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5 Best Insulated Screwdriver Sets in 2021 – Guide & Reviews

A screwdriver is undeniably one of the most common tools that you will find inside a toolbox. It is one of the most commonly sought after by many trade workers. As the shaft is made from metal it tends to conduct electricity and when exposed to electrical elements there can be consequences. 

Best insulated screwdrivers reviews

There are many insulated screwdriver sets available, offering a range of different options for your money. We have browsed the market for you selecting our top picks of the best-insulated screwdriver sets. Below, we have also included a handy buyer's guide containing all of our top tips for choosing the best product. 

Are you in a hurry? If you don't have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below. 

Insulated Screwdriver Sets - Our Top Picks


Milwaukee 48-22-2202 3-Piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

The three-piece Milwaukee insulated screwdriver set is safe for jobs where you may be exposed to electrical currents of 1000V, ensuring that you are safe from the risk of any potential injury.

As a three-piece set, there is an ECX 1, a Phillips, and a slotted tip shaft included. Courtesy of the double insulation, the outer being red and the inner being yellow, you have a greater awareness in regards to the condition of your screwdrivers and whether they have sustained damage. This ultimately helps to reduce any risks posed to your safety as a result. Conveniently, these shafts have been designed with lanyard holes at the tip which allows you to attach some string through the handles if you choose, for easy storage and the ability to hang them from a wall if you would prefer. 

Of course, the construction of the screwdriver handles is paramount in providing you with the necessary protection against this high voltage that is needed. With flame-retardant and impact resistant qualities, these screwdrivers are going to withstand high voltages well without becoming easily damaged after frequent exposure. They have also been made with rubber handles which allows you to maintain a sturdy grip on your tool.



👍  Each of the screwdrivers are clearly labeled for easy identification when trying to locate them in your tool kit.

👍  The dual insulation shows when your tool is becoming worn or damaged, reducing any risk posed to you as a result.

👍  Robustly designed, this is a durable set that is going to withstand frequent and excessive use.

👎  They lack magnetic qualities which can make some jobs difficult to complete as a result. 


Klein Tools 33532-INS Electrical Insulated Screwdriver Set of 2, 4-Inch Phillips and Cabinet Set, Made in USA

Coming in a set of two, the Klein Tools electrical insulated screwdriver set is safe to use with up to 1000 volts dramatically reducing the risk posed to you as the user.

As a two-part set, you will receive one Phillips and one slotted screwdriver which have been constructed using US steel which accounts for durability along with an orange outer coating which is both flame and impact resistant for excellent build quality. Designed with double, two-layer molded insulation, as the user you are provided with double the amount of protection that is needed to protect your hands and fingers from the energized source of the job that you are tackling. Bonded to the steel is the white high dielectric inner coating which provides effective shock absorption.

When it comes to maintaining a secure grip, this needn't be a concern when using the Klein insulated screwdrivers as they have been designed with cushioned grip handles, which allow you to grasp the screwdriver with greater strength and stability for added comfort and greater torque.



👍  This screwdriver set has been made in the USA so you can be confident in the source of your purchase.

👍  As lightweight screwdrivers, you can work with ease without the weight of a heavy tool holding you back. 

👍  These insulated screwdrivers allow you to work safely with up to 1000 volts protecting your hands from any possible injury.

👍  Klein has a reputation for producing hand tools of a professional standard, so you can be confident in the quality of your purchase. 

👎  There are only two screwdrivers in this set and they retail at a slightly higher price which may make them an unsuitable option for those on a budget. 


Wiha 32092 Slotted And Phillips Insulated Screwdriver Set, 1000 Volt

The Wiha 6 piece insulated screwdriver sets provide both slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers in varying sizes ensuring that you have all that you need to tackle any job with ease. Each of these tools have been individually tested to withstand 10,000 volts, however, they are certified for work with 1000 volts ac or 1500 volts dc. 

The insulation has been molded onto each of the blades for permanent and direct bonding and the blades have been hardened to 58/60 HRC on average. Made by the brand Wiha, they guarantee to be a valuable addition to any toolbox.

Designed with soft finish handles and a molded core, you can maintain a firmer grip on your tool, producing around 40% more torque than what is likely to be achieved by screwdrivers designed with traditional handles.



👍  Each of the screwdrivers has been tested to resist 10,000 volts.

👍  With the insulation directly molded onto the blade for direct bonding, this is a durable screwdriver set that is likely to see you through many uses.

👍  As a 6 piece set you have all of the screwdrivers that are needed for the job that you are completing.

👎  The build of the screwdrivers is a little thick, which may result in difficulties when working with smaller and harder to access areas. 


Wera - 5006145001 Kraftform Plus 160i/6 Insulated Professional Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece

With raving reviews, the Wera Kraftform 6 piece insulated screwdriver set isn't going to disappoint. Impressively, each screwdriver in this set has been tested to withstand 10,000 volts and is safe for working with 1,000 volts.

The set includes a laser tip slotted screwdriver and a Phillips drive tip screwdriver. Impressively, you also receive a rack for convenient storage of your tools when they aren't in use. With each of the screwdrivers featuring laser tips, they can gain a more secure bite of the fastener accounting for a perfect fit and a reduced cam-out effect.

When it comes to the build quality of the handles, each of the screwdrivers have been designed with a multi-component kraftform handle, fitting the natural shape of the hand for a more secure and comfortable feel, ultimately resulting in a higher speed transfer of torque.



👍 For a six-piece set, these screwdrivers retail within an affordable price range.

👍  When you purchase these screwdrivers you will be backed with a limited lifetime warranty should you be dissatisfied with your product.

👍  Each of the tools is labeled on the top making them much easier to pinpoint in your toolbox.

