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5 Best Circular Saw Guide Rails in 2021 – Guide & Reviews

Where they once had a reputation for tearing or splintering board edges, circular saws are now capable of achieving a cut so clean it was previously reserved for table saws, thanks to the simple addition of a helpful guide rail. 

Unless you’re an experienced woodworker with hands as steady as a neuro-surgeon, you can’t go wrong with a circular saw guide rail. Not only do they ensure straight, even cuts to a uniform standard, but they also provide added safety by reducing the chance of slips and lost fingertips. 

The saying “work smarter, not harder” even comes to mind, as precise, clean, repeatable cuts are made all the more easy with this tool. Even if you’ve got the experience and the talent, why would you pass up the chance for an easy life?

This isn’t a bowling alley where using the rails is a sign of a less skilled performance; even the best woodworkers can improve their lines and enhance the finish of their projects by using a circular saw guard rail. 

Best Circular Saw Guide Rails

You could be extra crafty and create your own, but if you’re still new to the world of woodwork we recommend purchasing one for the same reason people buy flat-pack furniture and ready-made meals - for convenience and reliable results. 

Because we’re all about convenience, we’ve reviewed the best circular saw guide rails to save you the time and effort. Instead, you can use that time to read our buyer’s guide where you’ll find all you need to know on buying the right guide rail for you.

Short on time? Here are the best circular saw guide rails


Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

The universal application and precision you can achieve using the Kreg KMA2685 guide rail are but a few of the reasons why we’ve chosen this tool as our top pick of the best 5 guide rails for circular saws available on Amazon.

Spoiler alert - there’s another Kreg guide rail featured in this list, but it loses out to the KMA2685 because it’s shorter in length and therefore limits the size of the materials you can use. 

This rip-cut circular saw guide rail allows you to tackle any home project with confidence as the oversize edge guide allows you to have precise control during the cut. It is compatible with most circular saws, and the reversible edge guide means this tool is also suited for left or right-handed use, so if you’re ambidextrous you can take your pick.

Marking, measuring, and chalk-drawn guidelines are no longer necessary thanks to the built-in measuring scale, saving you time whilst guaranteeing the same level of accuracy. All you need to do to ensure repeatable, precision cutting is select the desired cut width up to 24” and lock your saw sled so it doesn’t deviate.

You can cut through multiple types of sheet material, including plywood and MDF, and you can make both rip cuts and crosscuts using this aluminum guide rail to produce a smooth, even finish. If you’re unsure where to start, the detailed setup and instructions manual are user-friendly and the guide rail itself is easy to use. 



👍 Compatible with most circular saws

👍 Reversible edge 

👍 Built-in measuring scale

👍 Easy to use

👍 Can cut multiple sheet materials

👎 Tricky to set up initially


Makita 194368-5 55' Guide Rail

Although Makita has a more limited range of saw accessories to offer, the Makita 194368-5 guide rail is one worth investing in.

It’s 55-inches in length and allows for a wide range of cuts to be performed using different saws, making this a versatile tool to have in your kit. 

Compatible with the Makita Plunge Saw (models XPS01, SXPS02, and SP6000J), it’s specifically designed to deliver an exact cut. You can use this guide rail for straight or bevel cutting so will be suitable for a range of projects as well as for ripping sheet material, although it’s slightly heavier than other models so will be harder to transport.

It’s also compatible with certain circular saws, jig saws, and routers, although you’ll need to purchase a guide rail adapter.

If you only intend to do basic cutting and have a more limited saw collection, you might want to choose a guide rail that doesn’t require a separate attachment to be purchased, especially considering its already more expensive price point. 

However, if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that is multi-functional then the need for a separate circular saw adaptor shouldn’t put you off, as it allows you to make the most of this guide rail and broadens the possibilities for your home projects.



👍 55-inches in length

👍 Multi-functional 

👍 Extreme precision cutting

👍 Ideal for ripping sheet material

👎 More expensive option

👎 Needs a separate adaptor for circular saws

👎 Trickier to line up when connecting two guide rails together


Milescraft 14000713 Saw Guide for Circular and Jig Saws

Unlike the Makita guide rail, this Tivoly XT70017621400 guide rail comes with 4 metal bars and different sets of clips included so that it can be easily mounted to more circular and jig saws.

