How to Fix Samsung Washer DE Code

Samsung Washer DE Code

Samsung washing machines are in many homes around the world. They have advanced features, and they can make laundry a snap. They also can have malfunctions and problems. When it comes to Samsung washers, one of the most prolific error codes is the DE code. This code will be covered in-depth so you can understand its causes and their resolutions.

The Meaning of the DE Code

Modern Samsung washing machines have self-diagnosing tools, and those tools will throw error codes when they identify a problem. The DE code has a specific meaning. When you see that code, the sensor on the machine has determined that the door is not fully latched. Sometimes, that means that the door is partially open. Sometimes it means that the lock was unsuccessful.

There are a number of issues that can cause this error to occur, but in most cases, you will see this error appear before the drain cycle runs. That means that the washer remains full of water, and that makes troubleshooting difficult. Provided this error code is the only issue, you can reset the cycle and the washer will drain. Just be sure to stop the cycle before it refills with water.

What Causes the DE Code?

Ultimately, there are a number of components that can face issues and throw the DE code. The most common causes and their solutions are covered below.

Obstructed Door

The most common reason people see this code is that the door is in fact not latched. That can happen when objects obstruct the door. Clothes can get caught and prevent the door from closing. They can also inhibit the hinges.

Lint and other objects can also build up and create obstructions that prevent the door from closing. The best way to address this simplest of issues is to drain and empty the machine. Try closing the door while the machine is empty and see if it latches. If it doesn’t, check for obstructions around the latch and in the hinges. If you can’t find obstructions anywhere, check for obstructions around the lock itself.

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Drain Hose Issues

A couple of things can go wrong with the drain hose and cause this error code to trip. If the hose is clogged or not fitted correctly, the water can’t drain properly. The presence of water when it is supposed to drain creates pressure with the door and lock, and it can trigger the error code. This can happen even if the door seems adequately closed and locked.

There are two things you can do to resolve drain hose issues. The first is to check for clogs or obstructions. You can remove the drain hose (make sure the washer is dry first) and inspect it for clogs. If you are unsure, a snake or router can clear the hose.

You can also refit the hose to ensure that it fits the drain properly. After checking for clogs, reattach the hose according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With a good fit and a clear hose, the draining issue should be resolved.

Magnet Latch Failure

The washer uses a magnet to hold the door in alignment before the locking mechanism fires. Sometimes, the magnet can become dislodged or misaligned, and it won’t hold the door properly. This can prevent the lock from being able to engage. In cases where the magnet is only slightly off, the code might appear intermittently.

The magnet can be adjusted. Remove the magnet from its housing. When it is free, test that it still has a strong pull with a screwdriver or other magnetically attracted object. If the pull feels weak, the magnet will need to be replaced. If the pull feels sufficient, reattach the magnet.

To ensure proper alignment, pay attention to where the door touches the magnetic region. Readjust as necessary to create good alignment between the door and the magnet.

Failed Electronics

The code is thrown as a result of electronics, and there are a few components at play. The sensor is a simple switch that exists in the locking mechanism. When the lock is fully extended, it throws the switch and the machine recognizes that the door is locked. When that switch isn’t thrown, you get the error code. If the switch itself is faulty, you can get a false signal throwing the code. The only resolution is to replace the switch, which can be done by any Samsung-certified repair technician.

Another problem can be with the circuit board. For the sake of brevity, the circuit board can be considered a single item. If something is wrong with the board, you will get bad codes. This is another repair best handled by certified technicians.

Lastly, the electrical signal can have problems. In almost every case, this will be a problem with resistance in the circuit. A technician can test resistances to find this problem and replace the failing components.