Craft Room Ideas

Lots of awesome and exciting things are happening this year, and one of those things is that we’re finally buying a house! Its a short sale, so there’s no telling how long it will take to close but we’re hoping it’ll be in the next 60 days. Yay! What this means for me, and for this blog, is that I will finally have my own craft room and blogging office. This is really going to make a huge difference toward getting Homemaker Chic organized and efficient. So I’ve been scowering Pinterest for decorating and organization ideas and here are some really nifty ideas that I want to try. Enjoy!

First things first. I will need shelving. LOTS of shelving. I LOVE the idea of utilizing the closet space. I’m thinking that some IKEA items will do just the trick. Here are some great solutions.

IKEA Billy Bookcases make a great full wall shelving solution. Source: Censational Girl

IKEA Hemnes Storage Group. Its a bit pricey new but I see items like this on Craig’s List all the time for much cheaper. Source: IKEA

The Husband and Wife Team at Sew Woodsy Blog created this wonderful custom desk that works into the closet space. I absolutely love this!            Source:


Now for the Craft Table/Desk. I’m going to need lots of space for paper crafts, sewing, and painting. I found some awesome ideas that are super cheap and easy to put together.

This big spacious work table is so simple to make. All you need is 4 book shelves from Walmart or IKEA and two doors. How Clever! I think I’d probably make a skirt to hide to the underside of the table. Click the image for full instructions.                       Source: The Ivy Cottage Blog


This variation is a bit smaller but I really like the look of the cube storage. I know the 9×9 cubbies sell at Target for about $36 and I’m sure IKEA has them also. I like the idea of using butcher block instead of plywood for the top. There are detailed plans at the website if you click the link. Source: Ana White- Homemaker

Here’s a spin on the Cube Storage Units but this one uses 4 instead of 2. I like this a lot! Way more storage space. Only problem is there is no place to put your feet if you want to sit at the table. This works better if you like to stand while you craft. Source: Georgia Peachez

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