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Citrus Splash Body Scrub – REVISITED

homemaker-chic-citrus-sugar-scrubSummer is on its way here and there’s no better time to revisit this refreshing citrus scrub. diy-sugar-scrub-homemakerchic-comA couple years ago I made up this recipe and used these charming jars from SKS bottle.

When I was asked to make some goodies to go in gift bags for a ladies retreat at our church I knew this scrub would be a hit. But there were a few things I needed to do differently this time.


First of all I wanted to use a jar with a plastic lid. Since metal and water are not best friends, I thought it would be better to use a completely waterproof jar for use in the shower. I landed on this 4oz plastic jar with a white dome lid. I like the look of the dome lid, it just looks like something you’d find in a cosmetics store and it really adds a nice professional touch to the finished product.

IMG_3128I also needed a water proof label. The paper tag label I used was nice for packaging, but once you took the ribbon off you might forget what was in the jar! (except you’d know exactly what it was when you opened it and smelled that delicious fruity aroma but I digress.) I had since made other scrubs and used these really cute Kraft paper labels, but they get wet in the shower and eventually peel off. So I found these fantastic plastic adhesive labels that you can print right from your standard printer. The clear labels made it look like I had the lids custom printed! They looked to clean and professional. This would be a good option if you wanted to sell your scrubs. These are Avery #22825 and you can download the template here.

30 scrubs later and we had lots of happy ladies with presumably VERY soft skin! sugar-scrubs-for-ladies-retreat-church-gift

So I hope you make this fun recipe and share with all your friends. Enjoy!




Repurposing Grapefruits


A couple weeks ago my mom gave me a huge bag of grapefruits. Living in Florida this sort of thing happens often. People have tons of citrus growing in their yards this time of year so bags of grapefruits and oranges are doled out like free candy! I ate as many as I could but eventually I got grapefruited out and the 4 or 5 that were left started to get very overripe. Instead of throwing them out, I thought they would make a delicious juice! Especially since they were so sweet.

Since I don’t have a juicer, I just put a sieve over a bowl and started squeezing away. I ended up with a pint of juice! Hey not too shabby, because its not cheap in the store. If the juice is too tart, add a little stevia to sweeten it up. Since the fruit was so ripe it was nice and sweet! I had this lovely mason jar on hand from SKS Bottle, and it was perfect for my country style juice. juicing-grapefruit-homemakerchic.com

The rinds also serve another great purpose. Toss a few down your garbage disposal and grind away. The citrus cleans the shoot and leaves your kitchen smelling like spring! So don’t throw away that overripe citrus! freshen-garbage-disposal-homemakerchic.com

Happy spring everyone!