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Best Cordless Screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers are one of the most versatile electric hand tools out on the market today in terms of the materials they can drill through. And they hold notable advantages over their manual counterparts. Not only do they mean you put less work into drive screws into surfaces, but they’re also much quicker And the common “reverse action” can come in super handy too.

Best Cordless Screwdrivers

As you may already know, there are loads of different cordless screwdrivers out there that you can get your hands on.  So much so that it can be quite hard to decide which one to invest in.  But, lucky for you, we’ve already spent much time looking into, and we’d like to show you which cordless screwdrivers made our Top 5 Picks.  And you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve only picked from the best sellers.

So we’re going to show you our reviews on those very shortly, and after that we’ve got a handy buying guide for you which goes through everything you might want to think about before you buy.

Top 5 Best Cordless Screwdrivers


This is a fantastic cordless screwdriver from Tacklife, which really has a lot going for it.

It comes with a complete set of 31 screwdriver bits, including 5pcs Phillips Bit, 10pcs Star/Torx Bits bits, 5pcs Slotted/Flathead Bits, 5pcs Pozidriv Bits, 5pcs Square, so you’ve got all your needs covered.

The handle is adjustable, in up to 3 different positions, so you can choose how you want to (or need to) hold it, from 90° as pistol grip, 140° for tighter workspace, or 180° as a straight screwdriver.

These are great features in themselves, but where it stands out is in the adjustable torque settings.  There are 6 different torque settings to choose from, so you can get the perfect torque for each job.

Having an adjustable handle, together with an adjustable torque, means you’re much less likely to strip screws or apply too much power to a more delicate fastener.

We also like that it has a reverse function, so you can remove screws as well as drive them in - handy if you want to change where a screw is positioned.

Like many cordless screwdrivers it has an integrated LED light to light up your work, but this screwdriver goes one step further and has a sufficiently powerful rear light so that it can double as a flashlight (which is easiest to use in the 180° position.

It’s completely rechargeable, and although it comes with its own charging cable you can charge it with any micro-USB cable.  And once charged you get plenty of life out of it - enough to put in a whopping 400 screws.


  • Great value for money

  • Adjustable torque

  • Pivoting handle

  • Reverse function

  • Use as a flashlight


  • You can’t adjust the speed


BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX Cordless Screwdriver with Screw Holder, SmartSelect (LI4000)

Here’s another super popular cordless screwdriver, from super popular Black and Decker.

There’s a lot to love about this one, but it’s stand out feature is that it holds your screws for you.  How handy is that!  That’s a very important element of the task all streamlined for you, and we don’t think the job could be made any more easier.  

Granted you will have to pay a chunk more money to have this feature, but if you expect to use your screwdriver a lot, it will certainly be worth it.

Another thing we love about it is the SmartSelect technology which lets you match the perfect torque for the screw, which means you won’t get any stripped screws.  You can also use it to remove screws.

It has a powerful battery, coming in at a good 6 volts.  The battery is rechargeable and the charge will keep for longer than a traditional battery.  And there’s an integrated LED light to give that extra bit more visibility which can make a huge difference to precision in your DIY tasks.

The charging base is mountable and would look great in a DIY fanatics workshop.

And as you can expect from a good brand, it comes complete with a manufacturer’s warranty, and the one for this product is for a lengthy 2 years.

On the Amazon page you can choose whether to get the screwdriver on its own, or with a bigger set of screwdriver bits, or with a line laser and stud sensor, or with a picture hanging kit.


  • Integrated screw holder!

  • Match the perfect torque

  • Reverse option

  • Mountable base

  • 2 year warranty


  • Premium product at a premium price

  • You can’t pivot the handle, but then you may not want to anyway


TACKLIFE SDP51DC Electric Screwdriver, 3.6V MAX 2.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Screwdriver Rechargeable, 4N.m, 33pcs Accessories, USB Fast Charging, With LED, for Mounting Furniture, Shelves, Mini-blind etc.

This great cordless screwdriver comes from Tacklife, a brand that’s dominating the best seller lists for cordless screwdrivers.  And it makes fast work of driving screws for all manner of DIY tasks.

It has a maximum 4v voltage which is really good, and it’s completely rechargeable, so no worrying about getting hold of batteries.  And it accepts any Micro-USB charging cable, which is also very convenient.  It doesn’t take long to charge, and once it gets a full charge, you’ll get plenty of battery life out of it.  The battery indicator light sits on top of the device.

You hold it like a gun with it’s ergonomic rubberized handle, which provides a very comfortable and secure grip.  And despite its rather rugged and bulky appearance it's actually quite lightweight to handle.

There’s an integrated LED light which we think is great, providing much needed light exactly where you want it.

We also love that it comes with 30 pieces of screwdriver bits (see the Amazon page for the full list), so you’re completely covered with bits for every job.  And you can keep them altogether in their little bit holder.


  • Gun like handle

  • Integrated LED light

  • Comes with lots of bits

  • Uses Micro-USB cable

  • Battery indicator light


  • Cannot be used as a drill

  • Handle doesn’t pivot


TACKLIFE Electric Screwdriver, 3.6V MAX Cordless Screwdriver, 2.0Ah Li-ion with Battery Indicator, 31 Free Accessories, USB Rechargeable, Lightweight and Easy for Small Home Projects-SDP50DC

This Makita site radio has a brilliant battery life and runs up to 35 hours with an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery. It’s also highly diverse, with easy-to-use menu controls to set FM Mono/stereo, clock settings, volume, and a snooze button, plus it has a Bluetooth connectivity option for your smartphone. 

