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The Miracle of a Little Baby Boy

Almost two months ago my little miracle was born. This sweet boy, who changed everything, emerged from behind the veil.

Talley Noelle Birth Oct 2013_237

Every birth is truly a miracle when one considers all that must be aligned for life to be created and brought into this world. But some births seems slightly more miraculous than others. If you’ve struggled with infertility or recurrent miscarriages you have an idea what I’m talking about. When you’ve waited so long to meet that sweet child, it almost seems unreal when he finally gets here. When you’ve waited so long… it can be hard to believe.


As I consider the season of advent I’m thinking of Mary, the mother of Jesus and the birth of her miracle baby. Her people had been waiting for this King for thousands of years. But they never expected him to come as a baby. I remember being so very surprised to be pregnant, just as Mary was (although I’m sure she was probably a LOT more shocked than I was!). I think about the reality of what her situation might have been like as a pregnant young woman. She might have had morning sickness, swollen ankles, difficulty sleeping, food aversions, even stretch marks. I think about those last days of her pregnancy. The journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem was a long one, and though legend tells that Mary rode a donkey, there is no mention of her riding a donkey in Scripture. Being as poor as they were, Mary and Joseph more than likely had to walk the nearly 80 miles to Joseph’s hometown for the census. I think about the last days of my pregnancy how Adam and I took many long walks to prepare my body for labor, and how everyone told us that it might help start the contractions.


I imagine her first few contractions. She was a very young girl so she may not have known what to expect, but then again she probably saw many farm animals give birth. I wonder if it was a long labor? I wonder if Joseph was a patient and supportive birth coach? Perhaps God showed mercy on the mother of our Savior and gave her a quick and easy labor. Or maybe, like me, she had a very long, intense, labor. Was Jesus, God incarnate, in optimal position for birth? Perhaps he was breech. Or, most mystifying and wonderful a thought to me, perhaps Immanuel was born in the caul, behind the veil, like my own son.


Was Jesus a colicky baby? Did he spit up all over Joseph’s tunic? Did he pee all over Mary while she was changing him? (lol Luke has done this several times). Did he love to be rocked and nursed to sleep? What must it have felt like to kiss the velvety forehead of the tiny baby Jesus?


Have you ever imagined these details?

The truth is that none of this matters, except to say that this child, the miraculous birth of this tiny baby boy, was real! It is so much more real to me as I look into the eyes of my own son this Christmas. I wonder what it must have felt like for Mary to carry this baby, to go through the pain of natural childbirth, then to hold him in her arms knowing that he was the God of the Universe. Considering the logistics of all this gives new meaning to the humble beginnings of Christ, and what an incredible thing it was for Him to come the way he did. I am still stunned that I finally have this boy, but imagine how much more amazed Mary was, that not only did she have a beautiful Son, but to know that he was the long awaited Messiah must have just been overwhelming.

This year I am blessed beyond measure and at times I just can’t take in all that God has lavished upon me. Between post-partum hormones, freely flowing oxytocin from breastfeeding, and the simple joy that I have knowing that Jesus loves me, and cares for me, and came to this planet to save you and me, I have found myself in tears on many occasions over the last eight weeks.When I look at Luke, I forget all the heartache of the last few years, and all I see is hope. Mary must have been overtaken with emotions staring directly into the sweet little face of the newborn Christ because He was and is the hope of a nation… He is the hope of the world.


This year I pray that you consider the reality of what happened on that first Christmas and what it means for you if you believe.

And now, since you are all so awesome. I thought I’d give you a little visual snack as a Christmas gift. Who doesn’t love seeing amazing photos of adorable babies? One of my dear readers, Niko Williams, found my blog on Pinterest, and it turns out we’re neighbors! Is that a God thing or what? She took these photos of Luke when he was 12 days old. I am simply overwhelmed with JOY! 🙂






This has been another amazing year here at Homemaker Chic. I have been so blessed by so many readers who have written to me to share how my story has inspired and encouraged them. I am very thankful for all of you! My hope is that this blog, and my story will always bring glory and honor to God because He is the reason I can speak about these things. Merry Christmas – I love you all!


Christmas (Ideas) in July

Things have been very busy with school lately so I haven’t had much time for blogging, but I figured I’d take a moment to look ahead to Christmas time and start preparing for all the wonderful things I’m going to create! I LOVE Christmas! My name IS Noelle afterall. Plus, I love Jesus, and well, it is all about Him that time of year. Living in a small apartment makes it really difficult to decorate for Christmas without tripping over things. So here are some fun ways to enjoy the holidays without cluttering up the house.

Last year my Christmas tree was a really cool table top feather creation made out of styro-foam cones, feathers, and a few ornaments. I had the idea on my own then I quickly started seeing these bad boys turn up ready-made at various craft and novelty stores for $15-30.

I think it cost me about $5-7 to make this. Also I know this is a really bad photo, but I didn’t take it thinking it would ever end up on a blog, but here we are.

This is another really cute styro-foam cone idea.

Just glue buttons on and add an ornament on top.

How easy and cute it that? Just think of all the variations you could have with decorative buttons.





Growing up in Florida, oranges are always in abundance but we had about six orange trees in the yard of my childhood home. Orange Pomanders have been a Christmas tradition in my family since I can remember. I loved making these as a girl!

They are as aromatic as they are lovely, and so easy to make. The kids will love helping with this one.

Start by poking small holes in the orange. Then press whole cloves into the skin. You can get really creative with the designs, even spelling out things like JOY, JESUS, or family initials. I always liked doing spirals.

In the interest of saving space I figured a wreath might be a nice idea this year seeing as my door isn’t really doing much. I’ve never really been a wreath person cause it just seems sort of soccer-momish to me. But, I found this really funky idea for a wreath alternative on Pinterest and I am definitely going to try it this year! The ornaments are paper-mache. Click the link for how-to instructions.

I think maybe this year we’ll send out a holiday card. I’ve never done a photo card because its almost like an announcement to all your friends and family saying, “Look how cute our kids and pets are!” And we have neither. But given that I’ve finally found peace and rest in it just being the two of us for now, I think a proper celebration in the form of a “Look at what an awesome couple we are!” sort of photo card would be in order. Here is a cute idea. The other option is to borrow our friend’s Labrador, and my new baby nephew coming in November. That could work.

Now what’s a Christmas post without a nice booze idea? I love making holiday mulled cider and I came up with my own awesome recipe several years ago. When it gets closer I’ll do a whole post with the full recipe but it includes Red Wine, Cider Spices, Apple Cider, Orange Juice and Hornsby’s. I like to float cinnamon sticks and orange slices in the pot. It is quite tasty.

I really love this felted garland idea. Red and Green don’t really match in my apartment, so I love this colorful idea! This would look really cute strung along my bar counter. I can’t wait to try this one.

What are you planning to make this Christmas season? I would love to hear from you about how you are preparing in advance!