Amazing Money Saving Tip for Shopping at Target

Face it, you know this happens to you every time you shop at Target. You get sucked in by the mood lighting, bright colors and hypnotic spiral. The fact that I live within walking distance to this glorious place does not help me at all. Here is one money saving tip that is sure to help you out. No, it is not “get a Target card”… while I am saving 5% on every shopping trip I seem to spend more when I’ve got that little red card in my wallet. It is also not the little coupon link in the tiniest print alllll at the way at the bottom of the Target website that you wouldn’t know how to find if you didn’t know it was there. Those things will help you save money, yes, but this tip is way better than both of those.

Here is the tip:

When you’ve got just a few things to pick up, get a handheld basket, not a cart. Start by picking up the heaviest items on your shopping list first, like milk and bananas. Then get the bulky items, like toilet paper. By the time you end up in the clothing and housewares sections the basket will be so heavy and overflowing that you won’t be able to fit anything else, and you won’t want to spend much time carrying that heavy basket around so you leave. This inevitably will save you money. Plus you get a work out. You’re welcome.

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