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5 Best Tool Belts in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

A tool belt is a valuable possession of many mechanical or construction workers providing an efficient way of keeping all of your tools contained within one place. Many will often overlook the usefulness of a tool belt and it is not until you delve further into the functioning behind them that you realize how handy they truly are.

Best Tool Belts

For many workers in a range of trades, they are a dependable item that makes jobs much easier. Simply reach into your tool belt and grab whatever tool is needed. We have browsed the market for the best tool belts considering a range of factors such as quality, price, and function. Below, you will also find a buyer's guide that is packed with our tips for choosing the best product. 

In a hurry? Here are the best tool belts in 2021


DEWALT DG5641 Framer's Combo Apron with Suspenders, 20 Pocket

If you're looking for a good quality tool belt retailing at a slightly higher price, look no further than the Dewalt DG5617 Pocket pro Combo Apron Tool Belt. Designed with 20 different pockets this is a spacious belt that can hold many tools, such as screwdrivers or mechanics tools at once. There are also sleeves that securely hold nails, smaller parts, and pencils, etc. Featuring two steel loop hammer holders you can carry larger sized tools with ease. 

Designed with comfort in mind, this tool belt has a 5-inch padded belt that has a double tongue roller buckle which provides additional comfort while helping to secure the belt in a more stable position. Conveniently, the suspenders are also fully adjustable, helping to distribute the weight of your tool belt more evenly around your body. The placement of padding ensures that the areas likely to experience the most discomfort are provided with a sufficient amount of comfort.

Impressively, this belt caters to a range of individuals with the waist section of the tool apron itself suitable for those measuring between 29-46", and courtesy of the fully adjustable features you can opt for a more secure or looser fit if necessary. 



👍  Dewalt is a well-known brand with a reputation for producing professional-quality workhouse solutions - you can be confident in the brand behind your purchase.

👍  With plenty of storage pockets incorporated into the design, you can carry a range of tools.

👍  The double-tongue roller buckle enables you to secure the tool belt in a stable position. 

👍  Courtesy of the padded design, this tool belt is comfortable enough to wear for longer periods. 

👍  This tool belt holds up impressively well against daily use.

👎  Despite being designed with a phone pocket unfortunately it doesn't accommodate all mobile phone models.


Bucket Boss - AirLift Tool Belt with Suspenders, Tool Belts - Original Series (50100) , Brown , 52 Inch

The Bucket Boss Airlift Tool belt has also been designed with suspenders for more effective weight distribution across your body. This belt features two main spacious compartments for your larger tools and additional pouches for holding smaller tools and parts. Usefully, there is also a metal hook where you can place larger, more weighty tools like a hammer. If this wasn't impressive enough, the compartments themselves are also detachable allowing you to reattach them in your preferred position if needed. The suspenders are also detachable allowing you to opt for the tool belt on its own if preferred. 

Durably designed, the reinforced pouch bottoms ensure that all your tools are going to remain in place without the risk of creating any holes in the material. Taking this tool belt on and off is a relatively straightforward concept too and the adjustment buckle enables you to secure the tool belt in the most comfortable and stable position to work in. The placement of padding along the sections where the suspenders are likely to make contact with your shoulder area ensures that you can wear this belt comfortably for longer.

For taller and larger workers who commonly struggle to find a tool belt that accommodates their needs, Bucket Boss has got you covered. Impressively, this tool belt fits individuals with a waist up to 52"



👍  Both the belt itself and suspenders are adjustable which allows you to alter the belt to the most comfortable fit. 

👍  As a lightweight belt, you can wear with ease without having the additional weight of the belt material alongside the tools. 

👍  The reinforced pouch bottoms create a durable belt that is likely to withstand the harshness of your tools without developing any holes.

👍  Impressively, this built caters to a range of individuals so everyone can enjoy wearing this tool belt.

👎  You are limited on some space for storing hand tools too which is likely to be inconvenient for some workers. 


