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How to Fix Samsung Dryer HE Code

Samsung Dryer HE Code

Are you experiencing a Samsung Dryer HE Code? If so, you might be wondering how you can fix it. What is wrong with your dryer? What is causing it to show this HE code? There are a few important points you should keep in mind. 

What Does an HE Error Code Mean?

HE stands for heating error. This means that something is wrong with the heat supply in your Samsung dryer. This could be a gas issue or an electrical issue.

samsung dryer

In order for your dryer to work properly, it has to have a steady heat supply. If there is something wrong with the heat supply, it is not going to be able to dry your clothes properly. 

Samsung Dryer Error with the Heating Element: Gas Supply

In some cases, this error code could indicate that there is something wrong with the gas supply. Therefore, you should take a closer look at the dryer gas supply cut-off valve. Make sure it is completely open.

You may also want to unplug your machine from a power supply. Then, take a look at the loose connection. You may notice broken wires or issues with the gas valve coils. 

Steps To Take with a Gas Dryer

If you have a gas Samsung dryer, then there are a few steps you should take. These include:

  • Start by unplugging or disconnecting your dryer from its power source 
  • Then, take a close look at the gas apply cut off valve 
  • Take a closer look at the wires throughout your dryer 
  • If you notice any loose wire connections, you will need to reconnect them to the gas valve coils 

After you have finished the steps, reconnect the dryer to the power source. Then, turn it back on. If it does not boot up again, you will need to call a professional for help. 

Call a Professional

If at any point you feel uncomfortable performing these steps, you should stop. That way, you place your safety first. Then, reach out to a professional who can come and take a closer look at your Samsung dryer. That way, you can solve this error code HE.

Electric Dryer Error Code HE

If you have an electric dryer with an error HE, this could indicate that something is wrong with the power supply.

If you are noticing that something is wrong with your power supply, you should take a look at the circuit breaker. Make sure it has not been tripped. 

If your dryer does not have its volt power supply turned on, it will not work properly. 

Steps To Take with an Electric Dryer with Error Code HE

If you have an electric dryer, you should take these steps:

  • Start by disconnecting your dryer from its power supply. You may need to unplug it from the wall socket. 
  • Take a look at the wire connection between your appliance and the heating element.
  • If you notice there are any loose wire connections, reconnect them. 
  • Look for any signs of obvious damage to your heating supply. 

If you notice any damaged parts, you will have to replace them. There may be some situations where you need to call a professional

A Thermistor Issue

There might also be an issue with your thermistor. This will display as an HE error code. You will need to unplug the dryer from a its power source. Then, you will have to remove the thermistor itself.

You may have to use an ohmmeter to check the quality of your thermistor. It should read approximately 10,000 ohms. If you do not get this reading, you may need to replace it.

Replace a Faulty Thermistor 

The thermistor is responsible for taking temperature readings of your dryer. If your thermos or is not sensing the temperature properly, your dryer will not know how hot it is. Therefore, it will stop beating your laundry.

In order for your dryer to operate at optimal efficiency, you have to have a working thermistor. 

The steps include:

  • Start by switching off the power supply. 
  • Then, remove the dryer service panel. 
  • You will have to remove the lint duct assembly after this. You will need to remove the screws that hold the link duct housing intact. 
  • Finally, you should detach your dryer thermistor. 

After you have removed these parts, you should be able to install your new thermistor. Make sure it is working properly. You may need to reach out to a professional for help 

Put the Dryer Back Together

After this, you'll have to put your dryer back together. You should install your new thermistor, replace the lint duct assembly system, and reinstall the service panel. After this, you should boot your dryer up again. It should be working properly if you solved the issue. 

A Clogged Lint Screen or Vent System

Finally, there might also be an issue with your lint screen or vent system. This is responsible for keeping your dryer cool. If there are issues with your vent system or lint screen, you may notice an HE error code. 

Clean or Replace the Lint Screen and Vent System

In order to solve this issue, you have to remove or replace the lens screen and vent system. Remember that you should clean your lint screen and vent system from time to time. Eventually, these systems may become so clogged they have to be replaced. 

Once you replace or clean the lint screen and vent system, the HE error code should be fixed.
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