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Baked Sharpie Mug – How to make it work

Last year I did a post about the Pinterest Fail Baked Sharpie Mug. After many comments from you lovely readers I decided to give it another go and see if I could figure out why exactly it failed.

A lot of you mentioned that you had the same problem as I did. The sharpie looked great, but washed off with any sort of scrubbing. I did try a few of your tips such as:

  • Start by putting the mug in a cold oven and allow the heat to slowly raise to 325.
  • Turn the oven off and allow the mug to cool completely in the oven.
  • Using a different mug to see if I got different results.baked sharpie mug fail homemakerchic.com

Unfortunately none of these really helped. I know other people have said these tips worked. Maybe, I’m a doofus. I really really wanted to believe it, but for whatever reason they didn’t work for me. The one thing that sort of helped was spraying the mug with an acrylic sealing spray. It actually worked great, but sadly it caused the sharpie ink to drip and bleed and ruined my adorable design. Now my “Good Morning Lord” mug has taken up residence as a dandy little make-up brush holder in my bathroom. 🙂

However, there was one tip that was the gem that turned this Pinterest fail into a WIN! (sorta)


Honestly, I could have told you that from the start. There isn’t really anything particularly impressive about using a product that is designed to draw on porcelain to draw on porcelain. Am I wrong? I mean its a great idea to make personalized pottery, but the whole reason this craft seemed so appealing was because I could do it with plain old sharpies that I had laying around the house. I was holding out hope that there was no secret and that it really could be done with standard sharpies, but alas it just won’t work (not permanently anyway). Anywho, I wouldn’t have tried making my own designs on ceramics if it weren’t for this Pin, and for that I’m thankful.

The good news is that these oil based markers are only about $3 at Michael’s and even cheaper with a 40% off coupon. So I picked up a few and tried it out.

I decided to use a school project as the guinea pig. I had an assignment to do a self-portrait, so I decided that I would draw myself in sharpie on a serving platter, and use it to bring in cupcakes for the whole class to enjoy. I even drew silly little self portraits on picks to stick in each cupcake. Cupcakes never hurt when you’re striving for an A. 🙂 So here’s the finished product. I sprayed it with acrylic sealant also, just for extra protection and it turned out perfectly! 20130310-222906.jpgIt’s washable and everything (hand wash, don’t put it in the dishwasher). My mom even used it to serve Roast Beef on Christmas day. (UPDATE: We now realize that that was a bad idea since this spray is NOT food safe. I’m on the lookout for a food safe spray. I have found this non-toxic brush on sealer on Amazon, but I have not tried it so I’m not sure about the quality. Let me know if you try it!)

photo 1

Here’s to making things work!

self portrait cupcakes homemakerchic.com

Baked Sharpie Mug – Pinterest FAIL!

You’ve seen it all over pinterest. The amazing claim that you can draw on a dollar store mug with a sharpie and bake it for 30 minutes on 350 then VOILA! You magically have this awesomely custom mug. Well pinterest I’m onto you and you’re little crafty lies. This one is not true. I’ve tried it three different times and sorry folks it DOES NOT WORK. (Here’s how to actually make it work.)

I was so excited to try this because I have a large collection of multi colored sharpies. So I made these two adorable mugs, and I was so pleased with how they turned out!

The design on the left is what happened after a light washing. It even rubbed off without soap and water, just rubbing my finger over the design smudged it.

A good solid scrubbing took the image off completely. Survey says: This one’s a doozie.