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Best Mechanics Tool Sets

There’s nothing worse than opening your tool set only to realize that you don’t have what you need for the job.  When you have to pop out to buy an additional tool for a repair, it could double the length of time it takes to do the repair.  

So you’d be well advised to get all the tools you need in one set.  Get a good comprehensive set to begin with, and then if you need to add to it, do so as the need arises.  

Because if you know exactly how to correct a fault it makes sense to rectify it yourself rather than pay out for someone else to do it for you.  Especially if you’d struggle to get an appointment.

There are some great tool sets out on the market today, with many specifically dedicated for use by mechanics, not just your generic DIY tool sets.

We’ve handpicked our favorite mechanics tool sets to show you, all best sellers, and the reviews are coming up shortly.

After that we’ve also got a great little buying guide for you which runs through everything you might want to think about before you buy.

Best Mechanics Tool Sets


DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 1/4' & 3/8' & 1/2' Drive, SAE/Metric, 205-piece (DWMT81534)

This best selling mechanics tool set comes from one of the biggest brands in tool manufacture, Dewalt.  And coming from such a company you can expect quality and durability.

Coming in at a whopping 205 pieces you’ve got plenty of eventualities covered.  You get a very comprehensive selection of sockets, including point sockets and point deep sockets and spark plug sockets.  You also get 10 combination wrenches, various extension bars, a female to male adapter, 18 nut bits, 28 hex keys, a bit driver and 33 speciality bits.

The stand out feature of the set has to be it’s 72 tooth count ratchet, which is real easy to maneuver around on tight places, whether you’re loosening or tightening, thanks to its 5 degree arc swing,

Most pieces are all metal, but the screwdriver has an anti slip grip which is super comfy to use.

Please see the Amazon page for the sizes and measurements of the various pieces.

The tools all come in a durable case that will fit anywhere and keep your gear all organized and in one place.  And it’s super portable, you can carry it like you would a suitcase.

On the Amazon page that the link takes you to, please note that there are different sets available with different numbers of pieces.  You can either buy a tools set that focuses solely on sockets and wrenches, or you can buy it with a pliers set, a drill bit set, or a screwdriver bit set.  Make sure you only buy what you want.

If you decide to go for this one, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer to get the lifetime warranty, just for your own piece of mind.


  • Great, well established brand
  • Very comprehensive socket set
  • Includes 72 tooth count ratchet
  • All in a portable durable case
  • Lifetime warranty available


  • Some of the reviews on the Amazon page are for other sets besides the 205 piece, so be careful not to get confused by the reviews


STANLEY Mechanics Tools Kit , Mixed Set, 210-Piece (STMT73795)

This mechanics tool set comes from a very good well established brand, Stanley.  And the quality is as good as you’d expect.

It is quite pricey for a tool set, but if you don’t have all of these pieces already, then it is worth the investment.

It’s got a lot more to it than just your sockets, wrenches nuts and bolts, and that’s what makes it such a good overall set.

So, here’s what’s included: a huge selection of sockets, including deep sockets and spark plug sockets, loads of drive bits and nut bits, 28 hex keys, 4 ratchets, a spinner handle with adapter, 8 combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench, a tape measure, a utility knife, long nose pliers, groove joint pliers, and 4 cushion grip screwdrivers.

Please see the Amazon page for the sizes and measurements of the various pieces.

The tools are all chrome vanadium forged body which is what gives them such good torque and strength.  It also makes them very durable, which is further helped by their chrome finish which helps protect against corrosion.

Another thing we love about this set is its storage case.  Not only does it keep all your tools organized and in one place and lets you carry it like a suitcase, but it's tri-fold design with a twist lock is great for keeping your tools secure.

The tools are tested following the manufacturing process and they have all met the ANSI standards, that’s the US and International Standards 

It all comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is real reassuring.  You can download the warranty info from the Amazon page, and there you’ll find the number for customer services, not that we think you’ll ever need it.


