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Best Table Saw

If you spend a lot of time working with wood in your shed or workshop, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job.

Whether you’re a DIY novice or a woodwork master, table saws can make the laborious task of precisely cutting wood a breeze. If you’re interested in any sort of woodwork craft you’ll need an effective and powerful machine that won’t break the bank.

Table saws are great for making crosscutting and ripping boards look effortless and neat, without the hassle. They can make a variety of different cuts such as tenon, dado and lap joints. Table saws can manage anything from MDF and plywood to masonry and brickwork, so the type of table saw you buy should be dependent on what you’re going to be using it for.

Some types are more powerful than others, and some types are certainly more expensive than others. 

Best Table Saw

To help guide you through your research and purchase, sink your teeth into our handy in-depth buyers guide and product reviews below.

We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite table saws available on the market right now and a few reasons why we love them.

Short for time?

We understand that you’re probably eager to get back to the workshop and have no time to be browsing for the perfect table saw.

So to make things a little easier, below is a quick link to our Top Pick from this list and why we think you’ll love it:

  • Material: Cast iron table and wings
  • Power: 3 Horsepower motor
  • Style: Cabinet Table Saw
  • Rip capacity: 29½” 
  • Dimensions: 62 inches L x 41 inches W x 40 inches H
  • Shipping Weight: 542 lbs
  • Unique Features: 4-inch dust port, miter gauge with adjustable T slot, magnetic safety switch, riving knife prevents kickback 

Top 5 Best Table Saw


Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

At the top of our list is the impressive Shop Fox W1819.

This powerful cabinet saw can tackle any material you challenge it with thanks to its 3 horsepower motor. This beast of a machine comes equipped with heavy cast iron trunnions, a triple belt drive and large cast iron wings so it’s not surprise that it’s a firm favorite among Amazon customers. 

This table saw is also fitted with a riving knife which prevents possible kickback. It’s also equipped with a flip stop miter fence which provides great workpiece support and is ideal for woking with larger pieces of material. 

Shop Fox also take safety very seriously so this saw comes complete with a durable polycarbonate shield and anti-kickback protection on all sides of the spreader. However, this is of course a cabinet saw, and cabinet saws tend to pricey.

As a result, this is the most expensive product on our list but it’s also one of the most powerful table saws on the market right now. If you’re looking for something indestructible and large enough to handle anything, then we recommend checking it out. 


  • 3 Horsepower motor

  • 4 inch dust port

  • Miter gauge with adjustable T-slot

  • 29½” rip capacity

  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

  • Extensive safety features 


  • Product is shipped in three separate boxes

  • It can be difficult to elevate the blade


DEWALT Table Saw, 10 Inch, 32-1/2 Inch Rip Capacity, 15 Amp Motor, With Rolling/Collapsible Stand (DWE7491RS)

DeWalt are well-known for making tools with excellent build quality, and the DWE7291RS Table Saw is no exception.

This is a portable table saw, so perfect for those who want to create their own workspace in their backyard or garage and simply fold away and store with ease. Portable saws are also notoriously cheaper than cabinet style saws, so this DeWalt model is available for just a fraction of the price of our top pick. 

Despite it’s attractive price tag, this saw is not lacking in power and durability. It’s fitted with a 15-amp motor which produces a blade speed of 4800 RPM in addition to a 32½-inch rip capacity, so working on boards of any size will be a breeze.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the telescoping fence rails can feel a little unstable when they’re fully extended, however this is to be expected when buying a portable table saw, just be sure not to exceed the weight capacity and set the table up safely and correctly every time you use it.


  • Portable and easy to manouvre

  • Easy setup and disassembly

  • Cast table top

  • Powerful for a smaller design

  • Affordable compared to cabinet options


  • Fence rails can feel unsteady when fully extended


Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Table Saw Tool

As well as looking aesthetically pleasing with an American retro exterior, this powerful little table saw from Milwaukee Electric comes in a super portable and lightweight package.

This is the only battery powered table saw on this list as while it can operate at an outstanding 6300 RPM blade speed, you’re going to need to keep an eye on the remaining battery life if you plan on using the saw for long periods of time.

