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5 Best Tool Combo Kits in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Sometimes you need multiple new tools, or it’s easier to get a best tool combo kit than individually replace the ones you have, so that’s what you go looking for. Fortunately for you, there’s a wide variety of tool combo kits available online from all of the largest and most reliable brands. Whether it’s drilling or cutting tools that you need, the list below should have all your needs covered.

We’ve picked out five of our favorite tool combo kits, but they vary in size and tool type so you may find your number one further down the article. Each kit has been reviewed based on what tools are in them and some of the handy features the tools in them have. We’ve also added a pros and cons list to each that allows you to quickly see the contents and selling points of each kit.

Knowing about tools is one thing, but not everyone knows what to look for in a tool combo kit. It’s not the same as buying the individual tools piecemeal. To help customers out we’ve created a small buyers’ guide below where we’ve separated and described the buying criteria everybody should consider when looking for tool kits.

best tool combo kit

In a hurry? Here are the best tool combo kits in 2021


Ryobi P883 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Contractor’s Kit (8 Pieces: 1 x P704 Worklight, 1 x P515 Reciprocating Saw, 1 x Circular Saw, 1 x P271 Drill / Driver, 2 x Batteries, 1 x Charger, 1 x Bag)

The tool kit that topped our list is arguably the perfect combination of professionalism and affordability, the Ryobi P883 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Contractor’s Kit. If you’re familiar with the One+ range, you should recognize the bright green casing that each tool and the kit itself is decorated with. It’s fine if that’s not your color, but it sure stands out and makes a change from the blacks and construction yellows that many toolkits have, as we’ll find out later.

So, what’s actually in the Ryobi P883 Contractor’s Kit? With eight pieces, it’s the second-largest kit that features in the list, and it consists of one P271 drill/driver, one P515 reciprocating saw, one accompanying circular saw, one P704 work light, and then two P102 20V batteries and a P118 charger for all of that equipment.

It should also be added that all One+ items are compatible with each other, so the batteries included can work with up to fifty other One+ tools. This is especially handy if you have any more of these bright green wonders lying around, since their batteries and the batteries included in this pack will be compatible.

This is all housed within a Ryobi-branded bag that’s large enough that every tool has room to breathe. The bag is something to review in and of itself, since having a subpar kit to store your tools in drastically reduces their portability. It’s a wide-mouthed contractor’s bag that’s fashioned from cross-x stitched fabric, so it’s very sturdy and will handle the tools inside it very well. It’s also easy to carry around thanks to its dual handles on either side.

Whilst the kit gives off a professional look and feel, we’d also recommend them for those new to DIY since it’s a simple tool kit that’s sure to make any home improvement project that much easier. We say it’s accessible because also included in the kit are detailed instructions on each Ryobi product.
As for the products themselves, the P271 power drill is pretty versatile because of its twenty-four-position adjustable clutch, and it’s also user-friendly since you can change over the bits used without needing any more tools to make the transfer.

Both saws included have rubber over-molds over the handles to improve your grip, no matter the weather. Both the reciprocating saw and the circular saw also have a variable speed trigger, giving you a choice of the speeds you wish to use the tool at.



👍  A sizable 8-piece kit that includes a P271 drill/driver, a P515 reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and accompanying lighting and power solutions.

👍 Batteries and tools are cross-compatible with all products in the One+ range.
Both saws feature a rubber over-mold for secure sawing grip.

👍 A 24-position adjustable clutch power drill can also change bits without needing tools.

👎 The flashlight isn’t LED


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX MATRIX Drill, Power Tool Combo Kit, 6-Tool Set, Cordless Tool Set (BDCDMT1206KITC)

Our second combo kit is one from a brand you’re sure to recognize, BLACK+DECKER. Today we’re talking about their Cordless Drill Combo Kit, their one-stop-shop for all things drilling, cutting, and sanding for aspiring and expert DIY enthusiasts alike. To get the aesthetics out of the way, they all have a sleek black design with red trimmings that doesn’t stand out as much as the Ryobi One+ range, so they’re perfect if you were looking for a more muted color scheme.

It's a six-piece combo set housed in a neat and semi-transparent carry case. The heart of this kit is the Matrix Quick Connect system, since the kit features only one tool body that you use, switching out the attachments as needed to achieve a wide range of DIY opportunities. Attached to the Matrix body is a 20V lithium-ion power unit, and the attachments included are the BDCMTDD drill/driver, BDCMTS detail sander, BDCMTJS jigsaw, BDCMTO oscillating attachment, and the BDCMTI impact driver.

