Our Adoption Profile Book

As promised, I am updating you on our adoption process. We have completed the home-study and we’re just waiting for the paper work to be filed and finalized. So once we hear back from the agency that they’ve got everything sorted out we can start presenting our profile to birth moms! So exciting! So, I finally finished our adoption profile book. I’m so excited about this because I really wanted our book to be something awesome. I got this nifty digital scrap-booking software and I had no idea how much I really love making these books! It was so much fun to do! The creative options are endless and it made telling our story so much easier. If you are adopting and you are interested in having someone make your book for you, I’d love to do it! You can check out my Adoption Profile Services website Little Birds Adoption.  So without further adieu, here are some pages from our book. This is just a glimpse, the full book is 25 pages. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks everyone!

Adoption ProfileAdoptionBook1-p003AdoptionBook1-p021
AdoptionBook1-p022AdoptionBook1-p006 AdoptionBook1-p008AdoptionBook1-p013 AdoptionBook1-p017AdoptionBook1-p015 AdoptionBook1-p010AdoptionBook1-p016 AdoptionBook1-p025

16 thoughts on “Our Adoption Profile Book

  1. Jennifer Petrowski

    I am not reading your stuff anymore, it always makes me cry like a big baby! It’s beautiful, Noelle, and the most beautiful thing is that it is genuine and real and who you really are.

  2. thebeadden

    What a wonderful way for birth parents get a glimpse of your life and for what a wonderful life you can provide for a child. Well done!

  3. seespeakhearmama

    Profile books are soooo….amazing. While doing them you get to have a #luv2remember moment. You get to see how truly great your life is – right now. Adding a baby to the love fest makes it all the more exciting. Congratulations on completing such a beautifully creative testament to the wonderful family you’ve already begun.

  4. Florinda Vasquez

    Wow you are too awesome souls. Just discovered you on pintrest! I had to share your adoption story on my Facebook page. I love your photo book profile. You are goin to be a great mother. I can see it in your eyes. I have 4boys and being a mom can be described in so many words. Both of you are goin to love being parents. I wish you the best of luck in your journey. Oh and I had to say I loved your wedding photos . I’m finally getting married after 5yrs and two babies together. I’m currently obsessed with anything (wedding)! 4-19-2013

  5. Jillian

    What a beautiful book and family. I pray you are blessed with the family you desire. We struggled for 5 years to have a family, but we were finally successful after many losses and challenges. I hope your wait is over soon. Good luck on your journey.


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