How to Fix Samsung Washer U6 Code

Samsung Washer U6 Code

Have you ever had a Samsung washer U6 code displayed? Maybe this code has even stopped your washer, or been accompanied by loud rattling noises. This is one of the more common Samsung washer error codes – but, fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest to address when noticed quickly.

Here’s everything you should know about the washer error and how to fix related washing machine problems.

What You Should Know About the Samsung Washing Machine “U6” Error Code

There isn’t one! Well, not exactly. Modern-day Samsung washers are very smart, and have a wide variety of codes they can flash indicating specific problems with washers. However, the display panels used on many washers are small, and the codes can be difficult to read at a glance.

Samsung washers do have a code called “Ub.” To many owners, this can look like a U6 error code, which has confused users rushing to the internet to look up a code that doesn’t technically exist anymore. If you see a “U6” code appear on your Samsung machine, it’s probably saying Ub instead.

Unfortunately, even with that correction, finding the meaning of a Ub code isn’t easy. Online support and washing machine manuals may not mention it, or may be too vague to be of any use. Let’s take a closer look!

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So, What Does the Ub Error Code Mean?

The Ub/U6 code rarely gets much of a description, although sometimes manuals may say it’s a water level sensor error. What’s usually going on is a load balance problem. In other words, the load of laundry inside the washing drum has become unbalanced, all packed up on one side rather than spread evenly throughout the drum.

When the drum spins, this uneven load acts a bit like a pendulum, constantly pulling and pushing at the drum, causing it to rock back and forth. At high speeds, this rocking can become violent and can cause the washer to shake, rumble, and bump around, even dislodging it entirely. 

Can This Error Damage My Washer?

Obviously, a washing machine shaking itself to bits isn’t a great outcome. Washers rocking from an unbalanced load can damage their drums, as well as damaging floors, walls, and other appliances around them. The good news is that Samsung washers typically come with failsafes when a Ub error is detected. They may shut down entirely to prevent any further damage, or possibly switch to a much lower spin speed to prevent any potential damage.

The problem is that your clothes still need to be cleaned and rinsed. Since bunched-up and uneven loads tend to happen most often during the speedy rinsing cycle, that spin cycle can get interrupted: The result are dripping wet clothes that aren’t exactly ready for the dryer, or clothes that haven’t finished the washing cycle at all.

How Can I Fix a U6 Error?

There are several ways to fix a UB/U6 error, and they don’t require any technical expertise! Here’s what to try:

  • Balance the laundry load manually: Shut everything down, open the washer, and rearrange the laundry by spreading it around the drum more evenly. If you are cleaning bulky items or sheets, they may have gotten tangled into a ball of concentrated weight in a section of the drum, and they’ll need to be untangled before you continue. Start the cleaning cycle over again.
  • If you have a small, concentrated load, like a bag of delicates, try loading several more items for cleaning and start over. This makes it easier for the drum to balance the weight evenly.
  • Try to clean clothes with similar fabrics. If certain fabrics are absorbing a lot more water than others, they are going to weigh much more and create Ub errors. One way to get around this is cleaning similar fabrics together and avoid mixing too much.
  • Load less laundry: Too much laundry at once can also cause balance problems. Check the appropriate maximum load size for the settings you are using, and don’t be afraid to split things into smaller loads if necessary. 

Is There a Way to Prevent Ub Error Codes in the Future?

Taking more care with how you load laundry and what laundry items you are washing in a load can prevent many Ub error codes. However, if it continues to be an issue you can’t fix, there are two possibilities to look into:

  • First, check the legs or supports that your Samsung washing machine is resting on. Sometimes a leg can become loose, unstable, or accidentally set at a lower level than the others. Just like a wobbly stool, this will cause serious balance problems and your washer may be bouncing around all the time. You can usually tighten or adjust legs by tilting the washer up and going to work with a wrench (often a two-person job). Additionally, always make sure that the washing machine is operating on a perfectly level surface.
  • If you think it’s time to upgrade your washing machine to a new model, look for a top-loading model. Top load washers tend to use agitators at the bottom of the drum that spin to turn clothes. This setup – and the distribution of weight that comes with – mean that load balancing problems are rarely an issue. They can also be easier to load if you have difficulty stooping down a lot to reach a front-loading washer, although everyone will have their preferences. 

When Nothing Else is Working

If you keep getting the Ub code and your washing machine is shutting down all the time because of it, the water level sensor may really be malfunctioning. There isn’t much you can do about that yourself, but we highly suggest finding a Samsung Repair Center in your area, or visiting the online support center for Samsung appliances to find out more information.