Etsy Inspiration – Globes and Maps

I love to travel. I’m so blessed and fortunate to visited so many amazing places in my life. I also love maps. This probably started as a child when my family would take long road trips every Christmas. My mom would give me the atlas and ask me to help keep track of where we were. I though I was really helping, but truly it was just a clever way to keep me occupied in the back seat. Not only did I get a keen sense of direction, but I also developed a love for globes, maps, atlases and anything related to travel.

My living room has a subtle map theme. I have a map pillow, a tiny globe, faux vintage prints on the wall, and the crown jewel… A real nautical map from one of the ships at Princess Cruises. I interned at Princess Cruises Corporate in Los Angeles when I was in college. The map has real captain’s writing on it which is just so unique and amazing. I love it.

Lately I’ve been noticing some interesting trends regarding maps et cetera. Its not just for navigation anymore. Etsy shop owners are getting über creative, using maps as an inspiration for things like jewelry, clothing, and stationary. I thought I’d share some things that I’m really into right now! Click on the images to visit the corresponding shops.

Lea Seguin of Ontario makes these adorable map envelopes. Aren’t they awesome? Think of the thank you cards I could send in these. I absolutely love this look. Wouldn’t these be great to take on vacation to use for writing notes back home. So unique.

I just adore this ring made with a cutting from a real vintage map of Miami. I would totally wear a piece like this. Kohana Jewellery makes all different map themed jewelry, accessories, and trinkets with every city you can think of.

This wallet is just darling! I love the colors and the kitschy vintage feel. Jennifer at Pete&Paul shop on Etsy makes tons of adorable wallets with florals, nautical and of course map patterns. Very cute shop!

I cannot express to you how much I LOVE this Florida necklace! Though I’ve been all over the world, my heart has always belonged to Florida. This necklace needs to join my jewelry collection soon! Stefano at StefanoArt makes other states of course 🙂

Leyya at Leyya bags makes these charming handbags. There are several different bag styles, and many other vintage style patterns in her shop. This would be great for school.

These Tampa cufflinks would make such an awesome groomsman or father’s day gift! I am definitely keeping these in mind for the men in my life. Sherry Truitt offers a wide range of map themed gifts, jewelry and accessories including lots of different city options.

Since you know how much I love Florida, you have to hear a little about how much I adore the Florida Keys especially Key West. I try to get there at least once a year if not more. This pendant is SO perfect. I just love it. The Pendant Emporium makes all different themed pendants including many maps.

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6 thoughts on “Etsy Inspiration – Globes and Maps

  1. LubbyGirl

    My favorite is the bag – love the fabric and the style. My husband LOVES maps; I made the mistake of marking on his map when we were first married. I only did it once. 🙂

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