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12 Must Have Kitchen Tools Everyone Should Have

With countless tools available on the market, it can get quite overwhelming to choose the best tools for your kitchen. If you are not a kitchen expert, you might be tempted to grab the fancy tools you find at your favorite store. Next thing you know your cupboard will be filled with tools you barely know how to use.

To have a great kitchen, you need to have a good understanding of classic kitchen tools. Without the help of these tools, preparing food will be a challenge. Before buying more stuff for your kitchen, brush up on your kitchen tool knowledge below.

must have kitchen tools


Have you ever seen a kitchen without a knife? Chances are, no. If you are a novice chef, you might think you need to splurge on a good-looking set of butcher blocks that are full of knives. However, all you really need are a serrated knife, a long chef’s knife, and a paring knife.

Remember to get a feel for the knife before you buy it. Also, try to buy the best knife that you can afford. This way, you know that it was last for a long time.


Whether you want to make nut butter, smoothies, mixed drinks, or even soup, a blender will save the day. This important kitchen appliance can do so many things. If you have this in your arsenal, you will surely get more creative in the kitchen.


Vegetable Peeler

Yes, a knife is great, but wouldn’t you want something to make peeling vegetables easier? Anybody who has tried to peel a whole bag of carrots or potatoes using a knife knows that peeling vegetables can be quite a chore.

It is recommended to get a vegetable peeler that is dishwasher safe so you can wash it with ease. A high-quality peeler will not break even if you try.

Cutting Board

If you have a knife, you also need a cutting board. For a basic kitchen, you need to purchase two cutting boards; one for cooked foods, and one for raw foods. Having just one cutting board will increase your risk of cross-contamination while you are preparing your food. Don’t worry; your cutting boards do not have to be expensive. Just make sure to keep them clean!

Cutting board

Can Opener

Like cooking or not, you will need to open cans. So make sure you are prepared. Choose a can opener that would not leave jagged edges on the can; your hands will thank you for it.


Draining pasta and greens is not a fun task without a colander. This essential kitchen piece is something you should not skip especially if you like joining friends or family for dinner. Get a colander that has non-slip handles, and “feet” to make your job easier.

In case you are looking to utilize a slow cooker for preparing delicious and healthy meals, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

Oven Mitts and Pot Handles

The last thing you want in the kitchen is to burn your fingers. Oven mitts and pot handle protect your fingers and your kitchen from a hot oven, stoves, and other cookware.

Oven mitts and pot handles come with heat insulation which is surrounded by cotton fabric. Some are also made of synthetic materials. The best part is, there are so many choices for oven mitts with great decorative patterns.

Oven Mitts


You might think that only seasoned chefs need a thermometer in the kitchen, but you can’t be any farther from the truth. As a beginner, you should train yourself to use instant-read thermometers to make sure that the meat you are preparing is cooked perfectly.

Think about it; you don’t want to carve up your golden brown Thanksgiving turkey only to find out that is it not cooked thoroughly. Beginner cooks can have a hard time determining undercooked meat, and this is potentially dangerous because undercooked meat can transfer bacteria and cause illnesses.

Storage Containers

Food storage containers are important in every kitchen. You can choose to buy them in different materials and shapes. When buying a container, make sure that it has a strong lid that ensures your food will remain fresh. Also, make sure that it is spill-resistant.


Getting a variety of stainless steel skillets and saucepans is something that you should consider if you want your kitchen to be impeccable. If you are buying a nonstick pan, do not use metal utensils with it. This is because they can scratch the surface of your pan and ruin its nonstick surface.



A clean kitchen would be hard to achieve without a set of dish towels. Although they are often overlooked, towels are important to clean messes, dry dishes, and utensils and serve as potholders. To start, buy at least four or five towels so you can have a clean one ready when the others need to be washed.

Wooden Spoon

You may not realize it, but you will spend a lot of time in your kitchen stirring things. It may be mixing a brownie batter or making sauces. Of course, you need a great tool for this task! There are many types of kitchen spoons made from silicone, plastic, and stainless steel. However, chefs recommend that you should always cook with wooden spoons.

Wooden spoons are fantastic because they do not scratch nonstick surfaces. This way, you would not damage your skillets and pans as you cook. Furthermore, you would not get burned because wood is not a conductor of heat. Wooden spoons also do not react with certain food acids; therefore, it would not leave a metallic taste in your food.

Vamp Up Your Kitchen!

Finding the right tools for your kitchen isn’t so hard. Now that you have figured out which tools to get, you are one step closer to achieving your dream kitchen. Never make the mistake of overlooking the essential items in favor of the newest gadgets because you will regret it in the end.
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