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5 Best Tool Backpacks in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

If your job requires working with tools, you probably already know that cradling all your tools in your arms all day probably isn’t the most efficient method. For this reason, having a high quality tool backpack can be very beneficial for a number of different reasons.

best tool backpacks

Of course, there are a lot of tool backpacks on the market - you’re spoiled for choice! When you’re spoiled for choice, however, it means that the decision of which one to choose becomes that much harder. Thankfully, we’re here to take the guesswork out of choosing the best tool backpack for you. Read on for our picks of the best tool backpacks, in addition to a handy buyer’s guide to help you to make your decision.

Short on time? Here are the best tool backpacks


Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tool Bag Backpack, Heavy Duty Tradesman Pro Tool Organizer / Tool Carrier with 39 Pockets and Molded Base

Any electrician on the hunt for a high quality and durable tool backpack will be happy with the Klein Tools Electrician Tool Backpack. This offering is also very friendly on the budget, so there’s no need to worry about the backpack breaking the bank. 

Klein has made this backpack to be exponentially sturdy, and this is largely thanks to the 1680D ballistic weave that is used in the construction. It doesn’t tear or fray easily either. 

Not only this, but the backpack also has a really vibrant orange and black color combination that you are sure to love. It has practicality, too, however as the orange is bright enough to help with visibility, ideal for when you’re working in the dark. You also don’t need to spend ages trying to find the tools in the dark either.

The bag is very spacious, coming with a maximum of 39 pockets that is perfect for holding a wide range of tools. It even has a hardened compartment where you will be able to put your safety glasses or goggles.



👍   Hardened compartment for any safety goggles or glasses

👍  Highly visible

👍  Hard molded bottom

👎  A little bit heavy


CLC Work Gear 1134 Carpenter's Tool Backpack, 44 Pockets, Padded Back Support

This is the perfect tool backpack for a carpenter. This is a reliable offering that can also work well for an electrician or a technician too. The bag has a pretty versatile construction, in that it has two main compartments - one for basic tools and one for power tools.

The backpack comes with a zipper enclosure which will help you to be able to keep all of your electrical gear and tools protected properly. It’s also a really comfortable backpack to carry too.

The backpack features extra padding in the back and the shoulders, which helps to contribute to this high level of comfort. It comes with a pair of handles built into the top so it’s possible to lift even a heavy bag without any problems.

The bag also comes with an exterior pocket where you will be able to store the items that you use the most. The bag is totally waterproof, and has rubber feet at the bottom to make sure that it doesn’t get wet in any puddles. It also comes with 48 pockets in total, so there’s plenty of space to carry many different tools.



👍  Dual handles

👍  48 pockets

👍  Water resistant

👎  The zippers are a little bit fragile


Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC (Original)

This technician backpack has a bunch of cool features that you’re sure to enjoy taking advantage of. The bag has a basic look that still looks professional when you’re out on the field. It’s ideal for a bunch of different workers, from contractors to people that work with HVAC systems.

Why is this such a versatile backpack? Well, it mainly comes down to the specifically sized compartments. The pockets actually have a vertical pattern, and in total there are roughly 56 pockets in a number of sizes in both the interior and exterior of the bag. These pockets are also super easy to access too, so you won’t need to rummage for ages to find the correct tools.

The backpack comes with a 3mm thick base that consists of polypropylene material. This means that even your sharpest tools should not penetrate the material of the bag. It also comes with a quick release metal clasp that makes it really easy for you to get into the back storage bay.

Your days of carrying uncomfortable working backpacks are also long gone with this backpack, due to the ergonomic back padding included. It’s equipped with adjustable straps too, so ou can really cater the fit of the backpack to exactly what you need. The backpack is also waterproof, so there’s not need to worry about having rusty tools! It should be noted however that the backpack is a little bit expensive, so if you are on a budget it may not be the best choice for you in that regard. If you do have the budget to play with, though, it’s a fantastic option that you can certainly rely upon, no matter what job you are working on. 



