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How to Fix Samsung Washer 3E Code

samsung Washer 3E Code

How to Fix Samsung Washer 3E Error

If you have a Samsung washing machine, you understand just how efficient this can be. At the same time, even the best washing machines could have issues from time to time. In some situations, you may be noticing a Samsung Washer 3E error code. If you are seeing a 3E error code showing up on your Samsung washing machine, what might the problem be? What should you do to fix a? There are several important points to keep in mind. 

What Is 3E Error on Samsung Washing Machine?

If you are someone who tends to put light loads in your washing machine, it is possible you may be noticing a 3E fault. This is a sign that something could be stuck in the washing machine drum. In some situations, it could cause the belt to stick as well. Usually, this happens if you end up putting small objects in your washing machine. The small objects could get loose, exiting the drum of the washing machine. Then, they could get stuck between the tank and the drum. Because the engine does not have enough power to overcome this jam, an error code will appear. This is a sign that you may need to take a closer look at the washing machine. error code.

How Do I Fix a 3E Error on My Washer?

If you are wondering how to fix this 3e Samsung error code on your washer, there are several steps you should take. These include:

Error Code 3E: Unplug the Samsung Washer

First, you need to unplug the washing machine. Sometimes, there is simply an electronic glitch that could develop due to connection problems. Unplug the washing machine and leave it unplugged for approximately two to three minutes. That there is a communication issue, an electronic glitch, or something wrong with the control panel, it is possible to reset all of the electronic systems and flush the air out. Try to leave it unplugged that long for the capacitors to discharge. That way, you know that you have completely reset the control boards with an error code 3e.

Remove All Items from the Samsung Washer

After you have unplugged the washing machine, remove all items from the drum. If there is anything present in the washing machine, you need to take it out. It is possible that one of these items could be leading to the error code. If you can remove them, you may be able to clear any jam that could be present. If there is something small that has exited the washing machine drum, you may not be able to see it; however, you should still remove everything else from the washing machine. 

Check the Hall Sensor with a 3E Code

If you are still seeing the error code, you should take a look at the hall sensor. This is located on the back of the washing machine. It monitors the direction and speed of the washing machine drum. It is possible that the sensor could be out of range. Or, it could have a faulty wiring connection. Even though you may not exactly know what you were looking at, you should be able to tell if it is obviously degraded or busted over. If you take a look at the manual, you may be able to test the quality of the hall sensor. If you do that, you may be able to figure out if the sensor needs to be replaced. 

Check the Wire Connections with a 3E Code

Finally, you may want to take a look at the wire connections as well. This error code tends to show up if there are connection problems. Take a closer look at the wire harness located on the motor. You may need to remove the back access panel to take a look at the connections for the motor. If you noticed that the connections have melted or become burnt, this is a serious problem. Sometimes, they get worn out due to stress or friction. You may want to take a look at the connections on the control board as well. Make sure the connections are tight. If the wires are pinched, this could be a problem. 

Causes of the FL Error Code in a Samsung Washing Machine

The source of the electronic Samsung washing machine error code can be varied. Some are electrical based on the sensor design, and some are mechanical in washing machines. In some cases there was an assembly mistake and the hatch actuator, the hook that fits in the lock, doesn’t involve the right part. The difference can be slight, but it’s enough to cause a problem with the locking trigger and sensors. Check for this. The use of the wrong actuator ends up damaging the lock, making the problem worse over time. Banging and hanging on the door, as little kids like to do, can also cause the actuator to hit the latch wrong, especially with side-loading doors. A physical part replacement is usually the fix in these cases.

You've experienced a different Samsung washer error code, and looking for a help? Check out our guides:

Contact a Trained Professional for a Repair 

If you have carried out all of these tasks and you are still noticing problems with your Samsung washer, then it may be time to reach out to a trained professional. A 3E error code for a Samsung washing machine can be difficult to fix. Even though it is possible that you may be able to correct your Samsung washing machine by simply resetting it or removing any items that could have gotten stuck, it is also possible this error code could persist.

In the end, there could be a jam due to an object that has left the washing machine drum itself. If that is the case, you may need to take the washing machine apart to fix it. Even though you may think you can do this yourself, it is probably safer to reach out to a trained professional who can do this for you. If you reach out to a contractor service, they will be able to take a close look at your washing machine and fix it properly. 

If you have an error code on your Samsung washing machine, this is not something that you want to ignore. First, your washing machine may not even boot up. On the other hand, if you do decide to run your washing machine with an error code present, it is possible that you may do more harm than good. Don't let this happen to your washing machine. Make sure that any problems are diagnosed as soon as possible. That way, you can prevent further damage from taking place.
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