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How to Fix Samsung Washer D5 Error Code

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code D5

Samsung washing machines are equipped with software that will give appliance owners information on power or control faults that the washer is experiencing. Older Samsung models may have displayed blinking lights for possible causes of occurrence. But, newer models can give the user more in-depth troubleshooting information in the form of an error code.

If your Samsung front load washer is showing signs that the door will not lock (which is necessary before the washer will enter into the washing process), then it will likely display a D5 error code. There is built-in software to determine if the washer door is properly locked. There is also an electromechanical interlock to make sure the door cannot be opened when the machine is running.

Once you shut the door on your Samsung washer, before water is allowed to enter the drum and before any rotating action is allowed, the system must know that the spring-loaded mechanism in the door has properly latched and locked in place to prevent accidental opening.

What is Samsung washer D5 error code?

For Samsung washers without a screen display, a 5D may display as constant illumination of the temperature light or a constant flashing of all the mode indicators. Either way, a D5 error code means the washer’s door may be closed - but it can’t be physically locked. This is a problem because the appliance will not go any further into the washing cycle until the door is securely closed and the door latch is locked in place.

You may get a D5 error after washing a load, and the washing machine door will not open. Or more typically, the machine will display a D5 error after loading the washer and closing the door. The door may be closed - but a D5 error means it is not properly locked to prevent opening during a cycle.

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How do I fix D5 error on Samsung washing machine?

There could be a number of ways to fix a D5 error code on your Samsung washing machine. It depends on what is keeping the washing machine door from closing completely or latching into the locked position. Some fixes are simple, while other times a D5 error indicates a fault will require a technician to diagnose and repair.

A barrier preventing the door from closing

Your first inspection should be the latching mechanism on the side of the front door or hatch. Make sure there is nothing jammed into the latch that could prevent the mechanism from fully engaging into the locked position. Sometimes it is simply a piece of laundry that is preventing the interlock from engaging and causing the sensors to report an open door.

More Advanced Fixes for the Samsung Washer SE Code

D5 error code at beginning of wash cycle

If the washing machine door has latched, but you still get a D5 error code, it could be a broken display module, a bad computer chip, or a faulty control board that has total control over all processes of the machine. A faulty circuit could be indicating that the door is not latched when in reality, it is. Control boards and display modules can be repaired except when the module is defective or burnt out. In these cases, the electronic boards would need to be replaced.

The control and display modules in your Samsung washing machine are responsible for the timing and execution of all the functions your washer must progress through. Everything depends on the receipt of instructions from the control module. This includes verification that the door is properly latched and locked, to filling the machine up with the appropriate amount of water, up until the final spin and the automatic unlatching of the washer door.

If the electronic module is broken, then different mechanical processes will not be told to switch on or off or indicate that the door is open or closed.

Mechanical damage to the lock

If undue physical pressure has been placed on the hatch or the locking mechanism, it could cause mechanical damage to the washing machine door hook or the lock itself. You can tell if this is the problem if the door does not lock into place as it normally would. If this is the case, you would need to have the door hook or the door lock repaired or replaced.  

If the door to your front loading washing machine won't close all the way or the interlock doesn't seem to engage or latch, then the washer will not operate.

When you find that your washer won’t open, that is another possible sign that lock is broken. Avoid slamming the machine door closed or trying to open the door without disengaging the locking mechanism. This will help prevent physical damage to the door handle and locking mechanisms.

How do I reset my Samsung washing machine error code?

Often, electronic systems that must interact with mechanical components may require a reset - especially after the initial problem has been solved. It is also possible that a Samsung washer D5 error code can be cleared, which would fix the problem of the door not communicating to the control module that it is in fact closed.

To reset your washing machine, unplug the unit from the wall's electrical power. Or, you can turn off the power to the washing machine from your circuit breaker panel. Wait a few minutes for all processes to power down and all error codes in the computer's memory to clear. This can take up to 5 minutes sometimes. Afterward, power the unit back up and see if the door closes and locks properly.

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