As you can imagine, this cuts down on space by a lot since they’re not individual tools, and the Matrix Quick Connect System is easy enough to use that swapping attachments over isn’t tedious. Other accessories are also included in the kit, such as a universal adaptor and sandpapers of various grit levels from sixty to two-hundred and forty.

Since the entire kit relies on its ability to perform, the powerful lithium-ion battery included with this kit will hold a charge for up to eighteen months before you should notice a downturn in how it holds power.

The kit itself is also pretty versatile for its size and price tag, featuring an easy to use and tool-free jigsaw blade changing process and a precise router attachment that’s great for decorative woodwork, all in one handy kit and even one handle.



👍  A space-efficient, 6-piece kit where attachments are easily secured to a versatile drill handle via the brand’s Matrix Quick Connect System.

👍 Other handy accessories include a universal adaptor and the relevant sandpapers, drill bits, and saw blades.

👍 Powerful lithium-ion battery holds charge for up to 18 months.

👎 Trigger may stick after heavy use.


DEWALT 20V MAX Power Tool Combo Kit, 9-Tool Cordless Power Tool Set with 2 Batteries and Charger (DCK940D2)

Next up is one of those brands that are famous for their stark, construction yellow toolsets, DEWALT.

Here we’re recommending their DEWALT 20V DCK940D2 Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit, a nine-piece pack of heavy-duty power tools that come with a heavy price tag to match. It’s no secret that DEWALT consistently puts out tools that appeal to the masses, however, so maybe these tools will be the ones you’ve been looking for.

Inside the kit you’ll find their DCD771 ½-inch drill driver and DCF885 impact driver, a DCS381 reciprocating saw and DCS393 circular saw, a DCS355 oscillating tool, a DCG412 4½-inch grinder and a DCD740 3/8-inch right angle drill. Accompanying these tools is a DCL040 LED work light, DCR006 Bluetooth speaker, and two DCB203 XR batteries to charge them both with.

The inclusion of the speaker is a nice touch, showing this kit is thinking about more than providing the right tools but also the right construction and DIY experience by supplying you with a durable work site speaker.

As for the actual tools themselves, we’ll look at some basic specs for the sake of brevity. The drill driver included is capable of delivering three hundred inch-pounds of power to whatever you’re applying it to, ensuring that you can loosen or tighten anything with it. The reciprocating saw included moves with 11/8-inch strokes for three thousand SPM, whilst the circular saw maintains an impressive five thousand, one hundred and fifty RPM for sure and fast cutting.



👍 A nine-piece kit that includes drill and impact drivers, reciprocating and circular saws, an oscillator, and a grinder, along with the required batteries.

👍 Also includes a durable LED work light and a worksite Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled from 100 feet away, making DIY as accessible and comfortable as possible.

👍 Drill driver can deliver 300 inch-pounds of power for endless application.

👍 Circular saw reaches an impressive 5,150 RPM.

👎 The most expensive tool kit on this list.


Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 Cordless Compact Combo Tool Kit

At our fourth place is the Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 Cordless Compact Combo Tool Kit which, besides being tricky to say, is a humble four-tool kit option that bundles some of Milwaukee’s biggest hitters from the M18 into one convenient, cherry red package.

That package includes their M18 hammer drill/driver, M18 Sawzall reciprocating saw, M18 6½-inch circular saw, and the customary M18 work light to use on those darker jobs. They’re all cordless, too, so wires aren’t an issue. To keep these tools powered you also get two M18 XC high-capacity red lithium batteries and a one-hour charger, all housed inside the red contractor bag which, for transparency, is flimsier than the storage for the above kits.

Since there’s less to cover, we can go deeper into what the individual tools do. The drill/driver features a four-pole frameless motor that puts five hundred and fifty inch-pounds of torque onto whatever you’re holding it to. It maxes out at approximately one thousand, seven hundred RPM.

The Sawzall reciprocating saw has a unique, patented clutch and counter-balance mechanism that protects its clutch, greatly expanding the durability, and so the total lifespan, of this tool. This means that you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth, and then some, by the time this tool expires.

What makes the included work light handy is the fact that you don’t need to use your hands thanks to a hook built onto it. With this, it latches onto your clothes for hands-free lighting, and you can even rotate the lighting head one hundred and thirty-five degrees when you are operating it manually.



👍 Cordless four-piece tool combo kit consisting of a drill/driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, and a work light.

👍 The drill/driver features a 4-pole frameless motor design that maximizes torque power.