👍  Waterproof

👍  Back padding 

👍  56 pockets included

👎  It costs a lot of money


DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets

When you’re looking for an electrician’s backpack, it’s only natural that you should want to have as many features as possible to make your job as easy as it can be. Well, Dewalt has definitely delivered with the Dewalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack. This backpack is actually a pretty versatile offering too, so of course you don’t have to be an electrician to take full advantage of this bad boy. 

This is by far one of the most spacious backpacks out there, coming with 57 pockets in total. You should have absolutely no problem keeping your tools well secured in this backpack. The backpack also has a bright LED light integrated onto the top of it, and this is a huge asset when you are in a location that has poor lighting.

Furthermore, the backpack is totally waterproof and is very durable, so not even the toughest conditions can penetrate it. Of course, the shoulder strap isn’t as durable as some of the other offerings on this list are, but nevertheless it’s a fantastic choice that any person that needs a good tool backpack should consider.



👍  Waterproof

👍  Versatile

👍  Lots of pockets - 57 in total

👎  The shoulder straps are not particularly sturdy


Milwaukee 48-22-8200 1680 Denier 35 Pocket Jobsite Backpack w/ Laptop Sleeve and Molded Plastic Base

This is a well priced option that’s ideal if you don’t want to break the bank getting a tool backpack to carry around to different projects. It has a striking red and black design that looks attractive as you wear it too!

Of course, looks are not the only thing that this backpack has to offer. The backpack comes with 22 big pockets, and while this is a little bit less than some of the other offerings on our list, it is nevertheless still plenty of space for anyone out on a job. You could even carry a laptop in the bag if you like as it does come with a laptop compartment.

In addition, the backpack comes with a sewn chest strap that is perfect for ensuring that weight is properly distributed across your chest. It’s a durable bag too that’s going to serve you well when out on the field. 



👍  Durable construction

👍  Laptop pocket

👍  Water resistant

👎  The pockets are quite limited in number in comparison to other offerings on this list

Things to know before buying a tool backpack

What is a Tool Backpack?

finding a tool backpack

In case the name didn’t already give it away, a tool backpack is essentially a tool bag that you’re supposed to wear over your shoulders. This can make them much more simple to carry in comparison to your average tool bag that you drape over one shoulder or a tool belt that pushes your back towards. It’s also especially handy for people with lower back pain problems because a backpack will distribute the weight easily.

Usually tool backpacks will carry the same amount of tools as traditional tool bags do, but you won’t get as tired carrying them.

Types of Tool Backpacks

Heavy Duty Backpacks

As you may imagine from the name alone, a heavy duty tool backpack is designed to be able to last for many years. They consist of strong fabrics and are made with the best possible quality. As a result of the high quality construction, a heavy duty tool backpack is a good choice for when you need to carry a sharp and heavy set of tools.

With this backpack, you don’t need to be concerned about any tools puncturing the fabric and making the other tools fall out. The backpacks also tend to come along with other options too, such as a reinforced bottom and extra hooks and loops for your tools.

Normal Tool Backpacks

If you are going to be carrying other things in the backpack in addition to your tools, then you are going to need a regular tool backpack - this is also referred to as a utility backpack. These kinds of bags are primarily designed for carrying other sorts of gear, such as for camping or hiking. 

The key difference between a regular tool backpack and your standard backpack for hiking or camping is that they also have extra pockets for basic tool sets, such as a few wrenches, screwdrivers and other small tools. This is ideal for anyone that’s keen on spending time outdoors that also want to do survival simulations outdoors. 

Carpenter Backpacks

Carpenters need to use a lot of heavy tools, so a durable backpack is a necessity. You should be looking at a backpack that has larger compression pockets so your tools are able to stay safe and organized well. It’s also important that the zippers are lightweight but still strong enough to be able to deal with being opened and closed a lot. 


You find that electricians are better off using backpacks that will be water resistant along with a reinforced molded base, as this means that the tools won’t come into contact with water. This is best to help avoid the tools rusting.


