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Best Propane Generators

Let’s discuss propane generators: the excellent devices that convert motorized energy into electricity through the compression of propane that can be used to power all sorts of electrical gadgets.

From household devices like your refrigerator and lights to an entire RV electricity system and heavy-duty power tools on a building site, the opportunities offered by propane generators are endless so it’s not surprising that they are growing increasingly more popular.

With so many propane generators on the market, we understand it can be confusing to find the right one for you, but we are here to help.

To aid in your search for the perfect generator we have put together this simple guide to the best propane generators on the market. There is also a buying guide, complete with an FAQ section to help you understand the way we have ranked the different options, and how to find the one that is perfect for you.  

In a hurry?

If you are in a rush to buy a propane generator, why not consider our top pick: the Westinghouse WGEN7500DF Dual Fuel Generator.

We chose this generator as the best on the market for so many reasons, but the key features that lead to this decision are listed below, why not take a look and see if this could be the right choice for you?: 

  • Dual fuel generator offers versatility and flexibility, with a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that operates at 6,750 continuous watts with an 8,550 surge when operating with propane. 
  • Various safety features, including electric push-button start, rubber outlet covers, and automatic low oil shut down feature. 
  • An intuitive control panel with multiple outlets, including two GFCI 2-20R 12OV household outlets and one L14-30R 30A twist-lock outlet. 
  • Additional accessories, including a remote key fob, 12V battery charger, oil funnel, oil, a tool kit, and a user’s manual for easy setup.

Top 5 Best Propane Generators 


Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 9500 Peak Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, Gas & Propane Powered, CARB Compliant

Our favorite propane generator on the market is the Westinghouse WGEN7500DF dual fuel generator.

This generator is highly versatile as it can use either propane or gasoline as its fuel source, which is always good in case you run out of one type of fuel and also offers the ability to switch fuel sources while the machine is still running.

When operating on propane, the WGEN7500DF offers a continuous power outage of 6750 watts, with a peak power of 8550 watts giving ample power to operate a variety of electrical appliances.

machine has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank capacity, complete with a fuel gauge so you can always monitor how much fuel you have in the tank and know when you need to refill.

It also runs on a 420cc Westinghouse 4-stroke OHV engine which has an automatic low oil shutdown feature for safety, a digital hour meter so you know how many hours the machine will operate for and a cast iron sleeve to protect the device from the elements.

With 3 outlets including two GFCI 5-20R 120V household duplex outlets and one L14-30R 120/240V 20A twist-lock outlet, it is easy to see why this generator is one of the best on the market. 


  • Versatile as it can be powered by propane or gasoline
  • Electric push-button start
  • Never worry about losing power as you can switch power sources while the generator is running
  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • Easily portable with wheels and handles
  • Powers multiple appliances simultaneously
  • Automatic low oil shutdown and rubber outlet covers for added safety


  • No RV outlet


Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start

The next generator featured on this list is the Champion Power Equipment 76533.

Similar to the last generator, this device is also dual-fuel so can be operated with propane but has the added versatility of being compatible with gas if you needed it to be. The 76533 is ready to operate straight out of the box and extremely user-friendly with a variety of safety features.

Its intelligauge display allows you to keep track of voltage, hertz, and run-time hours giving you the ability to monitor output and maintenance intervals, while its low oil shut-off sensor greatly reduces the risk of fire or damage to the machine if you did not notice that the oil needs refilling.

It also has a built-in surge protector to stop overloads of energy and features one 120V-30A RV output, one 120V-30A locking outlet, and two 120V-20A household outlets.

Its electric toggle-switch activates the 224cc Champion engine allowing the device to operate at a continuous rate of 3420 watts, with a surge of 4.275 when running on propane giving an excellent source of power for a variety of devices.


