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How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

If you own a newer model Samsung dishwasher, then you will appreciate how easy the company has made troubleshooting and resetting when a problem occurs. Simply look at your dishwasher's display panel to discover the two-letter code that describes what is preventing the dishwasher from starting or completing the wash cycle.

If your Samsung dishwasher model does not display codes, then you can what's going on by the way the panel lights are blinking or flashing. In the case of an error code OE, the Heavy cycle light and Auto lights will blink.

What is Error Code OE?

If your dishwasher stops, and you see error code OE, that indicates an Overflow Error. This means the dishwasher's draining system is blocked. This type of error code is an important feature on modern dishwashers because they cause the machine to stop operating anytime the water is not properly draining from the unit. The alternative to error code OE is a water overflow and a flooded kitchen.

You can clear this code by resolving the blockage or cleaning the Fine Filter System as described below. But first, here are some reasons why dishwashers experience a clogged drainage system.

  • The dishwasher filter system is clogged with pieces of food or other items.
  • The knockout plug is not removed after a new garbage disposal is installed.
  • A clogged pipe somewhere in the home downstream of the dishwasher.
  • The drain hose connecting the kitchen sink and dishwasher is clogged.
  • A problem with the home's sewer lines which can affect all drain pipes.

How to Clear Samsung Dishwasher Error Code OE

To clear the Samsung dishwasher error code OE, you will have to clear the clog. Usually, it is the fine mesh filter that catches food and other debris before it enters the piping system that is clogged. Make sure you allow the machine ample time to cool down before troubleshooting. Here are the steps needed to clean the machine's fine filter:

  • First, you will need to locate the machine's filter assembly. It is typically located at the bottom, center of the dishwasher cavity where water drains from the machine.
  • Unlatch the filter compartment door by rotating the filter handle counterclockwise.
  • After you remove the filter door, remove the flat mesh filter that is beneath.
  • Rinse the filter and use a soft toothbrush to remove embedded dirt, debris, and food from the micro filter.
  • While the filter is out, inspect the lower portion of the drain system to clear any food and to wipe away any grease or dirt buildup.
  • Put the filter back into the compartment, reattach the filter door, and rotate clockwise to lock it in place.

Even if you are not receiving an error code OE, you should clean the fine filter system on a regular basis, depending on how much food your family tends to leave on dishes before loading the dishwasher.

Restart the dishwasher to continue your load. If this process does not clear the error code OE, then the blockage may be elsewhere in your plumbing between the garbage disposal, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and final drain pipes.

You should consult with a professional Samsung dishwasher mechanic or a plumber to locate and clear any clogs in your piping system.

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How to Prevent Error Code OE

In addition to regular cleaning of your dishwasher and its fine filter system, you can prevent your dishwasher drain from clogging by clearing plates of food before loading them into the dishwasher.

And, even though using a warm water wash cycle saves energy, you should also run a hot water cycle occasionally to remove mineral build-up.

To keep your dishwasher smelling fresh and bacteria-free, simply pour a cup of white vinegar or a cup of baking soda into the bottom of the dishwasher. Allow the vinegar or baking soda to sit overnight, then run the empty dishwasher the next morning. Do this anytime your dishwasher starts to smell, or you notice a buildup of grime at the bottom of the bowl.
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