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Best Laser Levels

Having a decent laser level can make a huge difference to how a project can turn out in the end. Of course, you always want to provide your clients with the best possible results, but without the right laser level you could end up providing sloppy results. If you want real accuracy, it is of course imperative that you have a high quality laser level at your disposal.

There are a lot of great laser levels on the market, and because of this you may find it difficult to know what exactly you’re looking for. You need not worry any longer - we’ve written this article to take the guesswork out of buying the best product for you. Read on for the best laser levels out there, in addition to a handy buyer’s guide to help you to narrow down your decision.

Best Laser Levels


DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Cross Line, Red Beam (DW088K)

If you are looking for a laser level, the Dewalt DW088K Self Leveling Cross Line Laser truly has it all. This versatile option is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, and provides great value for money as a whole. You could use it at home or for professional purposes too.

This laser level is water and debris resistant, which means it’s certainly durable enough to deal with being on site for long periods of time without any risk of damage. It’s battery operated and projects bright red laser beams that are perfect for use indoors within a working range of 100ft. They are accurate for a range of different layouts and leveling applications. 

The device is made with two cross line beams that are easy to see for the intended purposes. These beams are accurate for up to ⅛ inch at 30 feet. It even comes with a magnetic pivot base so it can be mounted easily on metal surfaces. It also has a fast self leveling feature. With so many features, you really can’t go wrong with this fantastic option and it is sure to serve you well both at home and out on the field. 


  • Battery operated
  • ⅛ inch accuracy at 30 ft
  • Self leveling


  • None


DEWALT Line Laser, Self-Leveling, Red, 3-Beam (DW089K)

The Dewalt DW089K Self Leveling Line Laser is a fantastic choice if you want an innovative choice that will truly be an asset to you both at home or on a job site. Perhaps the key feature of this line laser is the second plumb line, which basically creates a 90 degree angle intersecting line on the ceiling and the floor. This is particularly handy because it means you don’t even need a second laser level! 

The laser level comes with a micro adjust knob that allows you to be able to align the laser like you need to - it’s also incredibly bright so it’s ideal if you need more visibility. It also has a track clearance of 1-¾ inches so it can be raised over drywall track and you don’t even need extra accessories such as extenders and tripods. 

The device comes with 3 laser beams in total and this includes a 90 degree angle plumb line. The vertical beam also means that you don’t need a second laser level either. It’s perfect for when you want to be able to install acoustic ceilings and drywall applications easily, and it is operated using 4 AA batteries with a total of roughly 30 hours of battery life. It only weighs 4.4 pounds too so it’s relatively lightweight. 


  • Long battery life
  • 3 year warranty
  • Battery operation


  • It’s a little tricky to keep steady on metal surfaces


BOSCH GLL30 30ft Cross-Line Laser Level Self-Leveling with 360 Degree Flexible Mounting Device

The Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser is the perfect tool to make sure that alignment is made simple and fast. This is a very versatile tool that will project two lines, giving you a cross line projection that’s incredibly easy to see.

The Bosch GLL line laser is incredibly simple to use, all you need to do is flip a switch and you can make accurate measurements to your heart’s content. The device has an accuracy of +/- 5/16 inches at 30 feet too. 

The device comes with a MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device that you can use to set it up quickly and efficiently. It’s very durable, made with a plastic outer cover that helps to protect it from any falls and bumps. It only weighs 0.5 lbs too so it’s lightweight and easy to store away too.


  • Compact
  • Self leveling
  • One switch operating system


  • Not the best water resistance


Laser Level Line Tool, Qooltek Multipurpose Cross Line Laser 8 feet Measure Tape Ruler Adjusted Standard and Metric Rulers for hanging pictures

The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is the ideal tool to keep in your home for a rainy day. We all know there’s nothing worse than hanging your newest painting on the wall but something isn’t quite right. Well, you no longer need to worry with this handy tool! Your pictures will be pin straight on your wall in no time, without any of the guesswork usually required. 

The laser level is incredibly easy to use, so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to set up right out of the box. You can operate the laser level with just one button, so it’s very simple to use. You can also use it pretty much anywhere that you need to measure. It comes with three tools in total, a laser level, traditional bubble level and a measuring tape. 

The level weighs only 184g, but despite the level’s lightweight nature, it is incredibly durable, consisting of a hard plastic material. If you wish to, you can also attach the laser level onto a tripod, though it does not come with a mounting bracket.


  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with a mounting bracket


Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser System Kit, Red, 1 Kit

If you’re a professional that’s looking for a good quality laser level for projects on site, then you will be well equipped for the job with the Johnson Level Tool 99 006K Self Leveling Laser System. This laser level is ideal for use out and indoors, and it has a slower rotational speed which means that it’s much easier to see the beams.

The laser level comes with a bunch of different features, including an enclosed beacon that will stop the inner mechanism from getting damaged by water and dust on site. It’s very easy to prepare for us, and all you have to do is disengage the transportation lock. The laser level will then level itself without any further input from you.

The laser is ideal as long as the job site is no bigger than 800 ft. It’s highly visible in low light conditions but when you are in bright daylight it may be worth using the receiver that comes with it. It also comes with a lightweight aluminum tripod that you can rest the laser level on. 