There is also an informative instructions manual provided for extra-easy set up. 

You can make tool-free adjustments up to 1/16 of an inch using the incremental trim feature, and the built-in measuring scales on the bars allow for clean, efficient cuts to be made accurately with no room for human error.

If used with a jig saw, this guide rail can extend the saw blade up to 9.5-inches away from the edge of the material, and it can extend up to 6-inches from the edge when using a circular saw for added versatility. 

One of the unique selling points of this Tivoly guide rail is that it has preset holes in the head of the guide, which means it can cut circles with a diameter between 4 and 19-inches in addition to straight cuts.

So if your kids decide they want circular windows instead of the standard box shape on the treehouse you’re building, the Tivoly guide rail will make it possible.



👍 Universal edge guide

👍 Affordable 

👍 Built-in measuring scales 

👍 Tool-free adjustments

👍 Capable of making circular cuts

👎 Plastic casing on the guide head 

👎 Less durable option


Kreg KMA2675 Kreg Rip-Cut

The Kreg KMA2675 is another highly rated guide rail that can handle materials up to 24 inches wide and is perfect for rip cuts. Whether you’re left or right-handed, you’ll be able to use this guide rail with ease due to its reversible guide arm. 

It’s compatible with the majority of circular saws and this simple tool can transform your equipment by allowing you to complete perfectly straight, clean cuts. The need for chalk-drawn guidelines are eliminated with this tool as it will guide your saw along the material resulting in incredibly straight cuts. 

It can be used on a variety of materials, including plywood and MDF, and larger pieces can be easily broken down for consistent, uniform size sheets which are easier to work with. 

It’s slightly shorter in length than the Kreg guide rail that was chosen for our top pick, although this means it is also more lightweight. It’s a highly portable piece of equipment that will ultimately bring a new level of convenience and precision to your work.



👍 Reversible guide arm 

👍 Perfect for rip cuts

👍 Lightweight and highly portable 

👍 Incredibly precise results

👎 Not compatible with Accu-Cut tracks

👎 Shorter in length


Bora WTX Clamp Edge and Straight Cut Guide for Circular Saws | 100 Inch Cutting Length (50' clamp edge + 50' extension)

Last but not least on our list is the Bora WTX guide, which boasts an extended length and amazingly linear lines, albeit for a slightly more expensive price. If you’re tired of wasting money on materials, however, it’s worth the investment, as the Bora WTX guarantees a straight line, every time!

This circular saw guide is intended for use with the Bora WTX Saw Plate which needs to be purchased separately, but it does come with a 50-inch clamp and a 50-inch extension included for an impressive 100 inches of length.

You’ll have no trouble cutting extra long boards, although it’s worth reading the instructions manual on how to attach the extension, as it will affect your cuts if not done correctly.  

There are numerous useful features that make this guide rail particularly easy to use, such as lock-in clamps that prevent your saw from deviating. The clever, modular design means you can also add a range of extensions and attachments, therefore it can be used for multiple types of cuts and projects.



👍 100-inches in length

👍 50-inch clamp + 50-inch extension included

👍 Rigid aluminum guide rail for extremely straight lines

👍 Excellent grip

👎 Expensive option

Things to Know Before Getting Circular Saw Guide Rails

There are many advantages of using circular saw guide rails, including straighter cuts, reduced splinters, and their portable size. Larger boards can be cut down in less time and with greater accuracy, as guide rails allow you to set the width you want to follow and will guide your saw throughout the cut. 

You’ll also achieve smoother, cleaner cuts by using a guide rail, especially when you’re cutting wood, as it applies pressure to the board as the saw begins to cut in order to prevent the edges from splintering. Seeing as gloves can get caught in certain tools and are often not worn while sawing, your naked fingers will also benefit from reduced splinters which are otherwise just waiting to be snagged on.


There’s no point in buying a top-of-the-range guide rail only to get back to your workshop and realise it won’t work with the saw you own. Although circular saw guide rails are typically compatible with most circular saws, it’s worth checking the product specification information to be sure. 