  • Great well established brand
  • Includes extras like pliers, screwdrivers, etc
  • Tools are chrome vanadium forged
  • Chrome finished for anti corrosion
  • Tri-fold case with twist lock for security
  • Lifetime warranty available


  • Premium product at a premium price


Prostormer 240-Piece Mechanics Hand Tool Set, General Assorted SAE/Metric Sockets and Wrenches Automotive Repair Tool Kit with Plastic Storage Toolbox

OK, so these tools don’t come from such a strong brand, but they’ve still made the best seller lists with retailers and just look at the price!  Under $90 is fantastic for a set with so many pieces, well over 200 pieces.

Despite its incredible affordability, the tools are all top quality, forged with high quality for steel for torque and strength and finished with chrome vanadium polish which does a great job of protecting tools from corrosion.

You get all the usual tools you find in a mechanics tool set, including several sockets (deep, shallow and spark plug), ratchets, driver bits, hex keys, combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench and a magnetic bit holder.  These include both metric and SAE sizes.  

But better yet, with its inclusion of screwdriver gear and various pliers, the tool set also doubles as a set of tools for doing DIY around your home too.  So handy.

Please see the Amazon page for the sizes and measurements of the various pieces.

It all comes in its own case which keeps all your tools organized for you and is easy to carry around.

The kit comes with a full years’ warranty and lifetime technical support, and the support is quite friendly too.


  • Bargain price
  • Doubles as a DIY tool set
  • Includes magnetic bit holder
  • Includes metric and SAE sizes
  • Comes with a full years’ warranty
  • Lifetime technical support


  • It may not come from quite as established a brand as our other Picks, but it holds its own and has seen great customer feedback


Hi-Spec 65pc Home & Garage Auto Tool Kit Set. Complete Essential Hand Tools for DIY Mechanics Repairs in a Carry Box

As the product title states, this is a tool kit specifically put together for use with automotives.

At just 65 pieces, it features less than half of some of the other mechanics tool sets we’re showing you.  As such, it’s not so much a kit for professional mechanics but it’s a really good kit for anyone who wants to carry out repairs on their own vehicle.

In terms of what’s actually included, you get a range of metric and SAE sockets, including spark plug sockets, and a screwdriver with 16 different screwdriver bits.  And while you don’t get a range of combination wrenches, you instead get an adjustable wrench which can manipulate a range of different fasteners.  

There’s also needle nose pliers, which are well suited to both pulling wire and cutting it.

We also like it’s inclusion of a good quality tire pressure gauge and voltage tester.  Items that aren’t typically included in a more generic mechanics tool set.  And it also comes with a brass wire brush, for removing dirt and grime for areas where it could lead to damage.

Another of our favorite inclusions is the pickup tool.  With it being magnetic, it can easily pick up nuts and bolts from tight spaces.  So handy!

Please see the Amazon page for the sizes and measurements of the various pieces.

The tools all meet international standards of testing and are guaranteed against defects.

It comes in a very compact case that can easily fit in your car’s glove compartment (if it’s not full of other stuff).


  • Includes a tire pressure gauge
  • Includes a voltage tester
  • Includes a magnetic pick up tool
  • Fits in your glove compartment
  • Much more affordable than 200 piece sets


  • Has an adjustable wrench rather than a range of different sized combination wrenches.  Not the end of the world, but perhaps not ideal.


CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit / Mechanics Tool Set, 57-Piece, Hammer, Screwdrivers, Drill Bits, Sockets, Ratchet, Hex Keys, Tape Measure, Pliers and More (CMMT99446)

If you haven’t got the cash for a large 200 piece kit, and you’re looking for something smaller, then we can recommend this one.  You get 57 pieces in total, but it will still fit in your glove compartment and better yet, Amazon usually sells it for under $50.

Although it has “home tool kit” in the title, it includes all the main items for a mechanics tools set.  But having said, it’s nice to know that your tool set can double as a more generic DIY kit for other repairs.

There’s an assortment of sockets provided, and although it’s not quite the same wide range that you get with a 200 piece set, it does have the sockets that you’re most likely to need.  And the sizes are easy to identify thanks to their large markings.