  • Good value for money
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Good visibility


  • Not ideal for job sites larger than 800 ft

Best Laser Levels Buying Guide

Kinds of Laser Levels

There are actually a number of different types of laser levels out there, and they all have different purposes. First of all you have a line laser. This is the standard form of laser level. Usually, when you have put it onto the surface of the wall of choice, it sends out one solitary level line onto that surface. That means that doing things like hanging pictures is simple because there is a line there that will allow you to see the level correctly, so you won’t have any misaligned paintings on the wall.

Dot lasers are another option. These essentially release a series of dots on a level plane, and you can use these as reference points so that you can hang pretty much whatever you need to keep level.

Then there’s the rotary laser. These aren’t entirely dissimilar to line lasers in the sense that they will depict a line, but instead with a rotary laser the line will go on any wall in a room. This essentially helps to make sure that pretty much everything in the whole room that’s on a wall remains level. They tend to cost a lot of money and tend to also be used for things like general construction, like grading and foundations, among other things.

Things to Consider


Of course, the more accuracy the laser level is, the more accuracy you will have in your work when it is done. You can usually check the accuracy level of a laser level by checking the different dots, line or points of reference that it has. Generally the more reference points there are the more accuracy you will get with your work.


It’s very important to consider visibility when you are selecting a laser level. If it is not actually possible to see the laser then it’s going to be pretty useless to you because you won’t be able to use them as reference points.

It should be considered, however, that the visibility is also going to be directly affected by external factors such as sunlight. If you are going to be working outdoors, then, you should be trying to get a brighter laser than what you may choose if working indoors, or in a room without any windows.


The amount of range that you are going to get from your laser is going to vary depending on what you buy. Generally models that are more expensive will provide larger ranges than cheaper models that are significantly smaller.

You should take a moment to think about how much you are going to be using your laser level before buying. After you have done this, try to find a laser level that has a somewhat bigger range than what you feel you are going to need. If you do this, then if you do end up tackling a bigger project you are still prepared, and you won’t need to worry about regretting your purchase further down the road.

Amount of Spots or Beams

You may need to opt for a more advanced laser level, depending on the project you are trying to complete. Ultimately this means that you will need a level that is able to give you more dots/beams so that you have quicker points of reference. If you’re only doing a fairly straightforward project, however, then it’s not going to be necessary to get anything above the basic kinds of laser levels. Making these kinds of considerations can save you a lot of money in the long run!


You primarily have two color choices when it comes to laser levels. You either have green or red lasers available to you. Of course, the kind of color you need is going to depend on where you plan on using it. Generally green lasers are preferable for outdoor locations because they are easier to see in bright sunlight. Red lasers are usually bed for low lighting, such as indoor areas like garages and basements.

Ingres Protection Rating

The Ingres Protection Rating is basically a scale that describes two key factors that will affect hhow your laser level works in a negative way. The first digit which is represented by numbers 1-7, will show how tightly the device is sealed against any dust. Generally, if the number is higher it means the resistance it also greater.

The second number in the rating scale will demonstrate how water resistant the level is. This is rated from 1 to 9, and one is the least resistant to any moisture. 9, then, is the most water resistant. You are going to need to ensure that the laser level is relative to where you are working - you’re going to need an option that fits with what you need so you are adequately protected against things such as the rain when you are working outdoors.


Portability isn’t necessarily a key consideration unless you have to carry it around with you on various jobs. If you are planning on using the laser level inside your home then getting a slightly larger model should not be an issue, whereas it may be a bit more of an issue if you are working on ladders throughout the day.

You should try to get a smaller laser level if you are going to be moving around a lot, as you will be able to take it with you this way no matter where you intend to go. It should be noted, however, that a smaller model may also be less powerful, and smaller models also don’t tend to provide you with as many features either.

Power Source

Not every site is going to have a power source so this is certainly something that you should think about before buying your laser level. Most laser levels will use any batteries from AA to rechargeable ones. It’s great having an option with standard batteries because you can switch them out fairly easily and they are cheap, but they don’t tend to last as long as rechargeable batteries.

Of course, rechargeable batteries cost more upfront but this is not much of an issue when you consider the fact that you can use them again and again. It can be problematic to rely on rechargeable batteries sometimes though, as you may forget to charge it and have to do so on the job, which can waste a lot of valuable time.

Battery Life

Following on from the previous point, how much battery life you need is largely going to depend on how often you are going to use the laser level. As we already mentioned, you will be able to use rechargeable batteries for longer than your normal AA and AAA batteries, and you can also recharge them which can save money in the long run. Rechargeable batteries can take a while to charge though, and if you do end up running out in the middle of a job you won’t be able to just swap them out for new ones. 

If you’re going to be using the level on a regular basis then you will be best suited to getting an option with rechargeable batteries because it will save you money. On the other hand, if you only intend to use the level occasionally then it may be better to opt for standard batteries.

Mounting System

There are a number of ways to mount a laser level, which is great because it means they are versatile enough to be used in a number of different working situations.

Some manufacturers will use magnets for their mounting system, whereas others may choose to use vice like grips. Of course, you should always consider whether the level is able to mount to many different surfaces such as pipes, bars, struts, tripods and walls to ensure that you can use them for pretty much any job that you need them for.
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