soup which is only 80-100 calories a can, and awesome dishes like this one: 3 cups of collard greens and one strip of bacon. Tons of fiber, vitamin A, C,  K, folic acid and phytonutrients. The best part is that a big ol’ mess of greens is only about 70 calories! The down side is that it gives you terrible gas, don’t ask how I figured that one out.

Good news came Thursday when I weighed myself at publix and realized that the scale at my gym is way off! I had actually lost 4 lbs!

So my silent-treatment with the gym was finally over. I actually made it to the gym on Thursday and managed to do 10 calories a minute on the eliptical! I was really proud of that! I rewarded myself by buying lots of really cute work out shorts to match my new Nike’s.

Adam’s parent’s were in town over the weekend and I splurged a little on meals like this from Bon Appetit in Dunedin. Crusted Red Snapper over lobster hash swimming in a bath of beurre blanc. Oooooooh…. ahhhhh. Dishes like this one could be the end of me. It was amazingly tasty. I went over my calories by almost 600 eep! But it was so worth it.

Saturday we spent the day at Islands of Adventure (its a theme park) and walked off about 500 calories! It was about a million degrees outside and I was sweating like crazy. I googled whether or not walking in the heat burned more calories than inside on a treadmill and apparently it doesn’t. The sweat that comes out when you’re hot is just water, its not actual weight loss. Too bad, cause I would be super skinny living in FL.

I’ve upped my eliptical time to 20 minutes a day now, and I’m burning 200 calories instead of 150! Can you believe it? I can’t!

Today when I weighed myself I’m down another 2 lbs! That’s a total loss of 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I’m just pleased as punch and I have new motivation to see this thing through.

1 comment = 3 situps. Ooooh look at me upping the Ante!


A Bike Ride in Dunedin

When Adam and I moved to Clearwater we had every intention of riding bikes on the Pinellas Trail, but when he hurt his back during our move wehad to shelf our dreams of being Mr. and Mrs. Tour du France. Well he is finally better and last night we finally, one year later, took the bikes out for a lovely evening in Dunedin!

For dinner we stopped at Sea Sea Riders at the corner of Alt 19 and Main Street. I’ve seen this place a thousand times but never stopped in. Well let me tell you, if you have not had the chance to dine at this charming Old Florida spot you are missing out! Our server, Ashley, was knowledgeable, attentive, and friendly. The atomosphere is very Key West (which I know a lot about since I was JUST there). It reminded me of an old ship on the inside, and a lovely Key West porch on the outside.

We also spotted a Dunedin Orange Painting which in this town might as well be a Banksy. If you’ve ever been to this little beach town you’ve seen the lovely grafitti which is the work of local artist Steven Spathelf. 

We sat on the porch and took in the lovely view of the bay and the Dunedin marina. Adam ordered a Salmon BLT (which didn’t sound very good to me) and he said the salmon didn’t have a lot of flavour but that it was fine. I personally wouldn’t have ordered that, so I’m not going to discredit them, lol. We heard the black bean chili was the best in town so we had a bowl of it, and scarfed it down before I could get a picture! It was delicious! You could tell that it was homemade.


I ordered the Vanilla Rum Glazed Grouper with Macadamia nut brittle, spiced grilled pineapple, red curry coconut cream sauce and wild rice. It was heavenly! The Macadamia brittle was delightfully crunchy and sweet, and the coconut cream sauce was superb. I could have eaten it as a soup.

After dinner we headed over to Stachan’s (pronounced Strawns) which is THE BEST ice cream shop I’ve ever been to. Their ice cream is out of this world.

Just as we were finishing our ice cream the sun was beginning to set so we pedaled down to the marina to catch the glorious sunset over the bay. It was magnificent. The pictures just don’t do it justice. A perfect ending to the perfect date. I love living here. Sometimes I just can’t believe how beautiful it is.