  • User-friendly
  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Versatile - can be operated with propane or gasoline
  • Intelligauge display to monitor voltage, hertz, and run-time hours 
  • Safety features including surge protector and low oil shut off
  • Easily portable


  • Lower watts than its competitors


Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator - 9500 Rated Watts & 12000 Peak Watts - Gas & LPG - Electric Start - Transfer Switch & RV Ready - CARB Compliant

Another excellent propane generator on the market is the Pulsar G12KBN dual fuel generator, which differs from its competitors on this list as it is designed for heavy-duty use.

The machine operates on a 457cc single-cylinder, air-cooled OHV engine with an 8-gallon fuel tank producing a continuous rate of 8550 watts with a surge of 10,800 watts, making it the perfect generator for electrical devices that require a lot of power.

With a variety of safety features including electric start, a powder-coated frame, low oil shut-off, and automatic voltage regulation, you can feel safe using this machine despite its mammoth power output.

Unsurprisingly, this machine offers the most output options of the generators on this list with 7 different outlets including four 120V 20A AC outputs, one 120/240V 20A twist-lock output, one 120/240V 50A outlet, and one 12V DC output, giving ample space to power electrical appliances, tools, and many other devices.

Despite its size, the Pulsar G12KBN is easily portable with drop-down handles and 10” wheels, making it one of the best propane generators on the market.


  • Multiple power outlets
  • Lightweight for a heavy-duty machine with added features for portability
  • Fuel efficient
  • Extremely high run time and high power 
  • Electric start, low oil shut off, and automatic voltage regulation for safety
  • Dual-fuel capability - can be operated with propane or gas


  • No remote start feature


DuroMax XP4850EH Generator-4850 Watt Gas or Propane Powered-Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Dual Fuel Portable Generator, Green

Following on from the Pulsar, the next generator on this list is the DuroMax XP4850EH dual fuel generator.

Like its competitors on this list, the XP4850EH also has a dual-fuel capability, and when operating with propane can produce a continuous power of 3850 watts hitting 4850 watts at its peak.

The DuroMax operates with a powerful 208cc engine allowing it to handle heavy loads and provide power to a variety of appliances including light circuits, refrigerators, home air conditioning units, and even high amp power tools.

With its easily portable design, this machine is perfect for any situation and can easily be used with an RV, on a job site, or to provide emergency power.

The generator offers 3 power outlets including two 120V 20A household outlets, and one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, while also operating at a quiet noise level of 69dBA.

Additionally, this product comes with an oil funnel, a spark plug wrench, a handle kit, toolset, DC charging cables, and a user’s manual, providing you with everything you need and making it one of the best propane generators currently available.


  • Up to 20 hours run time on propane
  • Easily portable 
  • All metal construction for durability 
  • Low oil shut off and electric start safety features
  • Operates at 69dBA


  • Analog voltmeter can be difficult to read


Firman H03652 4550/3650 Watt Recoil Start Gas or Propane Dual Fuel Portable Generator CARB and cETL Certified with Wheel Kit, Black

The final generator on this list is the Firman H03652 dual fuel generator, which in line with all the other generators on this list can be operated with either propane or gasoline.

The Firman H03652 has a 208cc engine which generates a continuous output of 3650 watts, hitting 4550 watts at its peak.  A 5-gallon tank of propane can provide this generator with 8 hours continuous run time, and the generator itself has a quiet operating noise of 67 dBA.

With a built-in fuel gauge to allow you to check fuel easily, and a meter displaying the voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours left, this machine is extremely user-friendly.

The Firman H03652 comes with a variety of safety features including a low oil shut off feature, and cast iron sleeve, as well as additional features for portability including, 8-inch wheels and a folding handle making it perfect for camping, emergency power and work on job sites.

The machine offers 4 power outlets including two 120V 20A GFCI AC outlets, one 120V 30A L5-30R receptacle, and one 120V 30A TT-30R receptible making it RV ready. Finally, this device is EPA approved and delivers efficient power and clean fuel making it one of the best propane generators on the market.


