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Nathan Lippy TV

Chef Norman Van Aken

The Lovely Lemon

The Messy Baker Blog

A Beautiful Mess

Brown Eyed Baker

Family Foodie #Sunday Supper

Spice and Tea Exchange

Pollen Ranch

Karen’s Kitchen

Are All These Kids Yours? This is about the beautiful story of a family who has adopted 9 children from all over the world. She is truly what a godly homemaker is all about.


2 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. Jessica Lance

    Bless you for having this site and posting things, even when they are hard to post. I have a son who is two and have recently had a miscarriage followed by a chemical pregnancy and it has been SO disheartening every month when my period starts and I am reminded that I am not pregnant. I was a clean eater and exercised every day nearly. I drank at least a gallon of water each day, but after my miscarriage I became depressed and quit living my healthy lifestyle. I also slowly have put space between my sweet Heavenly Father and I’s relationship simply because I didn’t understand why He let these things happen and why I am not getting pregnant. In my heart I knew what I needed to do and God brought me to your site so I could read what you had written and know that I was not alone and get that extra “push” to pursue my old healthy lifestyle and Him again. Thank you so much and congratulations on your sweet blessing! Being a parent is one of the highest rewards our God can give us and I know you will be an amazing mother!


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