How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

Samsung Washer UR Code

Nothing is more frustrating than putting a load of laundry in your washing machine and going about your business, only to discover a Samsung washer error code. Even worse is when it won’t wash over … and over … and over again. If you have experienced the annoyance (or possibly rage) of a repeated UR error code, then you want a fix the UR error as quickly as possible.

Luckily, there are options. Let’s take a look at what the code means, what signs you’ll see in your laundry loads and what to do about it. Once you understand the best approaches for dealing with Samsung washer UR code, you can address the problem more easily in the future and hopefully avoid it altogether.

What Is a UR Error Code?

A UR error for a Samsung washer means that you have a load that is unevenly distributed around the washer drum, also called the tub. The UR error specifically stands for “Unbalanced Load Retry,” which is when laundry bunches up on one side of the drum, causing it to rotate unevenly and throw the drum off of the correct axis of spin. This can lead to both short-term and long-term problems for the drum and the machine, so it will try to correct the issue using a number of steps. Specifically, the washer will:

  1. Refill the drum with water to try and loosen the clothes
  2. Agitate the clothes a bit to separate them
  3. Continue the cycle, usually by draining and spinning them

The problem arises when the machine doesn’t move on to the end of the cycle, but rather keeps spinning and refilling the drum, sometimes as many as five or six times per load. Alternatively, it may simply stop the load in the middle of washing, leaving your clothes soaking wet in the drum.

What Signs Usually Go Along with a UR Error Code?

Washer drum too loaded

There is always the possibility, of course, that it is the machine’s computer malfunctioning rather than the drum or another of its mechanical parts. To determine whether the UR error code is accurate, assess the signs. If the code properly reflects the problem, the machine will:

  • Fill the drum with water, wash and spin, fill, spin, fill, spin, et cetera
  • Never drain the clothes, resulting in dripping loads out of the drum
  • Keep spinning and spinning with no end to the spin cycle
  • Exhibit the problem even with very small loads that shouldn’t unbalance the drum during the spin cycle or cause the error code UR

If you see any or all of the above signs, there’s a good chance that little blinking light is accurately reflecting the UR error your appliance is experiencing, in which case you can move forward to fixes with confidence.

What Can You Do to Fix the Error Yourself?

It’s possible your error doesn’t require a mechanical fix, either by you or a technician. The first step is to try loading your machine correctly.

  1. Check the size and weight of the load: Although the UR error code can pop up even for small loads, it is more likely to manifest with larger ones. Make sure you don’t fill the washer more than three-quarters of the way full inside the drum.
  2. Distribute laundry evenly: If you stuff heavy clothes along one side and light along the other, bunch up laundry tightly or only put clothes in one side, you’re likelier to get an error. Spread it out.
  3. Match the wash cycle to the type of laundry load: If you pick the wrong setting – say, a delicate cycle for heavily soiled clothes – that can lead to bad performance inside the drum and possibly an error code UR. Always match up the settings and laundry correctly.
  4. Level the machine: Unbalanced loads may also come about because the washing machine is not level, causing the drum to tilt toward one side. Use a regular level (or a cell phone leveling app) to balance your appliances and insert furniture levelers underneath if necessary.
  5. Unplug the Samsung washing machine: If the problem is with the electronic controller or computer, this may help reset it. Leave the machine off for 10 minutes and then restart it. Run a load of laundry to see if the error resolves on its own.

If none of that works, your problem may be more serious and require technical help.

Other Causes of the Washer Error Code UR

More serious issues causing a washing machine error include:

  • Broken drive belts or suspension systems
  • A bad drain pump or tachometer
  • Worn bearings or brushes
  • Objects lodged somewhere in washing machines
  • A faulty computer

Most likely, you as a layperson are not equipped to handle such problems with washing machines and error codes. In that case, it’s time to get in touch with a washer expert. If you purchased your machine from a supplier and it is under warranty, it’s usually easiest to have their technicians come out and assess the problem, which they will usually do for free. If that doesn’t work, go straight to the top.

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What Should I Do If Nothing Works?

If the problem persists even after troubleshooting, recalibration or having a washing machine tech out to look at your appliances, then likely you need to contact the company itself for a solution. Before you do so, make sure you have the machine’s model code and serial number on hand. See instructions for finding those here.

At that point, you can contact Samsung through their website or by calling directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG. If you don’t live inside the United States, search for the correct number by Googling “Samsung support + [your country]” for the most accurate help for washing machines.

The good news is, these washers are well-constructed machines that should last for decades with proper care. That’s all the more reason to get on the problem quickly, so best of luck!