What’s the beef on Grass fed?

Watching documentaries like Farmageddon, Food Matters, and the Truth about Monsanto has really got me thinking about what exactly is going into the food that is going into me and my family.

So you’re going to be seeing a lot of information on this topic in the coming months here on Homemaker Chic. Today let’s talk about grass fed beef. I’ve heard lots of hype about grass fed beef and how much better it is for us than traditional beef. Here’s why…

  • It’s about the feed

As a ruminant, a cow’s digestive system is made to digest grasses.Grains like corn that are high in starch and other high energy cheap feeds can rapidly fatten cattle, but can also damage their digestive system. The time and intensity of this feeding must be limited to avoid killing the cows or causing severe illness…

  • Which leads to antibiotic use for cows

Antibiotics become necessary because an unnatural diet makes cows prone to disease. Low doses of antibiotics combined with hormones are also used as a short cut to promote excessive growth. While some grainfed cattle may not be given antibiotics, most are.

  • Growing COWch Potatoes

Inactivity fattens cows and humans alike. Confining large herds to small spaces creates the perfect environment for diseases to spread. Just add more antibiotics!

  • Growing cows like fast food

A fatter cow in half the time means cheap meat for your plate. Just ignore the quality of it and everyone’s happy.

  • Grassfed beef is part of a healthy diet

When cows roam the pasture and graze, their intake of healthy omega 3 fats in grass increases their body composition of omega 3 fats. Other healthy fats increase like CLA (which has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer), while total fat reduces. Grassfed cow meat has higher concentrations of vitamins like E and beta carotene, as well as minerals.


4 thoughts on “What’s the beef on Grass fed?

  1. Chris Baccus (@cbaccus)

    It’s great seeing more people like yourself convert to grass-fed beef. Our family made the change four years ago and we have no desire to ever go back. Thanks for sharing the benefits and getting the word out.

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  4. Linda

    I found my way here from pinterest and have been reading some posts. Amen on the grass fed beef. You forgot to mention it taste better too! (and of course I am not biased at all, being a farmer raising grass fed beef 😉 )


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