👍  Tested at -40°C, they are safe to use even when exposed to extreme conditions.

👎  Those with smaller hands may find these screwdrivers a little difficult to grip securely due to their build structure. 


13 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set R'deer Industrial Level 1000v Cr-V Magnetic Slotted Phillips Pozidriv Torx Electrician Tool Kit

The RDeer insulated screwdriver set has been constructed for safe use in tasks with an electrical current of 1000 Volts. When working with this particularly high current, it is crucial to ensure that your hands are fully protected to prevent the possible occurrence of any injury.

Constructed using chrome vanadium with tips that have undergone a hardening treatment and a manganese phosphate surface treatment, this set has been durably constructed with longevity in mind. Even when exposed to a high voltage it is going to withstand the impact particularly well courtesy of the exterior treatments that the tools have endured to withstand frequent use.

As insulated screwdrivers, they have been designed with a non-slip handle which is crucial for maintaining a secure and stable grasp while enabling you to work with comfort too.



👍  These insulated screwdrivers can be used with a temperature range of -25 degrees to 70 degrees celsius.

👍  Courtesy of their chrome vanadium putter construction they are robust and durable and likely to withstand daily use particularly well. 

👍  As lightweight screwdrivers, they are going to be easy to use and hold for prolonged periods.

👍  With many insulated screwdrivers provided in this set, it retails at excellent value for money making it a great purchase for those who are on a budget.

👎  Not all of these screwdrivers possess magnetics which is likely to make them a little difficult to work with. 

Best Insulated Screwdriver Sets Buying Guide

Before buying your insulated screwdriver set it is important to consider a range of factors to ensure that you purchase the right set for your needs. Considering these criteria will ensure that you are equipped with all that you need to complete the job safely.

Insulated screwdriver

Using an insulated screwdriver set

You should only really use an insulated screwdriver set when it is needed. When faced with tasks that can be completed using a conventional screwdriver, you should avoid using an insulated screwdriver set. An insulated screwdriver should only really be used when you are conducting electrical work and there is a risk to your safety. Insulated screwdrivers have been designed to protect you if you should come into contact with an electrical source.

The Temperature Resistance

As insulated screwdrivers sets are intended for use in electrical work then, of course, they need to be able to resist certain temperatures for them to work effectively in protecting your hands on occasions where they are likely to be exposed to these temperatures during the completion of this work.

The Volts

It is important to ensure that you are aware of the voltage that your screwdrivers are suitable for working with. Using these screwdrivers to tackle jobs with a higher voltage than what they are intended to be used for can have disastrous consequences with the possibility of an injury occurring to yourself. Brands will state the voltage that the insulated screwdriver set is safe for working with.

The Magnetics

Of course, screwdrivers work by connecting to the magnetics in the screw heads, however, if they are poorly designed with weak magnetics, this is going to make your job much harder. Ideally, your screwdrivers should have good quality magnetics that connect well with different screw heads making them much easier to secure or retrieve. They work very well in making what would typically be challenging tasks much easier.

The Grip

As insulated screwdrivers are handheld tools it is crucial to select a set that you find comfortable to grip as this is going to make them much easier to work with. Most will be coated with a rubber-like material that allows you to maintain a secure and stable grasp. It is also important to select tools that have a non-slip handle too as this ensures that your hands remain in a secure position and aren't going to slide at any point of use which could potentially put your hands at risk.

The Brand

For some people, purchasing their handheld tools involves repeated purchases in a brand that they feel confident in. Many brands dominate the tool industry with reputations for producing professional standard tools that are going to see you through many uses without deteriorating. However, it is necessary to note that there are some less known brands available too and you may find these to be just as good quality as those that are more expensive.

The Durability

When using these tools regularly it is important to ensure that they can withstand daily use without becoming easily damaged in the process. As insulated screwdrivers, they are likely to come into a lot of contact with high-intensity environments and they, therefore, need to possess the qualities that will ensure that they aren’t going to deteriorate in quality after frequent exposure. You will often find that the surfaces of insulated screwdriver sets have been treated with a heated coating which will ensure that they can withstand high heat intensities whilst maintaining their shape. 

The Contents of Your Screwdriver Set

As I'm sure you are aware, there are many different screwdrivers available, each coming in handy when tackling different screw heads. The most popular tend to be Phillips or slotted screwdrivers and you are likely to find that these are included in the majority of sets. It is important to ensure that the set that you select contains the screwdrivers that you are going to require the most frequent use of. Some may include multiple versions of each screwdriver in different sizes, while the contents of other sets may be more minimal with one or two of each.

The Voltage 

When using insulated tools, you must select the tools that are safe for use with the volts and electrical currents that they are likely to be working with. You will find that many have been tested to withstand 10,000 volts but are safe to work with 1000 volts and you must abide by these specifications as they highlight the amount of electricity that your tool can resist.

The Price

For some, the price is a significant influencer when deciding on the products that are going to purchase. The price can differ depending on the contents of the screwdriver set and the brand that you make your purchase with. Insulated screwdriver sets do tend to be particularly more expensive than traditional screwdriver sets as they possess more qualities in regards to heat resistant qualities. There is a range of insulated screwdriver sets available that cater to different budgets.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an insulated screwdriver set?

If you are carrying out any sort of electrical work then yes it is recommended that you invest in an insulated screwdriver set. Screwdrivers that are coated with protective non-conductive materials make it safe to hold the shaft. Not only are there safety benefits associated with these tools they can also help to prevent the occurrence of any damage to delicate electric parts that may be affected by an electric short.

Are insulated tools worth it?

While insulated tools tend to cost more than traditional tools, they tend to be worth it for the protection that they offer to you. It is important to check the area that you are working on to check for currents and ensure that your circuits are switched off before you work with any potential live wires.
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