If you’re looking for a plumber backpack, a tool backpack that will give you easy access is definitely a good choice. Backpacks that come with high quality polyester materials are certainly a good investment as these can prevent any scratches as you work. In addition, backpacks that have LED light features are also very helpful. 

Features to Look For


When you’re buying a backpack, durability is an important factor to consider because it basically means you will be able to use it for a longer amount of time. This is the main reason why waterproof backpacks are so highly recommended. If a backpack is made out of fabric that is resistant to water, it will effectively shield your equipment and tools from the rain or from any water droplets as you work. The best fabric for water resistance is heavy duty ballistic nylon. You also find that backpacks with rubber bases are just as resistant to water.

Compartments Ultimately, you will end up frustrated if you buy a backpack that doesn’t have enough compartments, and it may even cause you to damage some of your tools. Because of this, it is definitely worth your time to choose options that come along with a number of pockets and compartments. Stretchy pockets are particularly helpful because you will be able to gold all different sizes and kinds of equipment inside of them. In addition, you need to make sure that the pockets and compartments are distributed evenly in order to ensure that the backpack has the correct amount of balance,


It can be difficult to carry around a lot of tools and equipment, and this is why comfort should be a big factor into your decision making process. You find that comfort is usually a certainty with a little bit more padding, especially in areas such as the back and the shoulder straps.

Distribution of Weight

If the backpack does not distribute weight properly, this can cause you to feel very uncomfortable and you may even end up damaging your tools. Having padded straps and chest straps help with distributing weight across the torso, and adjustable straps are also able to provide you with even more support.

Opening and closing Mechanism

It is important that your tool backpack is easy to access, and this only happens if the zips are designed well. You should be looking at a backpack with rust proof and lightweight zips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tool organization

Why should I buy a tool backpack?

There are a number of different reasons why you should invest in a tool backpack. This kind of bag will give you a way to keep all of your tools well organized and you will also be able to carry them easily. 


To start with, a tool backpack will help to keep your tools well organized. Usually the best tool backpacks come with a number of different compartments where you can keep your tools, and you will be able to arrange them in a way that you like so that you can access everything a lot more quickly, which may mean that it’s more efficient for you on the job.

You may want to keep the same sorts of tools together, or you can put the tools that you tend to use a lot in the pockets that you can access the easiest. You will find that many traditional backpacks will just come with one big storage compartment and then a couple of smaller pockets on the outside.

Of course, you could put your tools in a standard backpack like this, but it is very difficult to keep them organized, which results in a lot of wasted time searching for one particular tool. This problem is entirely eliminated with a tool backpack.

Alternatively, you can check tool boxes if you're looking for an organized way to store your tools without much portability.

Easier Transportation

Tool backpacks are designed to be worn across the back and shoulders - it’s a lot easier to carry a lot of tools this way as the weight is distributed better. You don’t need to worry about any body strains and pains. It can also help you to keep your back straight as you walk which can help when you have chronic back pain problems.


Unfortunately, when you put all of your tools in just one pouch there isn’t anything there to stop them from banging into eachother. The shaking motion that occurs while you walk can be highly problematic, causing some potential damage to your tools. With multiple tool compartments, you don’t need to worry about this because the tools will be organized in such a way that they don’t constantly bang into eachother.


Tool backpacks generally tend to be waterproof or water resistant in some way. Sure, they’ll cost more money, but the investment is certainly a good one. Your tools will be properly protected against any corrosion and rust, because they won’t get wet to begin with. You can put the bag down wherever you want without having the fear that the tools will get soaked.

How do you clean a tool backpack?

All you need to clean out your tool backpack is a little bit of warm soapy water! Try to stay away from any harsh detergents, bleach or alkaline in order to wash backpacks because they can sometimes have bad effects on the nylon material. You can also remove any stains by scrubbing them gently using a soft brush.

Are tool backpacks waterproof?

Not every tool backpack is waterproof. Of course, many of them are built with a rubber base that is able to resist water well. For the best waterproofing capabilities, heavy duty nylon is strongly recommended.
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