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5 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Ashley

    Just wanted to comment and say “wow, you basically are ME!” I found your blog via Pinterest about cake pops (I’m a seasoned cake pop maker myself) and ventured into your adoption post. Your story is almost exactly like mine! My husband and I suffered 2 miscarriages and had over a year of infertility (with fertility meds) when we decided to adopt. As soon as we were done with our home study paper work, I found out I was pregnant and this guy stuck around! We just celebrated his first birthday and we resumed the adoption process a few months back. We are talking to a birth mother soon! I’ll continue to follow your blog and good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! I wold love to keep in touch, as it seems like we’re kindred spirits!

  2. Catherine

    Hi Noelle…….Great site. Could you please tell me what size of bottles you purchased for your spice jars? Thank you.

  3. Sunny Lyons

    Thanks so much on your post re: “cake pops aren’t easy”. I was dying with laughter when you called out bakerella. I couldn’t agree more. I spent this past week-end cursing her and all of the other liars on the internet who never, ever, mention all of the things that can, and do go wrong whilst cake-poppin’. I have been making cake pops for a while for various events and I can honestly say that I have encountered a new problem/set of problems with each project. I had to make 100 cake pops this past week-end and I decided to try food writer pens as suggested by bakerella. I was completely disappointed. After drawing a smile on my first pop with a brand new pen, the tip frayed!!! Uggggg!!!! I had to forgo drawing smiles because they wouldn’t have been clean and smooth. Furthermore, after dealing with having to remake several pops after they fell off the stick into my bowl of candy melts, it was nearly midnight so there weren’t any stores open in my city where I would be able to buy a new pen. I was utterly and completely annoyed. My project came out amazing in the end, but I had to seriously improvise and spent hours trying to troubleshoot issues that jokers online never mention. My friends have asked if I think making cake pops is easy. As someone who has been crafting, sewing, knitting, jewelry making and baking since childhood, I always give the same response….Hell no!!! I have no issues making filigree patterns or drawing on pops, but the actual dipping process is honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do because I can’t understand why I can dip 25 pops with no issues and then suddenly 4 will commit suicide. I don’t know what’s wrong so I can’t fix the problem. Thanks again for your post!!! It was really honest and helpful!!!


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