  • Easily portable 
  • Quiet operating noise - 67dBA
  • EPA approved 
  • Safety features including low oil shutoff and devices to measure fuel level easily
  • Includes GFCI outlets and is RV ready


  • No electric start feature

Best Propane Generators Buying Guide

There are so many benefits that come with owning a propane generator so it isn’t surprising that they are an increasingly popular device to own.

Propane generators can be used in so many different environments, including at home, while camping, or on a job site, to power a variety of different things including home appliances, RVs, and powerful work tools. They can be helpful in emergencies and useful in all manner of situations, but it can be confusing to know what to look for when buying a generator. 

With so many different brands of propane generators on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is the perfect one for you. All of the above generators are some of the best available on the market, however, what constitutes perfect for you will depend on what you are planning to use the generator for.

But there’s no need to worry because we have put together this helpful guide full of things to consider when buying a propane generator. 


One thing to consider when buying a propane generator is portability, as the importance of this will depend on what you intend on using the machine for.

While all of the generators on the list above are designed with portability in mind, this is not the case for all of the propane generators on the market, and in particular, the larger, more powerful generators may be near impossible to transport. Even the smaller generators are usually heavy and can be difficult to transport, so you should definitely consider how often you want to move the machine before making a purchase.

For example, if you want a propane generator to take away on camping holidays portability will be very important, but if you want one to power your home this might not be as crucial. 


A very important thing to also think about is safety as propane generators are extremely powerful machines that come with risks.

In recent years, propane generators have started to include more safety features to protect you as the user and the machine itself from damage. A common feature you will find on a lot of propane generators is a low oil alert/low oil automatic shut off function, which will either notify you that the device is low on oil or if it gets too low will shut the machine off to reduce the risk of fire and protect the generator itself from damage.

Another popular safety precaution is the surge prevention feature which can protect sensitive electronics, like computers, from a power surge and also reduce the risk of electrocution when connecting devices to the generator.

Power Needs 

Another important thing to consider when buying a generator is what devices you plan on operating off of it. This is extremely important when buying a propane generator as they tend to operate at a lower wattage than gasoline powered generators.

So for example, if you want a generator to power your entire house, you should look for one than outputs 5000+ watts, whereas if you want a generator to use while you are on a camping holiday a smaller generator will do the job. Another thing to watch out for, especially when considering buying a dual fuel generator is that the gasoline run time and output will be higher than when it is operating with propane.

Most manufacturers will use the gasoline output for advertising because of this, so make sure to check the propane output before making a purchase. 

Output Ports

A final thing to consider when buying a propane generator is the output ports as these are how you transport the energy from the generator to the devices you want to be powered.

Every generator will come with different output ports, and the different types will be more or less important depending on your intentions of use. For example, if you wish to power an RV you should definitely look for a generator that has an RV port ready for use, whereas if you want to use the generator for home use you should look for a generator with more AC outlets.

Different ports are better suited for different types of appliances so it is best to research what you want to use the generator for and what outlet is best for that device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a propane generator?

A propane generator is a machine that produces electricity that can be used to power electrical devices.

A propane generator produces electricity by converting motorized power through the combustion of propane. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that is better for the environment than gasoline and other fossil fuels and has a variety of other benefits including being readily available and causing less damage to the generator if left unused. 

What can I use a propane generator for?

A propane generator can be used to power a variety of household appliances. From kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and microwave ovens to other household appliances including computers and TV systems. Additionally, a propane generator can be used to provide electricity to garage doors, air-conditioning systems, and security systems.

While a portable propane generator can be used to power tools on a building site or can be taking on camping/RV trips to produce power on the go. Depending on the exact things you want to use the machine for certain generators will be better suited. 

How close can the generator be to the propane tank?

You can store your generator inside or outside but it has to be kept 10 feet away from the propane tank or any other power source you may be using.

There are additional guidelines you must follow including keeping the generator 3 feet away from any non-combustible material and 10 feet away from any plants and vegetation. You should also check for any additional guidelines that may be applicable in your area.

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