How to Fix Samsung Washer Code 4C

Samsung washer code 4C

Folks who choose to have top-loading washing machines in their home will become very familiar quickly with error codes. These program messages or signals tell the user when something wrong happens with their Samsung washing machine or attention is needed. Sometimes the issue appears to be slight to correct, as in simply making sure the appliance door is closed before starting the washer. Other times it can be caused by a safety feature from the control board telling the user there is a serious malfunction in the washing machine that needs to be repaired before using again.

The Samsung washer code 4C specifies a problem with the washing machine’s water supply via the tap, but it can be a filter too. Online search results are not always clear via website system solutions and an easy fix.

Technical Background for the 4C Error Code in Samsung Washing Machines & Appliances

The 4E or 4C error display signal appears and identifies that the machine is clogging, not getting sufficient water supply to perform its wash or rinse functions correctly. The causes can vary from a blocked or kinked connected hose to a signal problem starting the water pressure draw. Or it could be that there is already water in the machine, and it stops to prevent an overflow. It can even be a contact error in the sensor.

The physical symptoms will most commonly include no water pour or pressure into the machine drum or any visible filling of water if visible through a glass door feature. Interestingly, the 4E or 4C error doesn’t just happen when the machine starts. The error can happen midway in the wash cycle when the water is being added again for the rinse phase. This can be a bit of a pain when all the clothes are soaked in soapy water but no fresh water is pouring in to wash it out.

The common causes of the 4C error include:

  • The supply hose hot water line might be working but the cold water line is shut off or blocked.
  • The water inlet valve has a blockage of some sort versus the drain hose.
  • The washing machine water connections are not installed or the water supply in the home is shut off, i.e. no water pressure.
  • The detergent container is misplaced or out of whack with reference to the fill hose.

Solving the Problem Errors Yourself

Make Sure Your Water is Working

The first and easiest solution to try before a service call is to make sure the water supply lines to the washing machine are on and working. Check to see that the hoses are connected and the water supply valves are turned to the open position for flow. Check the water actually works in the house as well. Sometimes the obvious fix is the easiest error solution.

Test the Hoses

Second, check the hot and cold water hose feed lines to the washing machine. Confirm the water supply hose lines are not pinched, blocked, bent sharply or cut and leaking. They should hang free. To confirm steps one and two fully, you may need to disconnect the water hose feeds from the machine and put the ends in a bucket, let the cold water go and see if the water is coming out properly with pressure. Then reconnect the hoses securely. Push the washing machine back in place making sure the water tap hoses are not pinched doing so. Check that the feed hose appears clear.

Clean the Hose Filters

Third, check the water tap hose mesh filter in the water hose themselves, which can cause an error code. A mesh filter will clean the water going into the washer. You will need to disconnect the hoses again after cutting off the water supply pressure. Sometimes this mesh gets clogged or mucked up with grit in the feed. It’s uncommon, but it does happen, especially in municipalities that get their water source from ground aquifers. Sand is a common problem caught up in water pressure. These appliance filters should be cleaned out twice a year. Reconnect the hoses again, turn on the water flow pressure, and try to run the machine again. You will hear the pouring occur if it works.

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Look at the Internal Water Level

Fourth, confirm the system water level does drain after a spin and will appear to empty out. If the water level is high, it will block an additional feed and cause an error. Open the lid to visibly see. Don't just rely on sound you hear.

Get Expert Help

Fifth, if there is still no water feed, something inside the appliance is blocking the water entry and causing the shutdown. At this point in 4C error codes troubleshooting it may be time to call in experienced and trained appliances repair service help who can open and take apart the Samsung washing machine to get to the root of the malfunction. They may need to check the sensor contact to confirm an electrical fault sent to the display. Don’t try to do this yourself if you are not fully vetted in Samsung appliance repair service, particularly their washing machines. It will just turn into a big mess, cost more to repair, or you may have to buy a whole new washing machine altogether.

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