Fortunately, this table saw links up with a handy app on your smartphone that shows you stats including remaining battery life. 

The Milwaukee table saw is no where near as pricey as your typical cabinet saw but it is a little on the expensive side for a battery powered model. However, many Amazon reviewers have praised the product for its unique cordless advantages. 


  • Cordless

  • 6300 RPM blade speed

  • Arms extend for 24½” rip with fence


  • No stand included

  • Battery will need to be recharged after use


Evolution - RAGE5-S Power Tools RAGE5S 10' TCT Multi-Material Table Saw, 10

Next on our list is another portable table saw, the Evolution Rage 5S. Although it runs at a lower RPM than other table saws on this list, it still comes with a lot of noteworthy features.

One being its sturdy multi-purpose blade with tungsten carbide teeth which provides a superior cutting performance on a variety of different materials.

Also, the cutting height and angle can be adjusted using the hand wheel and calibrated gauge. You can cut down to 73 mm with the blade in a vertical position and 55 mm if tilted to 45 degrees. 

This model is also equipped with an anti-bounce device which helps to prevent kickbacks and has two high-quality dust collection ports, one above the blade and one below to ensure easy cleanup. The Evolution Rage 5S offers great value for money and is the cheapest product featured in this list. 


  • Wide extendable table for large workpieces

  • Unique multipurpose blade

  • Collapsable stand with wheels for portability and easy storage

  • 3 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

  • Excellent cut depth


  • Lower RPM than other models available on the market

  • Budget-friendly


Makita 2705 10' Table Saw

Last but certainly not least least is this neat little table saw from Makita. Their 2705 Contractor model is powered by an impressive and efficient 15-amp motor.

It’s also equipped with an exceptional array of safety features such as a rip fence, miter gauge and a 32-inch blade so you can get started on your projects as soon as the package arrives.

This small but powerful machine can reach speeds of up to 4800 RPM and can perform maximum cuts of just under 4 inches at a 90 degree angle and 2 ½ inches at a 45 degree angle. This saw is also super portable and comes complete with a carry handle so you can take it along to different worksites. 


  • Heavy-duty steel base can withstand worksite abuse

  • Comfortable carry handle for easy portability

  • User-friendly built-in measuring system

  • Under table blade storage to prevent damage during shipping


  • Doesn’t come with a stand, this costs extra

Best Table Saw Buying Guide

Table saws are great for making precise cuts into a variety of materials and are great for those who are enthusiastic about DIY, have an upcoming project or even those with a small business.

It’s important to invest in a saw that is easy to use yet powerful enough to complete the taste you wish to undertake. It’s not always easy to know what you’re looking for, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to ensure you make the right choice.

Type of Table Saw

There are three most popular styles of table saws to choose from with each one being suitable for a different type of user. 

Cabinet Saw

  • The largest and most powerful type of saw
  • Non-portable
  • Great for professional workshops
  • Cuts through boards of any size and shape with ease
  • Extremely fast working

Portable Saw

  • Super lightweight and user friendly
  • Foldable and usually on wheels
  • Usually a budget-friendly option
  • Lacks the power of a cabinet saw

Contractor Saw

  • Heavier and more powerful than a portable saw
  • Smaller than a cabinet saw
  • Heavy-duty construction yet doesn’t take up much space
  • Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike who don’t want to splash out on a cabinet saw


The blade is arguably the most important factor to consider when buying a table saw and they’re vital to its performance and effectiveness.

To get the most out of your table saw, it’s imperative that your blades are the correct setting. Using the wrong blade could not only result in your handiwork being destroyed but even in serious injury due to centrifugal force. In layman’s terms, the blade and saw are designed to work together at maximum speed, but if the blade exceeds this it will be damaged.

It’s also a good idea to consider what materials you’re going to be working on before purchasing a blade. For ripping softer woods quickly, a rip blade is ideal as it has fewer larger teeth but it does leave a rough finish. If you’re planning on doing crosscuts, there are blades specifically designed for them. Crosscut blades have lots of smaller teeth and leave a clean finish, but can take a little while to cut. Combination blades are great for performing multiple different types of cuts on softer materials without having to change the blade.