11 Pocket Brown and Black Heavy Duty Construction Tool Belt, Work Apron, Tool Pouch, with Poly Web Belt Quick Release Buckle - Adjusts from 33” Inches All the Way to 50” Inches

When it comes to spacious compartments for convenient tool storage you are definitely going to be spoilt for choice with the GlossyEnd Construction Tool Belt. With a total of 11 pockets, you definitely aren't limited on storage space. These pockets consist of five main pockets suitable for insulated screwdrivers and nails and then six smaller pockets that are suitable for pliers, pencils and nail sets, etc. Additionally, the metal loop provides a secure place for storing your hammer. 

Constructed using heavy-duty 600D polyester, this tool belt has been made to superior quality standards and the reinforced rivets are dustproof too so they are likely to last much longer. The belt is also adjustable and features a quick-release buckle which makes it easy to put on and take off. 

Thanks to the adjustable features, this belt is suitable for a range of wearers with the ability to alter the waist from 33-52". This can simply be done by sliding or pulling the strap to achieve your desired tightness or looseness.



👍  Available in two different colors, you can select the belt that caters to your personal taste.

👍  Impressively, this tool belt retails within a very affordable price range making it an ideal choice for those on a budget.

👍  Courtesy of the durable design, this tool belt is likely to last for a decent amount of time before any deterioration.

👍  As a very lightweight belt, it can be worn with ease.

👎  Despite being stated as adjustable up to 52" in some cases it does not expand much further than 45" which may make it difficult for some individuals to wear.



This three-piece belt set by ToughBuilt provides a customizable concept of you creating your own belt. The belt comes in three pieces, but when fully assembled has a total of 10 pockets, with convenient side pouches for storing smaller tools and nails along with two metal loops that hold larger tools like a hammer. The clips allow you to secure these pockets into place on the belt. 

With rugged six-layer construction, no-snag seams and heavy-duty loops, this tool belt is going to withstand the harshest of working conditions particularly well. Featuring a heavy-duty buckle, you can adjust this tool belt for the most secure fit. 

This versatile tool belt is suitable for individuals working in a range of industries from electricals to construction to carpentry. Impressively, it accommodates the needs of a range of individuals with waists measuring between 32” and 48"



👍  The unique 'build your own belt' concept allows you to customize the belt to suit your needs.

👍  Durably designed this tool belt is going to withstand the harsh conditions of the work environment without getting damaged. 

👍  The ten pockets and two hammer hoops provide a sufficient amount of space for storing your tools.

👍  The buckle allows for fast on and fast off application.

👎  This belt is particularly bulky so it may not be an ideal choice for individuals who are looking for a more lightweight option. 


Dickies 4-Piece Carpenter's Rig, Padded Tool Belt Suspenders, Cooling Mesh, Tool Belt, Steel Buckle, Grey/Tan, 3.8 lb.

The Dickies Work Gear four-piece tool belt comes with suspenders too which allows for efficient weight distribution. In total, this belt has been designed with a total of 3 wide pockets, 3 small pockets, and two metal loops for holding larger tools and hammers. The right pouch features an additional 7 pockets which provide extra room for storing your tools and supplies. The suspenders also include a holder for your phone. 

Made using heavy-duty materials and rip-resistant canvas, this belt has been designed with durability in mind. Comfort isn't ignored either. The suspenders have been lined with gel padded moisture absorbing mesh which makes it much more comfortable to work particularly if you are going to be carrying heavier tools. Thanks to the durable steel double-tongue roller buckle, you can secure this belt into the most comfortable position for you. 

Made for waists measuring 32” to 50”, this belt caters to the needs of a range of individuals. Both the suspenders and belt can be adjusted too if you require a looser or more secure fit.



👍  The cooling mesh creates a pleasant environment that is particularly beneficial for those working in warmer conditions.

👍  The weight of your tools can be evenly distributed thanks to the suspenders. 

