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6 Quick Upgrades That Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

All the renovation television shows today make reconfiguring and redesigning rooms look simple. Knockdown a wall here and move to plumb over there, and voilà.  However, those who have undertaken a home renovation know that some projects are not for the faint of heart.  There are several considerations when deciding to make the bathroom upgrades.  Each project can take days or even months, depending upon what’s required.

Do you have enough spare time?  There is also the matter of budget that homeowners must factor in.  Do you have enough money in your renovation budget to complete everything?  Unfortunately, most people don’t have either the time or the money to transform their bathroom completely.  Luckily, there are few quick and cost-effective changes you can make to transform your bathroom into a luxury oasis.

bathroom upgrades

Update the Lighting

One of the most basic measures you can take to upscale your bathroom is to remove and replace the existing lighting fixtures.  With so many options, you can make a statement with a small fancy chandelier, for example.  Both specialty lighting stores and home improvement stores offer various chandeliers.  These chandeliers can range from contemporary, rustic, and vintage to French country styles.  By updating that old builder’s grade ceiling fixture, you can immediately feel the difference, and many options retail for under $200.

Another area regarding lighting that dates a bathroom is the vanity lighting fixtures.  If you have large round bulbs following a pattern around your vanity mirror, it’s time to make a change.  Many vanity light fixtures for modern bathrooms still feature multiple bulbs but provide an elegant and glamorous look.  Again, you can opt for a theme that matches your chandelier, such as rustic or clean modern, for a combined design.  Replacing the old lights over your vanity is something accomplished over a weekend with minimal effort.  There are numerous options for vanity lighting that retail for under $100.

Replace the Sink Fixtures

Another option when looking to give your bathroom an upscale feel is to replace the old sink faucet fixtures. These faucets may be original to the house and can give your bathroom a tired, old appearance.  If you haven’t shopped for sink fixtures lately, you may be a little overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Bathroom faucets can come in various modern, transitional, traditional, rustic, and industrial styles, to name a few.  With several different finishes like chrome, brass, and nickel, you should be able to find something to give your vanity a boost. This project takes an afternoon, and many bathroom faucets retail for under $200.

bathroom sink

Refinish the Sink

If you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering from a dated retro purple-colored sink, there’s hope.  You don’t need to replace the sink, which can be expensive; just refinish it.  High gloss white is a color that is sure to play nice with the rest of your design and add class to your bathroom.  Most home improvement stores sell a bathroom sink refinishing kit for less than $40.

With this kit, you can paint over the undesirable sink color and transform your dated vanity with a clean, glossy white porcelain look.  Do this project throughout a Saturday and allow a few days to dry.  This process is much easier and cheaper than replacing the sink altogether.

Update the Vanity Mirror

If you have a dual sink vanity in your master bedroom, you may have one giant mirror that stretches across the vanity length.  This large mirror was a typical design in many homes built in the last twenty-five years.  To make your bathroom feel extravagant, consider removing that large mirror and replacing it with two mirrors, one over each sink.

These mirrors modernize the bathroom and define the vanity, identifying you and your significant other’s space.  You can add frames to these mirrors or even line them with ambient LED lighting for an ultra-modern design.  You can find mirrors in many department stores, arts and crafts stores, and even thrift stores.

bathroom lightning

Check Thrift Stores

Before you go out and purchase any of these items to spruce up your bathroom, consider stopping by a thrift store.  Many of these thrift stores carry light fixtures, bathroom faucets, and mirrors at a discounted price.  Often builders who have materials left over after completing a project will donate them to a local thrift store.

These items donated by contractors are brand new and may provide you significant savings.  Also, you’ll be able to find more unusual or vintage items that you couldn’t in a regular retail store.  You may find a diamond in the rough that costs little and will significantly impact your bathroom design.

A New Bathroom for Less

Just because you can’t completely remodel your bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into your sanctuary. Small changes can add up to a stunning improvement and change the overall vibe of your bathroom.  Consider upgrading the lighting and the sink fixtures for an inexpensive dose of luxury.

Paint out those pink or purple sinks with a glossy white refinishing kit–take down that giant mirror and replace it with two smaller mirrors defining the space.  And lastly, check your local thrift store for unique and sometimes new items at a reduced cost.  With a few adjustments and updates, you can create a relaxing and upscale bathroom oasis.
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