Baked Sharpie Mug – Pinterest FAIL!

You’ve seen it all over pinterest. The amazing claim that you can draw on a dollar store mug with a sharpie and bake it for 30 minutes on 350 then VOILA! You magically have this awesomely custom mug. Well pinterest I’m onto you and you’re little crafty lies. This one is not true. I’ve tried it three different times and sorry folks it DOES NOT WORK. (Here’s how to actually make it work.)

I was so excited to try this because I have a large collection of multi colored sharpies. So I made these two adorable mugs, and I was so pleased with how they turned out!

The design on the left is what happened after a light washing. It even rubbed off without soap and water, just rubbing my finger over the design smudged it.

A good solid scrubbing took the image off completely. Survey says: This one’s a doozie. 

49 thoughts on “Baked Sharpie Mug – Pinterest FAIL!

  1. Cassie Kubler

    So now this just means you need to figure out HOW to make it work!! You are very crafty and I really wanted this to work 😦 So help me out 🙂

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      I’ve seen those but sharpies are much cheaper, so I was hoping this would be a more affordable option. I will probably use one of those pens in the future. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

          1. chaobella

            no i don’t! i don’t pre think any of my art. its just the way i work. i look at a piece and i think about what designs i like… i have to be inspired by SOMETHING then my brain just flows for 20-40 minutes. Its hard to explain. Its a lot of fun! try it!

            I like going to home sense to look at white plates or plates on sale. i still have about 40 in the basement waiting for me (for my time)

            1. chaobella

              I wanted to share! i found in the USA at hobby lobby a brand called ‘deco art’ they make pens for porcelain and glass! the ink flow is MUCH better then pebeo! MUCH very smooth less clump

              Please check it out! pebeo has been so hyped out since the sharpie mug pin…

              Its been a while but this is the last one i posted! I have made more since just haven’t bloged out it! will link it over when i do


              Angela Chao

  2. uncommonprincess

    Thanks for letting us know! I wonder about a lot of this Pinterest stuff. I’m sure not all of it really works well.

  3. danielle

    I do many pinterest pins and let people know if they turn out. So far not so many bad. I was going to do this one but you saved me the time thanks:)

    1. Homemaker Chic Post author

      I tried that too! Didn’t work for me. Maybe I needed a fresh sharpie? Mine are kinda old. I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I did spray one with acrylic sealant and that actually worked, but unfortunately it made my design smudgy.

  4. Megan

    I read on another blog about these that you need to use an oil based sharpie, which you can buy at a craft supply store.

          1. Candi McCarther

            Hi, my family and I tried this the other day. Did you place them in the oven, THEN turn the oven to 350 for 30 minutes and LEAVE the plates/mugs inside until they are completely cool? That is what we did and it worked perfectly! Scrubbed very hard and nothing budged.

    1. araceli

      i recently tried doing this with regular sharpie and it did not work and i read that it had to be oil based and i went ahead and bought some but i had the same issue when i take them out after letting them cool inside i test it out and it all falls out i think it might be the gloss the plate has.

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  6. Chris

    Yup this does NOT work. I also tried the sharpie pen on the mug. I didn’t notice that it wasn’t working for other people until I had already attempted it. Don’t waste your time people, the sharpie does not work!

  7. kat

    I think the problem is with the mug. Try with an unglazed porcelain mug. I think the glaze is keeping the marker from being absorbed and therefore, getting washed off easily.

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  10. Elise

    I’ve tried this too. It made me so mad! I was so excited about this craft. But someone else posted that if you use the craft sharpies that are meant for porcelain and glass and repeat the same steps that it’ll work and dishwasher safe.

  11. Nina

    You have to wash it then wipe it with alcohol first.. Then draw on it with out touching it.. Then bake for 30 mins on 425-450.. When it’s done crack the oven door and leave them In there until it cools.

  12. Christine Schutt

    I also agree this is a bust of a pin.. Lol.. I made a cup for someone, even tho my inner voice said to use glass paint. But.. I thought its so beautiful on Pinterest. So ignoring the voices in my head ( lol) I went ahead and after the first wash yup you guessed it, I had to do it over again. This time using glass paint. Still on the mug… So don’t waste anymore precious time! Lol.. Use paint!

  13. Natalie J

    Have you ever had an issue with the sharpie oil based pens changing colors in the oven, I made 20 Christmas mugs and used green and red and when I pulled them out they were hot pink and teal now they are ruined and I don’t think the boys that I made the mugs for want hot pink and teal? Do I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue?

      1. Christine Schutt

        This sharpie idea sounded awesome! However that’s not how it turned out. I made a mug do my hairdresser and was so happy with it. Did everything the instructions said to do. Hairdresser was happy, everyone happy UNTIL … The first wash… I was so sad for two reasons. 1) because I put my heart into the job and 2) I had to do it again! This time with paint. Like I should have done in the beginning. Lol live and learn! Well at least I know. And next time I will make a test at home first! 🙂

  14. Christine Schutt

    Oh darn! Sorry folks, I see now that I posted a review a year ago. Old age must be sneaking up on me! 😜


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