How to Fix Samsung Washer SC/5C Code

Samsung Washer SC/5C Code

How to Fix Your Samsung Washer SC Code

When you see an SC error code on your Samsung washing machine's control panel, there's something every important you need to know:

Caption: Error codes appear on your Samsung washer's control panel.

There isn't really a Samsung washer SC code. There is, however, a 5C error code that looks like "SC" unless you look very closely. But the important thing to know is that something is blocking your Samsung washing machine's drainage hose so that it can't release water to start a rinse or spin cycle.

What will you notice when you see the 5C/SC error code on your Samsung washer's display panel?

When the 5C error code is flashing on your Samsung washer, usually one of three things is going on.

  • Your Samsung washer's drum is empty because it is displaying the 5C error code anyway.
  • Your washing machine has stopped in mid-wash and water is standing in the drum.
  • Your washing machine can drain water after the wash and rinse cycles, but it drains slowly, or it doesn't drain completely.

What causes the 5C/SC error code on your Samsung washer's display panel?

A 5C/SC error code display when your Samsung washer's drum is empty, but the code is displaying anyway is an easy fix. Just turn off your washer for 10 to 15 minutes to let the control panel reset itself, and then turn it back on and run a wash cycle without detergent or clothes.

In the second and the third situations, the problem isn't inside the washing machine itself. Your drain filter is blocked, or the pipe leading to your sewer or gray water system is blocked. One way to see whether this is the problem is to get a bucket or tub large enough to hold all the water that comes out of the drum of your Samsung water, unhook the end of the drainage hose that isn't attached to your washing machine, and let your Samsung washer start draining.

If the bucket or tub you have on the floor to catch the drainage water begins to fill up, then the problem isn't with your washer. It's a clog in a pipe or your sewer connection. Beware of sewage backups. You don't want sewage welling up through the connection to your washer and into your house.

If the clog isn't in external pipes or the control panel, then what do you do?

You've experienced a different Samsung washer error code, and looking for a help? Check out our guides:

Check the drain filter

If your Samsung washer's pump runs but water doesn't come out of the washer drum, you'll need to check the drain filter. There's a little door on the lower right of the front face of your Samsung washing machine. Open it. Unscrew the plug to the pump filter by turning it counterclockwise.

We've borrowed an illustration from all-errors.com:

Check the drain pump filter

If your pump filter is clogged, the problem won't be something small like coins or buttons. It will be something large and capable of blocking the entire drain, like a child's sock. Sometimes bits and pieces of old fabric that fell apart when you washed it or a lot of lint (you can accumulate lint in your washer, too) is the problem. Remove the clog, and replace the plug by inserting it and turning it clockwise until it is tight, but you haven't stripped its threads.

In winter, make sure the drainage line isn't frozen

If you're having a drainage problem after a cold spell in the winter, make sure the drainage hose attached to your washer isn't frozen. Long drainage hoses are more susceptible to freezing than short hoses. About 12 feet (4 meters) is the longest hose that should be attached to a Samsung washer. Any drainage hose should be smoothly rolled out. It's OK to have turns and coils, but kinks can block the drainage of water.

Make sure your drainage hose is installed properly

Make sure your drainage hose is installed according to the instructions in your Samsung owner's manual. While you have it detached from your washer, make sure there's nothing inside that can't be removed by air or water.

Check your pump for trapped debris.

Tiny items can get stuck in your pump. You'll hear them. As your pump operates, you'll hear nails, screws, hair clips, dental retainers, or coins bouncing around inside the pump as it tries to drain water from your washing machine. If your pump is clogged with softer items like rubber bands, you will hear a low hum that keeps the pump from turning.

And if you have moved your washer recently, check for loose wires

The wires from the drain pump to control module can come disconnected when you move your washer from one location to another in your home, or when it has to be taken to the shop. Reconnect the wires, and your problem is solved.

Certain problems require an expert. Sometimes your pump will make spinning noises, but it won't pump water. This usually means that the rotor is running, but it isn't moving the impeller, so the pump will have to be replaced. Or there can be a failure of the control module. Look for easy fixes, but know that your Samsung authorized repair person can be your lowest-cost alternative for complicated repairs.

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