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How to Fix Samsung Washer SE Code

Samsung Washer SE Code

Samsung SE Error Code Meaning

The SE error code gets seen a lot by folks who own a Samsung washing machine, but that doesn’t mean the owner’s manual is always very clear about what the SE error code problem or cause may actually be, which doesn't help troubleshooting. It is simply a flag on the washer display that gets triggered when there’s some kind of an issue occurring when the machine begins draining its water. More frustrating, the error code isn’t always displayed when the trigger occurs. It could be a pump, a dirty filter or a hose blockage, or it means that the water is too full. However, the most common cause of the SE error tends to be a lack of regular maintenance of the washing machine and pump. Eventually some kind of obstacle gets in the drain path, and that starts to make a big mess, especially after a large wash.

Samsung Error Code SE Cause and Appliance Background

The control error code SE code occurs when the Samsung washing machine has finished its rinse cycle and then begins to drain the old water out. The machine, under normal circumstances, is supposed to fully exit all dirty soap water and prepare the cavity for fresh clean water for rinse and then spin to fully wring out the clothing inside. The error will occur when the appliance control system triggers a draining but nothing happens in the drum, the pump is failing, or the water draining is impeded more than normal. The control signal will be launched when the machine tries to add new, clean water and finds the water level still filled. The control board responds accordingly and shuts the clogged machine off to prevent physical flooding of the laundry room due to no draining.

The typical physical reasons for an SE error fault on a Samsung washing machine tend to include:

  • The drain filter is clogged up with residue that needs to be cleaned out. The mass gets so bad it won’t let water flow through until clean.
  • The drain hose itself is kinked, reducing flow, or blocked entirely by a foreign object. This happens with how the machine is placed in a laundry room or some mass gets loose from the filter but gets stuck in the junction between the filter and the hose.
  • The water pump that moves the drain water out via the drain pipe has failed or is operating incorrectly and not pumping at all.

The kinds of materials that can contribute to a Samsung washer filter or clogged hose blockage fault tends to be just about anything that ends up in clothes pockets or folds and doesn’t belong in the washer. Keys, hair, paper, coins, plastic toys, food, stone and similar can all contribute to clogged problems in Samsung washing machines, drain filter blockage and hose pipe issues.

Code Notices and Displays

Again, the standard error code for a drain fault tends to be an SE error, but some washing machines will display a 5E error code instead. They essentially mean the same problem is occurring inside the Samsung washer. However, some folks transpose the number and letter and assume the washing machine E5 error code is the same; instead, that code identifies a heating element problem occurring with the hot water system components which is very different from the 5E error source.

Washing Machine Response Steps

Start with the Samsung washer garbage filter when reacting to an SE or 5E error code. This is located in the lower part of the washing machine on the right corner side. The filter should be entirely cleaned out, faucet washed to get the smaller bits out, and then reinstalled. Then, check to see if the SE error code remains, gets triggered again or the machine begins to operate without issue.

The next step if the above does not work is to clear the Samsung washer drain hose. This has to be disconnected from the wall connection and the machine to properly clear it. Remember, there is still water in the washing machine most likely and no sink nearby. First, remove the wet laundry load from the carriage drum. Next, when disconnecting the hose pipe, make sure there is a bucket nearby to catch the drainage if it pours out of the drain hose. Once clear, free the drain hose and run it through with water in a utility sink until the inside is clear and the water isn’t being impeded from one end to the other. Re-connect the drain hose pipe to the washing machine and start the drainage again. Make sure the drain hose is attached on both ends after emptying in a sink. If it works when you check the drain process, the drain hose was the problem and is now clean. If not, the problem is elsewhere in the washing machine. Note you may need to replace an old hose as a fix.

The next issue will be the Samsung water drain pump. If you check the drain only, this won't identify the error source. It gives of a distinct motor sound when working. If you operate the drainage cycle and the drain pump doesn’t turn on, that then is the source of the problem. Unfortunately, repairing the drain pump takes a trained mechanic to remove the drain pump, check it for a malfunction, and reinstall or replace it. This is the point when to get qualified help for your Samsung washer error instead of trying to replace the drain pump yourself.

Other blockages signaled by error codes beyond the drain hose may have nothing to do with the Samsung washer at all. However, because the drain and drainage hose go into the sewer, they can malfunction in the Samsung washer if the drain water can’t go anywhere. A sewer line plugup would be the error cause in this situation, and a plumber would be needed to clean the line so the Samsung washer can drain properly again. This can happen a lot with washers and sewer lines that point to septic tanks and leech fields, particularly old ones.

You've experienced a different Samsung washer error code, and looking for a help? Check out our guides:

Know When to Call For Help 

In most case the SE or 5E error code can be fixed, but folks need to be willing to recognize when the repair needs expert help to fix the problem in their washers. Without experience and training, trying to clean the problem through a drain pump repair will likely make the issue a lot worse and could end up require a replacement of the washer as a whole. Follow the above steps for SE error codes in washers and, if it gets to the Samsung washer drain pump, call for repair help on appliances. Don't take on the pump yourself.
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