There’s an array of other bits besides, including a 72 tooth ratchet, slip joint pliers, screwdrivers, a fibreglass hammer, a tape measure and 2 sets of hex keys.

What we like about this set is that all of the hand tools are super easy to grip, which is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.  The materials in the grip of the hand tools are specifically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

It comes with a full lifetime warranty, which is very reassuring.

Please note that the link to the Amazon page brings up 4 different kits.  You can choose from 57 pieces, 102 pieces, and from home tool kit and home tool kit plus drill bit set.  Please ensure that you only select the one you’re interested in.


  • Great affordable price
  • Includes pliers and screwdrivers
  • Fits in your glove compartment
  • Grips designed to reduce hand fatigue
  • Comes with a full lifetime warranty


  • There are no wrenches or adjustable wrench, but the 72 tooth ratchet should suffice in most situations

Best Mechanics Tool Sets Buying Guide

As promised, here we’ll cover everything that you might want to to think about before you buy your mechanics tools set.

Essential Items Required

Of course, if you just want to get yourself a tool set to carry out quick repairs on your own vehicle, then you’ll need a somewhat smaller set than someone who is a mechanic by profession.

If you’re about to embark on a mechanic’s course, then you should have been provided with a list of what you need for the course.  If you haven’t, then we strongly recommend that you get in touch with the course provider for such a list.  Then come back here to see if we’ve got a tool set you can use.

Regardless of the purpose behind getting your mechanics tool set, you will certainly need the following items to be included provided you don’t have them already:

  • Socket set
  • Wrench set (or adjustable wrench)
  • Screwdrivers set
  • Pliers

Although it’s possible to buy such elements of a mechanic’s tool kit separately, there’s a lot to be said for having all the items you need in one collection, in one handy portable box.

It’s worth noting at this point that many mechanics tool sets don’t actually have absolutely everything that you might need, even the 200 pieces set.  For example such tool sets don’t include any car jacks, power tools, or battery chargers etc.

It’s also worth noting that different vehicles sometimes require different tools (e.g. car versus motorcycle).


We recommend going for brands you’ve heard of wherever possible.  We’ve deliberately included big name brands in our Top 5 Picks, not just because they are popular best sellers, but also because they typically provide products of better quality.

These bigger brands typically have several mechanics tool sets available to buy, so if the one/s we show you don’t do it for you, it’s certainly worth browsing around to see what else they have to offer.

Budget versus Number of tools/pieces

As you may have seen from our product reviews earlier, the more pieces there in a tool set, naturally the more the set is going to cost.  That’s why it’s important to check what tools you already have against what tools you can expect to use.

This is a big consideration because some mechanics tool sets can cost more than double the price of others.  But getting all the main items in one stint can save you from having to spend out on tools over and over again.

In our Top 5 picks, all of these tool sets will be suitable for many emergencies and repairs, but some of the sets are clearly more comprehensive than others, and we have tried to include sets for every budget from one under $50 to some over $100.  Ultimately how much you’re prepared to spend is a personal decision.


All of the mechanics tool sets that we’ve shown you in our Top 5 Picks, all come complete in their own handy box, with a handle.  This is great because it means that you can carry all of your tools without worrying about any tools falling out or getting lost.

This can come in handy, not just for taking from one part of a workshop to another (if you’re a mechanic) but also for keeping in your car if you’re buying it for personal use.


If possible, it’s always good to go for tools and tool sets that come complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.  Not just because it means that you can return or replace the product free of charge, if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with it.  But also because it’s a sign of good quality.  

If you’re considering buying a tool set that does not come from a well established brand, please be sure to check if there’s any warranty or guarantee in place to make up for it.

If a manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty, that generally means that they expect the product to remain in good working condition for the duration of the period.

Customer Reviews

We think it’s always a good idea to check out genuine customer reviews before buying products such as these.  We’re not saying that you need to read every review necessarily, but rather just get a feel for what people are saying about the particular item you’re interested in.

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