DIY Dollar Store Cloth Diaper Inserts

So in my last post I talked to you about Modern Cloth Diapers and all the awesome benefits of using them! Today I want to share with you a quick and easy way to make your own Microfiber inserts to use with Pocket Diapers.

There are many different types of inserts from lots of different types of fabric, but microfiber is the main type that will come with your new diapers from the manufacturer. It is incredibly absorbent but it is important not to put microfiber directly on your baby’s skin. This is because it SO absorbent, it will actually pull moisture out of their skin and cause drying and rashes. So make sure you only use these as inserts in a pocket, or under another natural fiber insert.

photo-3All you need to do is pick up some of those microfiber cleaning cloths at the dollar store. I have found them in the auto section as drying rags for your car, and also in the cleaning section.

I found two sizes 12×12″ and 14×16″. The smaller ones are great to be used in Newborn sized diapers, or as soakers used with another insert. The larger ones are great for regular sized diapers.

make-your-own-cloth-diaper-insertsFirst cut the tags off and wash the cloths in your regular diaper laundry. Then all you do is fold them over so you have three layers. This will make your insert even more absorbent. Finally sew a simple rectangle stitch around the entire insert. And that’s it! If you have a serger that would be even better but I just have a regular sewing machine. I did make the tension on my machine very high so I could ensure nice tight, close stitches.IMG_8127

I like to use these doubled up, or folded up inside a prefold. Yes you can use prefolds as inserts too! I have some newborn prefolds that no longer fit my big boy and they work perfectly with one of these Microfiber inserts in the center for extra absorbency!


FYI – you could do this with a range of different fabrics! All you have to do is cut out a piece of fabric, fold it up, and sew it just like this. You could use old t-shirts, fleece blankets, towels… Try some different things out and see how it works!

Have you made your own inserts? What fabrics did you try?


5 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Store Cloth Diaper Inserts

  1. Hannah Fortune

    Thank you so much for the last post!! It was really helpful! I also really appreciate this one. I had seen stuff on making inserts but they were totally too complicated.
    I’m so busy getting the baby room ready. It seems there is SO much to do! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! I only have 13 weeks left!! Gggggaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!
    Totally excited though. I’ll private message you later with some other questions. Thanks a bunch!! You are a wealth of great knowledge!!!

  2. JoAnn Atkinson

    What would you say your finish product for the small one measures? I am trying to make some for my 3 week old grandson, and I was wondering what sizes your small Microfiber ones ended up measuring, finished?

  3. Lisa

    So I can use the old style cloth diapers you get in bulk as inserts?
    I’m a soon to be new mom and I want to do cloth diapers and homemade cloth inserts are so hard to understand but yours is the easiest to understand. But if I can use the square cloth diapers as inserts to that’d be great

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      Yes tou absolutely can! I use them for overnight with a hemp insert inside a tri-folded prefold cloth diaper. This is the best absorbency so he doesnt wake up wet.


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