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How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC

samsung dishwasher error code LC

You spent a lot of money on your dishwasher, so seeing an error code could be your worst nightmare. It is an indication that the appliance is not working properly, and you may see a Samsung LC error code show up on your dishwasher.

There are different codes for different issues. Therefore, you have to figure out what the LC error code means. Why is this present?

What Does an Error Code LC Mean?

If you notice this LC code flashing on your dishwasher, indicates that there is a specific leak sensor that is detecting water or moisture leaving the dishwasher. 

Of course, there is a chance this code could be showing up inadvertently. To address this issue, you should unplug your dishwasher, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in.

If you do this on the coat is still present, it could mean that there is something seriously wrong with the dishwasher.

Why Is the LC Error Code Present?

There are several reasons why the error code might be present. For example, the bottom pan May simply be damned. Therefore, it is full in your dishwasher, making it believe there's a water leak when there is not.

In this case, you should remove the bottom pan, dry it, and replace it. If this gets rid of the error code, you should be good to go.

If the area code is still present, you need to take a closer look. 

You've experienced a different Samsung washer error code, and looking for a help? Check out our guides:

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How Do You Fix an LC Code?

If you are noticing an LC code, the most important thing you have to do is make sure there is not a leak coming from your dishwasher. Therefore, you should pull your dishwasher away from the countertop. There is a metal panel on the right side that you have to remove. 

After this, take a closer look at the drain pump. See if there is a leak. If there is water around the drain pump, there was probably a water leak coming from your dishwasher. 

In this case, you should reach out to a professional who can help you fix the leak. You may have to replace the dishwasher.

Other Causes of This Samsung Error Code

There are a few other potential reasons why this Samsung LC error code might be showing up. A few questions you may want to ask yourself include: 

Did you recently install the dishwasher? 

If you recently moved or installed your Samsung dishwasher, there is a chance they could be water or moisture covering the leak sensor. You need to let the leak sensor dry and then see if the code clears. 

Did you fill the dishwasher with too much detergent? 

If you added too much detergent to your Samsung dishwasher, the machine may be detecting excess detergent as a moisture leak, causing the error code to appear. Filling the dishwasher with detergent too much before the wash cycle can lead to sensor issues with Samsung dishwashers.

Is your garbage disposal connected to the dishwasher? 

If you have connected your garbage disposal to the Samsung dishwasher, this incorrectly causes the LC error code to appear. You should see if this is the problem. 

You May Need To Call a Professional for Help

If you are still seeing the error code for water leakage, and you cannot clear the LC error or LE error, you may need to reach out to a professional who can help you. That way, you can figure out if you have to replace a part, repair the damage, or get a new Samsung dishwasher.

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