Happy 1 Year Blogaversary to Me! (CLOSED GIVEAWAY)

I can hardly believe its been one whole year since I started writing Homemaker Chic! Its been quite an adventure. I’ve made more recipes, made more friends, and learned more about myself and what I’m capable of than I ever imagined! I am so humbled and thrilled that so many of you think that what I have to say is actually valuable! When I started this little venture I had no idea it would actually be something that people would want to read, and here I am today teetering on the brink of 1 Million readers! I seriously can not say thank you enough to all my loyal fans and followers. You all make it so worth it.

I’d love to throw a big party and invite each one of you to celebrate with me! Since I can’t rightly do that, I’ll do the next best thing. I’m giving away an adorable party kit, so you can celebrate without me :).

Rachel over at Let’s Get Decorative has graciously agreed to give one of you lucky dogs a custom party kit including one custom banner and an 8 piece custom photo booth prop set. Isn’t she sweet?

Check out her shop and start thinking about what you want your awesome banner to say. Maybe “Congrats Homemaker Chic”?


The winner will be announced on Friday MARCH 1st.

Leave ONE comment indicating which of the following you have completed. You won’t get credit if you don’t leave a comment below.

Adam and Noelle's Adoption Fund

I love and cherish you all. Here’s to another great year!


61 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year Blogaversary to Me! (CLOSED GIVEAWAY)

  1. Katy

    Your blog seems so lovely! I love that you desire to honor Jesus Christ and be the best wife you can be!!! 🙂 so wonderful….and completely my heart’s desire as well!

  2. nolasmiles

    Oh my gosh… I’m so happy to have stumbled on your blog!! Grilled plantains and champagne cupcakes??? Holy cow O_O LOVING your blog! And I just can’t get enough of those adorkable photo booth accessories!
    Liked your facebook page : Nola Gerard
    Followed on Twitter: NolaSmiles
    Followed shop on Etsy: crantini
    Subscribed to your blog: nola_geard@hotmail.com
    Congrats on one year in the blogiverse XD

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  5. Tory

    Your blog has some great ideas and I love the way you write! I ‘liked’ you on Facebook, I’m following you on Twitter, and I favorited you on Etsy! Happy Anniversary!

  6. LaShanda

    Hi. I love the blog. Happy Blogaversary! This giveaway is perfect for my upcoming wedding. I hope to do a makeshift photo booth and these props are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. LaShanda

    I liked you on FB, follow you on Twitter, and follow on Etsy (favorite shop). I could not figure out how to subscribe 😦

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  9. karel

    I just found your blog but I’ve already gone through three pages of it. I followed you on Twitter. Tried to follow you on Facebook but apparently you aren’t allowed to be a fan of more than 5,000 pages. 😉 Guess I need to delete some. I also subscribed by email.

  10. Lauren

    I LOVE your blog! It inspires me with so many great ideas.. I must have a dozen of your entries on my favorite bookmarks. Keep up the amazing work girl!


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