However, if you’re going to be cutting into harder materials such as metal and hardwood, we recommend buying a specific blade for that purpose. Finally, consider what the blade teeth are made from. Steel-tipped teeth are the most common and work well on most woods. For cutting metal, try tungsten carbide-tipped teeth and diamond-tipped teeth are perfect for cutting brick and masonry. 


Fences are crucial to aligning the wood so that it’s parallel with the blade, ensuring a precise cut every time.

The more aligned your fence is, the smoother your cut will be. It’s important to ensure that the sliding, adjustment and locking mechanisms are smooth and precise to prevent any risk of kick-back. Many table saws claim to come fitted with a high-quality fence, however, it’s important to take this with a pinch of salt and carry out your own research before using the saw.

Cheaper table saws rarely include a good fence, so this may be something you’d want to consider purchasing afterward. 

Dust Collection

A lot of sawdust is created when cutting wood and it can get rather messy.

This can also become a hazard over time as debris and sawdust coming into contact with a fast-moving blade which causes friction which heats it up and eventually catches fire. This can be prevented by ensuring that your table saw has a safe dust collection mechanism. Some saws will come equipped with a dust bag that you attach when using the saw and empty when it’s full. This isn’t a suitable system if you’re planning on cutting consistently however, it can be ideal for portable saws and those undertaking small DIY projects.

Cabinet saws have a much more convenient method of collecting dust as the debris is collected within the cabinet itself and funneled into an extraction port which you can directly attach a vacuum hose. This makes cleaning up much easier. 

Miter Gauge

Mitre gauges are designed for holding a piece of material in place at a specific angle and can pivot to ensure a precise cut. However, not all table saws come equipped with a miter gauge, so if you know that you’re going to be making angled cuts, it’s a good idea to look for a table that has a groove suitable for a miter gauge.

Basic miter gauges aren’t overly expensive but expect to pay a little more for one of high-quality. 


How much power your table saw will need is dependent on what kind of work you plan to be doing with it.

Low-powered models will be fine for small occasional cutting but they wouldn’t be suitable for cutting through large amounts of whole boards as this will put too much strain on the motor. If you plan on developing your woodwork skills, it’s best to invest in a saw with a higher power. However, the more powerful cabinet saws will, of course, be far more expensive than lower-powered portable saws.

If you purchase a saw with between 110 and 230 volts, you shouldn’t have any problems with power. 

On/Off Switch

On/off switches are essential with any machinery but particularly important when working with sharp blades to keep you safe as you work.

The switch should be as big and as visible as possible in case of an emergency. Your hands will most likely be a little occupied, so it’s a good idea to buy a saw with the on/off switch at around knee height. High-quality modern saws will often come with a magnetic switch. These are great in the event of a power cut as when the power is restored from the mains, the magnet will stop the saw from starting back up by itself, possibly saving your masterpiece and a finger or two.

Also, many on/off switches are covered slightly by a protective flap, this prevents the button from being pushed by accident while working or brushing past it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much table space do I need?

A rip capacity of 24-28 inches should be enough for most projects. If you’re going to be processing full pieces of wood or building large furniture and houses, a 50 inch rip capacity may be essential.

There are also table saws for tiny workspaces available, starting from just 10 inches. 

Are table saws safe?

If used correctly, table saws are safe but should be used with caution like all power tools.

It’s essential that you wear the correct PPE when using a saw, including protective glasses, gloves and adequate hearing protection. Do not wear loose fitting clothing or accessories as these can get caught in the blade mechanism and result in injury.

We also recommend only working on pieces that are 12 inches or larger, as smaller pieces are much harder to control and could lead to slipping and painful accidents. 

Do I really need a table saw?

Table saws are far easier to use than regular circular saws, this makes them ideal for woodwork novices who find it difficult making precision cuts and crosscuts.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend giving a table saw a go as it’s a convenient tool that’s definitely worth having if you have enough space for it.

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