👍 The Sawzall reciprocating saw uses patented gear protections to increase its lifespan.

👎 The bag isn’t the most durable when compared to more premium kits.


Hitachi KC18DG4L 18V Cordless 4 Piece Combo Kit, Hammer Drill, Impact Driver, Recip Saw, Flashlight, 2 Compact 3.0 Ah Lithium Ion Batteries, Lifetime Tool Warranty

The final kit on our list also comes from a brand you’re sure to have heard of with the Hitachi KC18DG4L 18V Cordless 4 Piece Combo Kit. Coming from Hitachi’s renamed home electronics division, Metabo HPT, there are no guesses for how many pieces this combo kit has.

So, what’s in the off-green combo kit? Inside you’ll find some familiar power tools if you’ve read the whole list, with a DV18DGL hammer drill, a WH18DGL impact driver, and a  CR18DGL reciprocating saw. The fourth piece is a UB18DEL LED flashlight to be used when it’s dark or otherwise low visibility where you are working. Accompanying these tools are two 18V lithium-ion batteries, a charger, the carrying bag, and one Phillips #2 driver bit.

The hammer drill boasts four hundred and eighty-seven inch-pounds of torque packed into its lightweight body; the handle is also designed to sit comfortably yet securely in the palm of your hand. The same can be said for the impact driver, which weighs only three pounds but can still unleash one thousand, two hundred and eighty inch-pounds of torque, so you know which one to reach for when you need some real power.

The lithium-ion components you’ll receive in this kit will also be covered by Hitachi’s Lifetime Lithium Ion tool warranty, as well as their two-year battery warranty and a one-year charger warranty. That leaves more of this kit covered by warranty than not, adding a level of security to this purchase that should convince you to pull the trigger if you were already considering it.



👍 A humble four-piece kit consisting of a Hitachi-brand hammer drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, and an LED flashlight along with accompanying power supply.

👍 The hammer drill delivers 487 inch-pounds of torque despite its lightweight, ergonomic design.

👍 The impact driver can reach impressive torques of 1,280 inch-pounds whilst weighing only approximately 3 pounds.

👎 Replacement batteries can get expensive.

Best Tool Combo Kit - Buyers’ Guide

How to find the best tool combo kits

tool combo kit for home

Even if you have experience buying individual tools, the prospect of getting a combo kit of a brand’s bundled offerings can still be daunting. We’ve written this buyers’ guide so that you can learn how we break down these kits and judge them, so hopefully, you can also apply this knowledge one day without having to rely on us as much.

We’ve done this in four sections, the tool count, tool quality, battery details, and the storage of the kits themselves.

Tool Count

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s simply how many tools do you need. There’s no need to be extravagant and buy more than you need for now and the foreseeable future, especially if your wallet can’t take the hit, so buy the kit that best reflects your needs. Depending on your level of construction/DIY activity, this will vary from small two- and three-piece kits to larger eight- or nine-piece kits. 

Consider your project, be rational, and buy accordingly. This is what you do when buying individual tools for a job, so why should a tool kit be any different? If you can foresee you using one of the less commonly used items in these kits, such as a sander or an oscillator, then by all means future proof yourself with a more substantial kit.

Tool Specs and Quality

Knowing the individual quality of a tool is important even when buying the tools as part of a kit. Look for the inch-pound torque measurements for drivers and drills, the SPM for reciprocating saws, and the RPM for circular saws. We’re assuming you know your specs but, if you don’t, just know that higher values generally translate into a better performance for DIY purposes.

Safety is also a consideration, so rubberized grips and variable trigger mechanisms are your friends, cutting down on accidents and ensuring that you have full control of your tool kit from start to finish.


All of the above kits are wireless and, as we move into the future, the rest will be too. This means they come with powerful batteries and chargers that aren’t made equal. Before buying, check for a warranty or other post-purchase support methods that the brand might use, since these mean that you have something to fall back on if the power equipment doesn’t work through no fault of your own.

The battery life of power tools is pretty important, especially if regular electricity access isn’t a luxury that you have. More battery life equals more use, further justifying your purchase through the use you get out of your tools. Getting a combo kit that comes with an extra battery or two is also a great idea, if your wallet can take the extra strain.


You want your tools to be housed securely, simple as that, so just look for signs that the contractor bag or carry case that the kit comes in is made to a high standard. You do this by checking the images on the product pages to see if you like what you see, and some kits will even include some specs for the stitching of the bag that the kit comes in since, as you can imagine, power tools can take a toll on average-built bags.

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