The XRM06B delivers great sound in a compact size, weighing only 10.8 lbs with the battery. Despite its lightness, it’s surprisingly resilient, and has protective bumpers for shock absorption and is water and dust resistant, too. The LXT rapid charger provides lightning-fast charging, and charges up to 3x quicker than other site radios. 


  • Excellent battery life with rapid charging 
  • Clock settings and snooze button 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable - water and dust resistant


  • Has weaker speakers than other options on the market 


BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX* Cordless Screwdriver with LED Light (BDCSFL20C)

This cordless screwdriver comes from the world renowned brand, Black and Decker.

Black and Decker do a great range of cordless screwdrivers but this one made our Top 5 Picks for several reasons.

First off the power and battery.  It has 4 volts of power which is quite powerful, they’re usually 3.6 volts.  And you don’t need any special batteries for it, it's completely rechargeable.  

We also love that you can change how you hold it, thanks to the pivoting handle, which you can use in 3 different positions - like a manual screwdriver, like a gun, or at an additional position in between.

Moreover it has an integrated LED light to help you see what you’re doing.  And, believe us, this makes a difference, because even under a good light a traditional screwdriver can sometimes cast a shadow.

And as you can expect from a good brand, it comes complete with a manufacturer’s warranty, and the one for this product is for a lengthy 2 years.

The link to Amazon will take you to a page with several different options.  If you decide to buy, please ensure that you select the option you want, as this affects what attachments and bits you get and the price.


  • 4 Volts of power

  • Rechargeable

  • Pivoting handle

  • Integrated light

  • 2 year warranty


  • No charge indicator light

Best Cordless Screwdrivers Buying Guide

OK, so, here’s everything you might want to think about before you buy.


When it comes to buying power tools, we think brand is important.  That’s because there are a number of brands in the industry which outperform and outlast their lesser known counterparts.

We are conscious of course that tools from the lesser known brands are more affordable to buy, however we would counter that by saying that these days most branded power tools, such as cordless screwdrivers are reasonably affordable.

We selected our Top 5 Picks through 2 main bestselling brands.  Specifically, Black and Decker, and Tacklife.  Both of which are dominating the best seller lists with retailers at the moment.

Battery Life

You want your tools ready when you need them.  You don’t want to pick up a tool to use it only to release that there’s no battery left.  There are a number of solutions to that problem.

You could either get yourself a cordless screwdriver that takes AA batteries which are readily available just about everywhere.  Or you could invest in a rechargeable cordless screwdriver, which is the variety that’s trending at the moment and is what we would recommend (and saves having to nip out for batteries).

A third alternative is to get a cordless screwdriver that comes complete with the brand’s own powerful battery pack.  This option does appeal to many, but we decided not include it in our Top 5 Picks in case readers felt it would be inconvenient to make repeat battery pack purchases, since it's not a universal product like screw bits are.

How you hold it

You can get cordless screwdrivers that you hold in the same way that you would hold a manual one.  So if that’s what you’re used to then you may be perfectly happy with a cordless one that you hold in the same way.

However, many people, us included, prefer the type that you hold as if it were a gun, with the handle at 90 degrees, or something similar, to the screw as opposed to being inline with the screw.  This is great if you have a lot to do and you want to avoid hand fatigue.


You should look out for a cordless screwdriver that can provide at least 3.6 volts of power.  Anything above that is a bonus.

Special Features

If you’ve been reading our product reviews earlier you will have noticed that cordless screwdrivers can come with all manner of special features.  

One of the more common special features is an integrated LED light which is fantastic because even under good lighting conditions, a boost of light where you really need it can make a huge difference in your screwdriving precision and accuracy.  All of the cordless screwdrivers in our Top 5 Picks have this feature.

Another important feature is a reverse function, because sometimes you may want to use your device for removing screws, not just driving them.

When you’re using your screwdriver for things like putting together flat packed furniture, then you may sometimes find that you have to put screws in at tricky angles.  And that’s when a pivoting handle on your screwdriver can be a godsend!  Several of the ones on our Top 5 picks have this feature.  Or alternatively you can get special add ons which allow you to drive screws in at different angles like our Number 3 Pick, the TACKLIFE SDP51DC.

Getting a screwdriver with adjustable torque is also something you might want to consider, and is a feature of our Number 1 and Number 2 Picks.  We quite like this because it means you don’t strip the screws or apply too much power to a delicate fastener.


If possible, it’s always good to go for tools that come complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.  Not just because it means that you can return or replace the product free of charge, if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with it.  But also because it’s a sign of good quality.  

If a manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty, that generally means that they expect the product to remain in good working condition for the duration of the period.

If warranty information or guidance is not made clear with the retailer, then it’s well worth checking in with the manufacturer, as a warranty can still be put into place directly from them.

Does it come with the most commonly used screwdriver bits?

Although screwdriver bits are quite universal in size and relatively easy to get hold of, it is very nice and convenient when they come in a package along with your screwdriver.  Ideally you want them kept together in one place, so when you go to grab your cordless screwdriver, you’ve also got the bit that you need right there at hand.

The most commonly used screwdriver bits include the following types: flat blade, Pozidriv, Torx, Hex/Allen, and 6 and 12 point nut setters.  A good screwdriver bit set will feature all of these in a small selection of sizes.

What cordless screwdrivers to avoid

We don’t recommend that you get a gyroscopic screwdriver because if you twist them just a fraction of an inch in one direction, the motor instantly engages and begins driving the screw.  In our view this is a safety hazard and not a convenience.  

Cool accessories you can get

If you have a lot of screws to put in on a regular basis, then you can get a special magazine accessory that attaches to your cordless screwdriver and through it you get your screws all lined up one after the other to drive in.  Brands that do this include Tacklife, DeWalt and Makita.
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