DIY Scentsy Wax from Repurposed Candles

Don’t you just love how a good jar candle can make the whole house smell cozy and delicious? I just hate when the wick burns down and all that amazing candle wax just goes to waste. Well here’s a clever way to repurpose that leftover but still fragrant candle wax.


Place the entire candle jar in a small heat proof bowl. The bowl just needs to come up about half way on the jar. Pour boiling water into the bowl around the jar. Fill just a bit higher than the wax. Do not pour the water into the jar itself, just in the bowl around the jar.

how to use old candle

Let the jar set for about 10 minutes until the wax is slightly softened. You don’t want to melt the wax, just soften it. Then carefully bend and break the wax. It will come out very easily. Remove it from the glass jar. You can wash the jar and reuse it for another new candle.

repurpose candle wax

Break the wax into 1-2 inch pieces, and throw away the burned up wicks.

repurposed candle wax

Place the wax into the top of a tea-light oil burner, or scentsy. It will melt again and will make the whole house smell delicious! No more wasted wax. How about that? Who needs expensive scentsy wax or those little yankee wax tarts? This is free!DIY scentsy

4 thoughts on “DIY Scentsy Wax from Repurposed Candles

  1. karel

    This is great. I just bought a wax warmer and I’ve been looking for a way to make them cheaper than buying in the store.


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