How to Reduce Phytic Acid in Raw Nuts (Soaking & Dehydrating Tutorial)

wapf-paleo-nuts-almonds-soaked-phytic-acid-reduced-snacksSo we have recently taken up the Weston A. Price Foundation Diet or Nourishing Traditions. If you don’t know what it is I highly suggest you do some research. I will be writing a lot about it in the future but since both of my children are currently napping, and I don’t know how long that will last, I have limited time. Must. Stay. Focused!

In my recent post about my Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe, I talked about Phytic acid, and why it is harmful for dental health, and overall wellness. Here is a fantastic article about why Phytic Acid is bad: Living With Phytic Acid- Weston A. Price Foundation.

Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait here…

Welcome back. So now you understand why this Phytic Acid business is so important and why we should remove it from our food and our children’s foods whenever possible.

So to do this in raw nuts we need to soak them, and then dehydrate them. Doing this is simple, and quick to prepare, although it does take a few days to complete the process. The good news is that you can do several pounds of nuts at a time, and in my house it takes months to go through that amount of nuts, so I won’t be doing this very often.

Here’s how:

Phase 1: Soaking

Step 1: Buy raw nuts. I got a big 3 pound bag of Almonds at Costco for under $15.

Step 2: Rinse the nuts well. Then pour them into a large shallow dish. I used the biggest pyrex pan I own. A pan like this works well because it allows the nuts to be fully submerged in the water without needing so much water.

soaking-raw-almonds-how-longStep 3: Cover the nuts with filtered water. This needs to be water with no fluoride, chlorine, bromine, or other harmful chemicals. “Need” is relative. Obviously you can achieve the same results with tap water, but if your water is laced with all sorts of chemicals, you’re doing damage while trying to remove damage. Sort of defeats the point. You can buy spring water by the gallon at most grocery stores for dirt cheap, or just use small bottles. It only took me 2 bottles of water to submerge 3lbs of almonds in this 10″x15″ dish.

Step 4: Allow the nuts to soak according to this chart:

soak-and-rinse-raw-nuts-weston-a-price-wapf-homemakerchic.comStep 5: Once the nuts are done soaking you need to rinse them very well. I did this by pouring the nuts into a colander. Then returning them to the dish, filling it with clean water, stirring around well, then repeat. I did this 3 times. I felt like they got rinsed much better than if I had just run water over the colander.


Phase 2: Dehydrating

First things first you need a quality dehydrator. I have two dehydrators and I REALLY like this one. I was able to easy fit 3 pounds of almonds on the trays, the rectangle shape makes the trays easier to fit in my dishwasher, it has a digital control so you can be accurate with your timer and temp, plus it has an automatic shut off when the time is done. This is awesome for overnight dehydrating, that way you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

You can dry them in the oven but it takes 24 hours, and I just don’t want to run my oven for that long or while I’m asleep. And what if I need to leave the house? Aside from using up a ton of electricity, it will make my house super hot, and this is Florida, and its June. No thanks.

A dehydrator is a handy gadget that will get good use on the WAPF diet for snacks like these nuts, jerkies, dried fruits, herbs, and more. You could even use it to dry and encapsulate your own placenta, if you were that crunchy ;). (I may or may not be THAT crunchy). how-to-soak-and-dehydrate-raw-nuts-phytic-acid-wapf-weston-a-price

garlic-sea-salt-crispy-nuts-soaked-wapf-friendly-weston-a-priceStep 1: While the nuts are still damp (but not wet), sprinkle generously with desired seasoning. Now here’s the fun part. You can really get creative with your seasoning.

Here are some of my favorites…IMG_9696




  • Sea Salt
  • Sea Salt & Garlic Powder
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Cinnamon & Coconut Palm Sugar




Step 2: Spread the nuts on the trays in even layers, making sure not to overlap any nuts.

Step 3: Dehydrate for 20-24 hours at 115 degrees.






Step 4: Store in mason jars and enjoy!! I get my mason jars from SKS-bottle. I love that they actually say MASON and not Ball! And I like that the caps are all in one piece. Its really annoying using the two piece canning lids when you’re just storing things. These are much better.

Step 5: Enjoy your homemade WAPF friendly nuts! These are a great sweet or salty crunchy snack for my toddler. They replaced goldfish crackers in our house for a wonderful all natural health treat!


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