👍  The durable design ensures that this belt is going to last for a considerable amount of time before deteriorating in quality.

👎  Retailing at a slightly higher price than our previous picks, this may not be an ideal choice for individuals who are on a budget.

Things to know before getting a new tool belt

There are several factors to consider before purchasing your tool belt, is it the right size? does it have all of the pockets that you need? is it going to be able to hold your tools without breaking?

We have listed some criteria below and following these will ensure that you select the best quality product for your intended uses and budget. 

Picking tool belts

The pockets and Storage

Of course, the pockets and storage available are going to be of utmost importance for many people. If you have a large number of tools to carry you may benefit from a tool belt that offers a greater range of pockets and compartments. The number of pockets offered can range from around 10 to 20 pockets with some belts offering even more than this. No set amount of pockets is required in a tool belt and it is not always the case that bigger is better, in fact, the number of pockets that you require is likely to be dependent on your occupation and intended uses. 

The Fit

It is important to select a tool belt that fits you correctly. You wouldn't buy a normal belt if it didn't fit and so you shouldn't buy a tool belt that doesn't adhere to the correct fit. It isn't recommended to get a tool belt that is too tight because this is likely to restrict your ability to move easily and one that is too large isn't going to remain in a secure position. Brands will state the waist measurements that the tool belt is compatible with. Most also come with adjustable features that allow you to tighten or loosen the belt if needed. 

The durability of the design

Your tool belt is likely to be exposed to the harsher conditions of the working environment and for this reason, it needs to be durably designed. It is also important because many tools can be particularly weighty and carrying an additional load of tools may be too heavy. You are going to be storing a range of tools and parts in this belt so it is crucial that the materials are robust and aren't going to rip easily.

Taking the belt on and off

When it comes to putting the belt on and taking it off ideally you want it to be as straightforward as possible, particularly if the belt is kitted out with all of your tools as this is going to add an additional challenge to the process. The majority will feature buckles and fastenings that are easy to clip on and take off. 

The Brand

Many brands are dominant in this industry and for some, this may encourage a purchase of this particular product with this specific brand. If a company has a well-known reputation and good reviews you can be confident in the quality of the product that you purchase. However, some less known brands on the market create products that are just as good in quality too.

The Weight

It is important to consider the weight of the belt before it is equipped with all of your tools. If an empty tool belt is heavy it is going to be even heavier with all of your tools in, providing more of a challenge when it comes to working. This is also likely to restrict the number of tools that you can carry. If your belt feels really heavy with few tools in it then it is unlikely that you are going to be able to add any more, possibly restricting the number of tools that you can carry around.

The comfort

Comfort is paramount when it comes to your tool belt. For some this may mean wearing the tool belt for a long time throughout the day depending on the task and job. The inclusion of padding on your tool belt relieves the pressure that is felt around your waist by the tool belt. Suspender tool belts are also particularly effective in providing a more comfortable environment as they allow for more effective weight distribution across your body. The suspenders also feature padding in the areas that are likely to make the most contact with your body, aiming to provide you with a more comfortable working experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tool belts bad for your back?

When fully loaded, a tool belt can weigh a heavy 50 pounds or more and as you can imagine, this places a significant amount of strain onto your back, especially when worn for prolonged periods. This is likely to result in a lot of discomfort and fatigue. If you do find yourself experiencing any sort of back issues you may want to reduce the number of tools that you are carrying or you may even benefit from a tool belt with suspenders which can be worn on the upper half of your body allowing for even distribution of the weight that is carried by the tool belt. 

Alternatively, you can aim for tool bags which is a bit safer option, especially if you have back problems.

What tools does a tool belt need?

Inside a basic tool belt, you will typically find a claw hammer, a chalk line, a carpenter's pencil, a putty knife, a lineman pliers and a utility knife. Although, you may choose to carry some additional tools inside your tool belt depending on your occupation.
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