Some guide rails are only designed to work with one particular brand or saw model, and are not compatible for universal use. This is great if you already own the specified saw and are looking to buy a guard rail to be exclusively used with it, but can be slightly limiting if not.

Rips, crosscuts, and angled cuts are all types of cuts you can achieve using a guide rail, so it’s important to decide what you’ll primarily be using it for. Some guide rails are designed specifically for a certain type of cut, whereas universal guide rails are a good choice for anyone looking to perform a variety of cuts.


The length of your circular saw guide rail is going to be an important factor in your decision, as this will determine the size of your projects. Standard circular saw guard rails tend to be between 36 and 50 inches in length, but for longer cuts you can find guard rails that reach up to 100 inches.

The guide rail needs to be at least as long as the piece you’re cutting as a minimum, because there’s nothing worse than getting half way through and realizing that you’ve run out of wood. On the other hand, working with a guard rail that is too long can cause bending, which will disrupt the consistency of your angles. 

If you’re working with smaller pieces of wood, longer circular saw guard rails can be difficult to use and may move around as you saw. To prevent this from happening, clamps can be used to keep the guard rail in place so you don’t deviate from your design. Alternatively, clamps allow you to move smaller guard rails along the wood to complete extra-long cuts. 

Strength and Durability

In order to choose a circular saw guard rail that will stand the test of time even with repeated use, you need to consider the materials it was manufactured with. The majority of high-quality models will be made using steel or aluminum, although aluminum is more typical of guide rails designed for the home woodworker. 

Steel guard rails, on the other hand, are commonly found in commercial-grade circular saw guard rails for more industrial jobs. This is because steel is a sturdier, more durable material that is better suited for heavy-duty use, whereas aluminum is lighter and more affordable making it suitable for most home projects. 


While length is a consideration in terms of scale for your projects, and manufacturing materials is important in terms of the tool’s strength and durability, both of these factors will also influence the portability of your circular saw guard rail. 

One of the key advantages to a circular saw guide rail is that they aren’t a permanent fixture to your saw because they’re detachable, and unlike guides that are affixed to your workbench, you can transport your tools to any location.

Most guide rails are lightweight with many weighing under 10 lbs, but if you’ll likely be needing to move your rail guide frequently between different sites, it’s worth checking the size and weight of the circular saw guide rail before you buy.  


One of the main reasons why table saws were favored over circular saws for so long was because they were practically effortless to use, thanks to their excellent, steady grip which helped to deliver the straight cuts they were known for. 

Now, you can grip your wood with ease using a circular saw, as most quality guard rails will feature a gripping material around the edge. This will typically be made from foam rubber, as it prevents the guide rail from moving as you cut.

Clamps can be a better alternative if grip is a high priority, and most high-end circular saw guide rails will allow for a clamp to be attached at both ends. However, there are also drawbacks to using clamps, such as potential damage to your material and being difficult to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Circular saw guide rails

Can I cut beyond the capacity of the circular saw guide rail?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll need to keep pausing to reposition the material and clamp it back into place before starting the cutting process again, meaning it’s more of an effort.

It’s not impossible, but it’s not ideal, so it’s worth investing in a longer tool if you think you’ll regularly need to cut further than your guide rail’s capacity.

Are circular saw guides dangerous to use?

Whilst it’s no more dangerous than your regular use of a circular saw, just like any piece of safety equipment, if it’s not used properly it can lead to serious accidents.

Most guide rails come with a user instructions manual, so we recommend reading up on how the safety features work and how to attach your guard rail correctly to your saw. 

Is it difficult to attach a guide rail to the saw?

This will largely depend on the make and model, bost most good-quality guide rails will be easy enough to attach. Check the setup instructions if you run into problems, or with today’s modern technology you’ll easily find a tutorial on YouTube.

Final Verdict

As you can see, getting the best circular saw guide rails is a pretty complex task as there are many available options on the market. Your choice will depend on many factors such as the budget, seriousness of your woodworking side project, size and similar. 

We've put all important features together and did a comprehensive comparison. After a detailed research, we're confident to say that the Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide is by far the best option.
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