How to Fix Samsung Washer 8E Code

Samsung Washer 8E Code

Your perfectly optimized content goes here!The Samsung washer 8E Error code will appear on the display under certain circumstances. Compared to other similar codes it should be fairly unusual. More often than not, when such a device displays the 8E Error, water will have filled the drum to the indicated fill level and the washer will suddenly come to a stop. It may also display the 8E Error code following a rinse cycle when the wash seems to be going well.

The same and similar errors can be indicated when the display reads 8C, 4C, and 3C when these codes are accompanied by a number 1, 2, 3, or 4. On models that lack a display screen, temperature indicators may read BIO 40ºC or BIO 60ºC and when the mode indicators are flashing at the same time. This has the same meaning as the 8E Error.

Causes of the Samsung Washing Machine 8E Error

The 8E Error is a general warning indication that something minor to moderately serious has gone wrong with the washer. If you see the 8E Error displayed, it will almost always indicate one of the following conditions:

  • Imbalanced drum triggered by an over-sized load, or an undersized load
  • An object may have become stuck in the space between the drum and the tank
  • A failure of the control module has occurred
  • The vibration sensor or the tumbler may have become broken or malfunctioned
  • The drive belt may be torn or stretched
  • Electric brushes are worn or damaged
  • A breakdown in the motor winding has occurred, causing a severe drain on power output

How to Remedy the 8E Error

As usual, the first thing to do is to power down the unit, turning it off, unplugging it. Leave it unplugged for at least five minutes. Then plug the unit back in, activate it, and attempt to run a normal wash cycle. 

To rule out the possibility of the drum being improperly loaded, remove your laundry and insert a small, well-balanced load. Keep in mind that you’re running a diagnostic and not strictly doing laundry anymore, so balancing the load is the most important thing. If the machine repeats the error code after this, further examination is needed.

Our next step is to remove the drive belt from the drum pulley. Once it is off, try spinning the drum with your hands, you should have the power disconnected before trying this. If the drum rotates as it should, and no strange sounds are heard, then perform the following inspections:

  • Inspect the tachometer
  • Inspect the rotation of the shaft
  • Check the brake wires and contacts for corrosion and oxidation
  • Inspect the engine brushes

You will need a multimeter to check the tachometer. If the component fails, it will need to be replaced. Remove the rear panel of the washer, remove the drive belt so that it does not impede additional repairs. Then you will need to remove the motor wiring and the element. After that, you can purchase and install a new tachometer.

In order to replace the brushes, unscrew the bolts on the sides of the washer and remove the graphite rods. Then inspect the brushes. Keep in mind that if just one brush is defective, you will have to replace the entire set of brushes. Then you will need to clean the magnetic inner ring thoroughly. 

Overall, your goal is to inspect anything related to the rotation of the motor. If you are able to inspect all components involved in the movement of the motor, then chances are high that you have a problem with the primary module. If this is the case, you will need to call a professional repairman. 

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A Common/Easy Fix for the Samsung Washer 8E Error Code

Many users have encountered problems related to the Samsung washing machine error and fixed it using a replacement “mems sensor.” A mems sensor is a very useful thing to have in today’s heavily computer-integrated world. It is a device that contains some basic sensing elements that detect physical quantities like humidity or heat and convert them into an electric signal. In many computer-controlled appliances, a mems sensor is necessary for normal function.

On Samsung washing machines the mems sensor is necessary for normal operation, and it is easy to replace. Most appliance parts stores will carry this part and ship it out to you quickly. Because a washing machine deals in temperatures, water, and humidity, a faulty mems sensor will cause it to fail. If you hope to avoid calling in the professionals, this might be a good last-ditch way to do so. 

In case, you can't fix the error by yourself, be sure to check Samsung Repair Center in your area for a professional support.