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“There is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves.”  ~Thomas Wolfe


25 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Chassis

    Hey there! Thank you for stopping pass my blog and opting to follow me. I love the recipes you’ve got on here & can’t wait to read more.

  2. Cyndi Espinoza

    Hi There,
    Eager to try adding the shortening to candy melts for cake pops. How much candy melts per shortening.

  3. Pillows A-La-Mode

    THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU!!! for the beautiful birthday card AND Michaels gift card! That was SO incredibly generous of you, Noelle! Happy New Year to you and yours! Lots of love, Katherine

  4. Coral

    I’ve just starting following your blog. I love to create beautiful spaces in my home and had already started my spice bottle project when I ran across yours. I have no problem thinking creatively, my problem is sourcing. So I ordered a case of bottles from SKS. What size did you order? I got the 2 ounce. But I am still left with a lot of the spices in the original containers in which they came. I didn’t see any others that came with the corks.

  5. Elizabeth

    Hello, Noelle! First and foremost, I just love to see a person not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ! I also love that you are sharing about your current pregnancy, your past complications, and healthy changes that you’ve made. I, too, have had a miscarriage – only one that I know of – in 2004. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and do not have children…. YET! (The Lord has made it known that we would have a son!) I love your advice and am going to buy Red Raspberry Leaf and a good probiotic- have taken those in the past, but not a refrigerated one. So, thanks, and I will keep you informed.

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      That’s awesome! I also felt very strongly that The Lord showed me we would have a son. It’s exciting to get to see His plan come to pass. Sometimes you may feel like Moses and the promised land but God is faithful!

  6. Nancy LaPoint

    I love you for your cake pop tips!!! I’m going to be making them for the first time, and I was having such a hard time with the thought process of the rolling. They just sound awful.

    I will definitely be buying the pans. And thanks for melting cue. I usually put shortening in my choc when I melt it anyway, but I’ll add extra.

  7. Phyllis Thomas

    Hey Girlie,
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the tip on carpet stain cleaner. I too have a husband that sloshed his drinks more than I realized. I tried your stain cleaner and so far it is working GREAT. I’ve tried everything and this is the only thing that has worked. Again thank you, now my carpet looks clean and saved my husband from having to recarpet our entire house.

  8. Michelle Shuffield

    Ok so I just magically came across your blog tonight and have spent the last 3 hours reading everything. I am 5 months pregnant and am truly inspired by how clean and natural you kept your lifestyle. I am a work in progress but you gave some amazing tips. I live in Dunedin and being you took photos of the oranges here I’m assuming you are somewhat nearby. I am looking into birthing centers and your story seemed like they were so spot on for you. Do you recommend any centers?

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      Hi Michelle. Breath of Life is amazing, that’s where my son was born. I highly recommend them. I also know lots of girls who have delivered at Labor of Love and speak very highly of them.

  9. Jennifer

    I was going to try an email you but couldn’t get it to work correctly. I wanted to talk to you more about your adoption process.

  10. jerry

    just wanted to say thank you for some places to go for supplies. just starting my venture, and you’ve helped me a bit. thanks again.

  11. redeemedbride

    I’m happy to know about your website. I actually used your picture for my “homemakers” page in Facebook and in my blog post at WordPress.

    We share the same passion and I want to learn more about it.


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